Late Night jokes about Meghan Markle, Harry and Oprah

It’s a great set of Meghan Markle jokes from especially Jimmy Kimmel.

Is anyone actually upset about Speedy Gonzales? The voice of Speedy is Gabriel Iglesias and he doesn’t think so.

There’s an interestingly titled comedy show in Australia that I don’t want to list in teh show notes for fear of being shadowbanned.

The Critics Choice Awards picked Jerry Seinfeld and Michelle Beteau’s specials as a tie for best comedy special. Why those are bad picks…

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Fun things to do in Jamestown NY, just 5.5 hours from Other Glen’s house.

Sarah Cooper talks about becoming famous without leaving her apartment.

Johnny Mac loses his phone and then loses a great bit when his wife does the laundry during the ten minutes he tries to record his podcast.

John Mulaney vs. Ricky Gervais:

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