Louis CK wins best comedy album, PLUS Tom Segura – I’ll disembowel you in front of your family if you come on my stage

Trevor Noah did a tame monologue at the Grammys. Louis CK wins Best Comedy Album.

Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel traded places on Friday night, hosting each other’s shows.

Jerrod Carmichael fronted a very strong Saturday Night Live – Che and Jost killed Will Smith.

Amy Schumer said: All I can say is that it was really just sad

Tom Segura REALLY went off on Will Smith: Anybody who did not stand up and say some (bleep) for Chris Rock, we’re going to ruin you’re (bleep) life

Tony Rock said “And if you walk your ass up here, you ain’t nominated for s–t but these mother(bleep) hands!”

Bill Maher chimed in: “I mean, alopecia, it’s not leukemia, OK?”

Also reactions from George Wallace and Gilbert Gottfried

Estelle Harris who played George Costanza’s mom on Seinfeld has died.

Johnny Mack with a very, very busy edition of daily company news. The Grammy’s where last night, while I was talking about slap gate, we’ve heard from Tony rock from bill Maher Thompson Gora oh my God. Amy Schumer has commented. Let’s start with the Grammy’s I’m recording this part here after the first commercial break in the Grammy’s it seems like it’s going to be pretty calm.

If somebody slapped somebody, I’ll do a bonus episode midday on Monday, but it seems like it’s going to become Trevor Noah.

Did a pretty tame monologue. We was just kind of setting the stage and introducing famous people in the audience. He was working at a very fast pace, not really letting his jokes breathe at all. The closest he came to addressing , slap gate was on his introduction to Olivia Rodrigo. He said,

we’re going to be dancing. We’re going to be singing. We’re going to be keeping people’s names out of our mouth.

That was about it.

The Grammy for best comedy album went to Louis CK for sincerely Louis CK. I guess Louis is no longer canceled. Congratulations, Louis CK on your Grammy. I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of reaction to Louie winning the Grammys.

Yahoo wrote when reached by the wrap for comment on the controversy surrounding the nominations, including the nomination of Louis C K recording academy, CEO, Harvey Mason Jr. Said we won’t restrict the people who can submit their material for consideration.

We won’t look back at people’s history. We won’t look at their criminal record. We won’t look at. Other than the legality with our rules of, is this recording for the work eligible based on date and other criteria? If it is, they could submit for consideration. What we will control is our stages.

Our shows, our events, our red carpets. We’ll take a look at anyone who’s asking to be part of that. Ask them to be in attendance. We’ll make our decisions at that point, but we’re not going to be in the business of restricting people from submitting their work for our voters to decide on congratulations, Louis C CK.

From late night. Did you see Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel did a little April fool’s joke. If you were watching the tonight show, your host was Jimmy Kimmel. No, I did not misspeak. And if you’re watching Jimmy Kim alive out cam and Jimmy Fallon,

fallon did the Kimmel show from California. Kimmel was in New York hosting the tonight show the studio audiences were not told in advance the musical guest on both shows the red hot chili peppers.

If you want to see the clips, I’ve shared them on the subreddit daily company news and the Facebook group, daily county news podcast group. Pretty funny stuff. don’t have the monologues yet as I record this on Sunday evening, but I’ll share them on Tuesday show a couple of jokes that I do have Jimmy Fallon said, I’m worried my dad’s going to call me tomorrow and be like, I’m watching the tonight show.

You’ve never been. Later on in the show. Jimmy Fallon brought out Jimmy Kimmel’s longstanding, fake nemesis, Matt Damon, except it wasn’t actually Matt Damon. It was Justin Timberlake dressed as Matt Taman sporting a Boston red Sox, Jersey, and a hat, a cup of Dunkin donuts and a blonde wig. Jimmy Fallon asked Timberlake as Damon.

What are some of your favorite Boston spots? Timberlake said, take the T to. Duncan Boston

Saturday night live was also pretty strong. At least the clips I’ve seen so far. I should not lie to you. I’ve not seen the entire episode yet, but I saw a lot of eclipse related to Chris rock and Colin shows had a joke that I absolutely love.

Joe said, I think it was a disgraceful act that sets a terrible precedent about having to defend your wife at awards shows. Think about it.

Also intelligence officers are saying that flattened repeat and is being misinformed by his advisors about how badly the Russian military is performing in Ukraine. We’re just kind of like Wilson, MITs agents saying you crushed it at the.

Michael Che during his acceptance speech, willsmith said, love will make you do crazy things. You know, what else would make you do crazy things crazy. But I understand where Will’s coming from. You can’t expect them to sit there and watch another man.

Jump all over his wife without signing an NDA. Wow.

As much as we’ve heard about Jayden Will’s personal lives, he can’t expect us to retain everything. It’s like Kanye saying don’t act like y’all didn’t know I had psoriasis. Jay also pointed out that Chris rock has been very public about his non-verbal learning disorder, which means it’s hard for him to understand nonverbal signals sort of like how, when he saw an angry will Smith charging toward him, instead of moving out of the way, he put both his hands behind his back smiled and said, oh,

More from Che U S officials, a concern that Vladimir Putin is keeping military units positioned near Kieve. Despite earlier, promises to withdraw Bruton’s failure to pull out his earned him the nickname, Nick cannon.

There was also a fantastic sketch. I saw online drawn Carmichael, played a seat filler at the Oscar’s who hadn’t stolen a seat directly behind will Smith played by Chris Redd just as Chris rock has taken the state. Smith is super friendly before, during, and after his violent outbursts

in the sketch will Smith was about to take a selfie with the seat filler, and then he says, excuse me, I’ll be right back. And you grow up and hear a slap sound. And he comes back. He’s like, all right, you want to take that selfie now? Very, very funny sketch. Well, speaking about Gerard Carmichael, I watched his special, it’s pretty good.

It’s going to make my end of year list, but there’s a lot to talk about that one, but let’s save that for Tuesday’s podcast. Amy Schumer was on stage in Las Vegas on Saturday night. She said, I don’t even know what to say about the Oscars. I have no jokes about it. All I can say is, I don’t know if you saw this, but will Smith’s lab Chris rock, did that cross your newsfeed?

Prior to the altercation, she was feeling confident about how the show was going. She said, I was kind of like feeling myself, Ooh, somebody monologue went well. And then all of a sudden was making his way up and just then she made a slap motion. All I could say was really sad.

It says so much about race, about toxic masculinity. It’s just everything. It was just really upsetting Thompson. Gora put on your seatbelt for this, and you might want to get rid of the kids. He was on the patent McAfee show. He addressed will Smith and said F that cook. Let me tell you this, man, the idea that you’re entitled ass things to, because your feelings are hurt, you get to salt one and the all time greats and then the cowards, the spineless cowards they’re in Hollywood and comedy.

We have a list of these effing guys, anyone who did not stand up and say some S for Chris rock, we’re going to ruin your effing life. I just want you to know that you need me to read that sentence again. We’re going to ruin your effing life. I just want you to know that. That’s a gory continued.

It’s a display of entitlement. It’s a very powerful, very wealthy, influential star who just decided yet. I didn’t like that. I’m going to smack you. Then he gets to sit down, collect his award, get a round of applause and joyous night. It’s insane. It’s like a gross exaggeration. You see it all the time. I mean, you see entitlement everywhere and that was on full display for the world to see,

I have effing zero respect for that B word, and I feel like more people need to come out and say it it’s unacceptable. Oh, you need more quote. Okay. So Gloria said I’ll bite your effing face off I’ll December value in front of your family. If you come on my stage, who? Okay.

Meanwhile on Tom cigars, Twitter, he said the B word been bald jokes about it, or her are fine. It was tame a F you’re super sensitive about it by an effing wig, all caps.

This is a gray added lots of sensitive folks in my mentions. I’d like to remind you to S my D he said the words, it’s a little sensitive to.

Tony rock was on stage talking about his brother, Chris rock being smacked by will Smith. During last week’s Oscars. Tony said, if you think you’re going to walk up on this stage, this ain’t the M effing Oscars. And if you walk your ass up here, you ain’t nominated for S but these MFN hands, oh, we going to pop the rest of the year. Every time you see me do a show pop,

He threw his hands in the air saying, I didn’t want to start the show like that. You can hit my MFE brother because your B word gave you a side-eye. I’m cleaning up the language a lot more than usual today, everybody is using quite salty language.

Bill Maher had to chime in on his show

on a busy Monday. We’re having here. Bill Morris said, I mean, alopecia, it’s not leukemia. Okay. Alopecia is when your hair falls out, there are worse things.

If you’re so lucky in life as to have that be your medical problem, just say, thank God. It’s not life threatening. It’s part of, for most people, 80% of men, 50% of women is part of aging. Aging is trust me. I know it’s the degradation of the flesh and happens to all of us and, you know, just put on an effing wig like everybody else at the Oscars, if it bothers you so much,

on Friday, the Washington post wrote about this and said, as vocal, as many comedians were last Sunday. Plenty didn’t want to talk about it later. More than 20 comedians declines comments to the Washington post were unavailable or did not return a request for comment through their.

One comedian who has no problems being out as George Wallace. I’ve seen George on CNN and a couple places he’d sold the Washington post. He was upset by how willsmith ruined the evening. He said he immediately called Chris rock and left a voicemail to let them know. I love him. He said he also loves will Smith, but lost a lot of respect for him in that moment.

Chris rock will never forget being slapped in front of millions of people. He has the rest of his life to think about that. Every time Chris goes on stage, he’s going to be wondering if someone was slap him.

Gilbert Godfrey chimed in with the Washington post and said, hopefully it’s isolated, but the dangerous thing about it is if you see a big star doing it, you think, well, if a big star can do it, I certainly can.

And then it was followed up after he smacked him, he gets a standing ovation and he donates his cheering. So it further makes you think, oh, that’s a good thing to do

from the daily mail. We found out a little more about those objections at the Wilbur theater at Chris Rock’s at first show on Wednesday.

The daily mail names. Caleb Anthony heard 25 years old booted for taking issue with the venues mask policy, leading to an altercation with theater security and ultimately Boston police. According to a police report, heard jumped out of a seat and began to scream after refused to wear a mask and was asked to leave.

the report continues. Caleb was also acting in an aggressive and volatile manner, continuously raising his arms up and down, puffing out his chest and pointing fingers. As he threatened all parties, trying to escort him out,

apparently will Smith is starting to see some career backlash now. The guardian reports, streaming giant Netflix, a slow development on its upcoming action, thriller, fast and loose. That was supposed to start will Smith. Netflix has not commented yet. And it’s unclear if they’ll seek a new star or they won’t make it at all.

If you want to check out a cool podcast, check out the best song ever this week. Once a week music journalists, Scott Frampton does a deep dive on one song and tells you why it’s cool. This week song is powerhouse by the Raymond Scott quintet Frampton writes from bugs bunny to Motown and Moog synthesizers.

Raymond Scott was a 20th century music innovator who got his weirdo compositions into American living rooms. That podcast is called the best song ever this week. Wherever you get your shows.

On Saturday, Estelle Harris, you knew her for playing George stanzas mother on Seinfeld. Estelle passed away at 93, her son, Glenn Harris, and a statement. It was with a Gracer Morrison sadness who announced that Estelle Harris has passed on leaving a hole in my heart too deep to describe her kindness, passion, sensitivity, humor, empathy, and love were particularly unrivaled.

And she’ll be terribly missed by all those who knew.

Before a slap gate happened. I was telling you about Portland’s funniest five from William at week. One of the funniest five in Portland is a standup Riley McCarthy who says there’s a difference between having a dark set up at a dark.

As William at week rights in 2018, Riley McCarthy decided to use his stage time at helium comedy club to joke about Nazi hierarchy. Namely skin has being required to attack an immigrant Jew person of color or a queer person in order to quote, earn a pair of red shoe laces indicating their rank, hang on, stay with him.

They rights.

McCarthy said these bigoted homophobic eight holes are showing their pride and their lifestyle with a piece of colorful flair. I’m sorry, that’s gay. As, as my dude, I honestly going to try to appropriate possess from the queer community.

He says, I find that whimsical stuff makes me laugh. Most silly stuff. I think people find that really rewarding as a viewer of a joke setting up that kind of tension of something intense or evocative and seeing kind of made human.

He said one time he almost got into a fight with a red lace Nazi at plaid pantry.

I should probably mentioned that this guy was a five foot one. He was one of those mini bigots, big let’s as I like to call them

When it comes to the content of his jokes, Mike Birbiglia, his influence is most apparent. McCarthy also likes to. Taking the audience along a singular drawn out adventure over the course of a 10 minutes set

and 2021, he was named a runner up at Portland’s funniest person. ,

and that is your comedy news for today, I can tell you already, I have Tuesday, like well-packed, there’ll be plenty to talk about tomorrow before I even type words like Pete Davidson or will Smith or Chris rocker, Amy Schumer.

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