Late Night jokes about the Queen’s response to Meghan Markle

This Meghan Markle thing will not stop. Late Night joked about teh Queen’s response to Meghan…and Piers Morgan’s tantrum. If you like this stuff check out the podcast Palace Intrigue which is a short-form daily podcast about all this Royal stuff. It’s like Season 17 of the Crown.

A does survey says America’s funniest comedians are Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy and Redd Foxx. Two are dead and one hasn’t done standup since the 1980s. What kind of list is this? If we are including dead people why isn’t Bob Hope on it. A look at all 20 names on the list, none of whom are Bob Hope somehow.

The Washington Post is leaning on this nonsense that nobody has nailed a Biden impression yet. Not for nothing but nobody has nailed an Obama impression yet.

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