Marc Maron on Marvel vs. DC and his bucket list

Late Night had a solid set of Netflix jokes

Marc Maron talked about taking a role in Joker even though he doesn’t like Marvel movies.

Bob Odenkirk gets a new comedy series.

Whitney Cummings will tape a new special

Arsenio Hall is back baby and will record at the Netflix Comedy Festival

Bill Maher and Piers Morgan hung out on Old Man Mountain

Pete Davidson’s inner circle is warning him not to do the Kardashian TV show

Netflix has been in the news a lot lately. Jimmy Kimmel said one of the American companies that has suspended service in Russia is Netflix, which made subscribers in Russia. So mad they’re suing. They want 60 million rubles and compensation, which is about 80 bucks, I think.

Right? Kobe now, Russia, Netflix subscribers launched a class action lawsuit for loss of service. Then after a few hours, a screen popped up saying, are you still suing? And you had to click. Yes. That’s funny. Kimmel. How great would it be if the war ends because Russians didn’t get to watch, is it cake?

Netflix is stock news was bad too. Jimmy Fallon. Yeah. Netflix announced for the first time in over decade, they lost subscribers and other stock is crashing. Not only did their stock plummet, but it turns out all the cash they had in the bank was just caked. Cold air. The stock dropped over 35% after they announced they lost 200,000 subscribers.

That’s a lot explains why they’ve changed their pop-up message from, are you still watching to come back, please? I can change. Do you want DVDs again? Trevor damn. Netflix is in trouble, which is so surprising because me and the 43 people I share my account with were still watching it all the time. .

Fallon right now, Netflix is so desperate for money. They’re Googling. Is there a real life squid game? Netflix is blaming their losses on fierce competition, inflation and Russia. When he heard that president Biden was like, Hey, get your own excuses. That’s. Felon again. Yep. Netflix is losing money. You can tell 70 effect on all their shows

for instance, Emily and Paris is now Emily and Pittsburgh. It’s still good. Also the crown is now the hat, Trevor Noah, as it stock limits netflix execs are considering an array of options. Meaning they’ll probably scroll around for 45 minutes, just put on Seinfeld. And I hope they make it through.

I honestly do. I like Netflix because without Netflix, there’s no Netflix and chill and that would be a disaster. We need the pretense of watching Netflix for six minutes before we start, the six Stephen Colbert was off. He announced late Thursday. Steven has tested positive for COVID.

The show is on reruns this week back May 2nd. You know who else is back, baby Arsenio hall. Sure. Why not?

Our San Diego is going to tape a bunch of shows that the Netflix is a joke festival that’s in LA or Sydney will host the show. And it will be broadcast on Netflix, his YouTube channel. Why wouldn’t you put that on regular Netflix? Hm, decent amount of TV news today.

Bob Odenkirk. He’s getting a new comedy. This one is called straight, man. AMC has ordered it straight to see.

The show centers on and is told from the point of view of the anarchistic Henry Deveraux Jr. Played by Bob Odenkirk Devereaux Jr. Serves as the chairman of the English department of a poorly funded college in Pennsylvania. The Goldbergs was renewed for a summary. Remember Jeff Garlin left the shell.

Remember they had a weird wedding episode where they had CGI Jeff Garlin they’re bringing it back, I guess it still does. Well,

it is believed Garland’s character will be written out of the show. I hope so. You can only use old clips and CGI Jeff Garlin so much, sometimes it’s time for a show to wrap up. Know what I’m saying?

All right. I had skipped this story last week. There’s a movie being described as an Aziz and sorry, film. It is called being mortal and it had suspended production because of some sort of onset inappropriate behavior. The initial story I said was Aziz was not involved with it. That’s good. So I just moved on, but now.

Deadline has a report suggesting that the person involved is bill Murray, famous comedian

sources tell deadline the suspension had to do with a complaint made against star bill Murray for inappropriate behavior. Just want to be clear here. I’m recording this on Friday for schedule reasons. So it’s entirely possible. The story has evolved over the weekend.

Searchlight said it does not comment on ongoing investigations, but production is shut down at the time of this recording.

Bill Maher had piers Morgan on his podcast. Now I mentioned I’m the writer for the palace intrigue podcast. That’s a daily podcast where we talk about the Royal family.

Piers Morgan is wildly entertaining when it comes to the Royals. Cause he just shows heat all the time makes for great content. Love it. So he was on bill Maher.

They talked about how it’s now celebrated to be weak in society. Bill Maher wondered aloud, who are these people who need disclaimers on movies? Like Gone with the Wind . He called them effing babies and told them just to be a grownup.

Fillmore. I said, by the way, that movie entertaining as F and the people who need a disclaimer, this is the problem you effing babies. It’s 1939. Can’t you just see by the film stock that things were very different. Humans are like history in general, we evolve just celebrate. We’re not racist anymore. And just be a grownup.

Piers Morgan slammed the idea of putting a warning on things like comedy films and said a joke is said, which is clearly a joke and not intended to be remotely offensive to anybody. And even that now needs a warning at the front case, anyone’s offended. What are they think’s going to happen when you watch it?

What happens to people? I mean, do they sit there shaking? Whitney Cummings is going to record her fifth, standup special. This one at the New Jersey performing arts center. That’s a very nice building.

This one will be called such me. She’s recording it Friday, May 13th. And the next night, which is Saturday, May 14th in case you’re not good at calendars two shows each night. So she going to take four shows and cut that down on a special, usually they do two interests. spoke to mark Marin. Now, mark Marin, if he heard Friday’s show, he’s not down with snake, stereotypes like slithering and eating mice and all the other unfair snake stereotypes, they asked him.

About his aversion to Marvel films and how does that square with him doing the Lex Luther voiceover that he did? Well, I could go on a whole sidebar here about how Marvel and DC are not the same thing,, but let’s let mark marinade.

Mark said, generally what happens is they want me to do it. I don’t want superhero movies. I’ve been critical of Marvel movies. Then I got offered to do joker. It’s like antsy for my principals when they call and say, do you want to do a scene with Robert DeNiro? Or do you want to hold strong against comic book movies?

Gotta be honest with you. It was not a tough decision, but now I can sort of justify. Yeah. Well I’m a DC guy, right? Okay. He made the same point. I did. Hey mark. Marin, were you disappointed? Netflix? Didn’t renew CLO for 14.

Marin said that was disappointing because that was fun. We definitely had one more season to do, but I do understand the practicality on some level of not holding onto the studios from the beginning of the pandemic, when you had as large as a cast, wasn’t really, even that possible to shoot that show with protocol.

So I understood the decision to let go. The. I don’t know how behind it, they were. I don’t know with Netflix, they don’t really seem to give a hoot about anything other than international numbers. Obviously with stranger things, they would’ve filmed with whatever was necessary to get that last season, but it wasn’t the case.

So I was upset not to finish it because it was an interesting little show. Can I tell. That first episode of glow, I’m still not over it. Now. I’m a big fan of community, one of the characters and community, any nice little college student. Then I watched glow and there’s Alison Brie doing a scene and she’s not wearing clothes that was jarring.

Hey, mark Marin last month, Sam Elliott made some negative comments about the Oscar winning movie, the power of the dog. When he was on your podcast. What are you thoughts about how that played out? Marin said, he’s an old guy, you know, what are you going to do was a great conversation up to that point. He just said what he said spontaneously.

And it came down on him. I don’t know it’s culture. We live in. I’m not going to speak for him. You saw how he handled the apology, but my thoughts on it are let the guy talk and he talks. So what are you going to do? All right, mark Marin, what’s left on your bucket list. Marin. I seem to have done most of what I set out to do in my life in a relatively under the radar kind of way, which is probably okay.

I’ve been doing music lately. It’s been fun. I just want to try and engage with the craft of acting a little more so I can appreciate it on a deeper level and keep finding new ways to look at things and keep finding funny stuff. I’m very funny right now it’s sort of gratifying because I wasn’t always.

Let’s make a quick stop at gossip corner from page six, they say, Pete Davidson’s inner circle are warning him. Don’t go on the Kardashians TV show. They’re telling Pete, yo, your career’s at a high point, a source told page six, his career’s taken off. What does he need that for?

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You know what I’m going to do with it from decider 80 Bryant has a new show. This’ll be on peacock. Peacock is throwing everything up against the wall. I mean, they’re just like, Hey, here’s another comedy. Maybe I’ll watch this one. I feel bad for the peacocks. Cause nothing is cutting through

this. Sarah will be based on the book, cheeky, a head to toe memoir. Each episode focuses on a theme. The theme part of the body topics include boobs, sex, body, hair, and coming of age. And it’s animated.

Good luck peacock. Alana Glazer is in talks to star and executive producing and a comedy series for Amazon. This one would be called the suck. The SOC S the question, what if the last year on earth was the best?

the show would explore the upside of an apocalypse

Letterkenny, which I have to get back to. That’s a fun show is getting a spinoff. This one is called shore Z. Uh, trailer is out now. Scherzi will be on Hulu May 27th. That’s Memorial day weekend. Speaking of Canada, C letter, Kenny is a Canadian series. That’s why I said, speaking of Canada, they Winnipeg comedy festival is back baby.

Local Winnipeg comedian. Chad Anderson will tape his first national TV spot at the great outdoors gala on may six.

If you want to drag the wife to a comedy festival on mother’s day. Why not moms? The word that’s on May 8th.

Eight comedians on that show, not sure who you would have heard of maybe Elvira Curt

20 bucks. It’s at the gas station or at center. What else are you doing? Come on honey. Mother stay. It’s go to comedy show. You’ll love it.

And congratulations to Jancee Blair crown, the winner of the Melbourne international comedy festivals with deadly funny competition.

This is the only comedy competition dedicated to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander comedy. Janti Blair went six weeks between her first time performing, ever, and winning this title. That’s pretty awesome. She says her humor is a gift from her ancestors. I’m a descendant of some of the funniest men and women that ever existed.

I almost pulled out of the competition to be honest. I didn’t think I was good enough, funny enough. But when I hit the stage and felt the love in that room, I smashed it. Something just happened. I think it was my ancestors. And that is your comedy news. For today, you can follow the show for free on apple podcast, Spotify, overcast, wherever you get your shows.

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