More Comedy Albums disappear from streaming

Some more streamers have removed comedy albums, and Spotify reportedly has removed more comedy albums.

The UK’s National Comedy Awards are postponed to next year because of Omicron. Yikes.


Bo Burnham: Inside (Netflix)
Good Timing with Jo Firestone (Peacock)
James Acaster: Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999 (Vimeo)
Joyelle Nicole Johnson: Love Joy (Peacock)
Nate Bargatze: The Greatest Average American (Netflix)
Trixie Mattel: One Night Only (YouTube)

Iain Armitage – Young Sheldon (CBS)
Nicholas Hoult – The Great (Hulu)
Steve Martin – Only Murders in the Building (Hulu)
Kayvan Novak – What We Do in the Shadows (FX)
Martin Short – Only Murders in the Building (Hulu)
Jason Sudeikis – Ted Lasso (Apple TV+)

Elle Fanning – The Great (Hulu)
Renée Elise Goldsberry – Girls5eva (Peacock)
Selena Gomez – Only Murders in the Building (Hulu)
Sandra Oh – The Chair (Netflix)
Issa Rae – Insecure (HBO)
Jean Smart – Hacks (HBO Max)

Ncuti Gatwa – Sex Education (Netflix)
Brett Goldstein – Ted Lasso (Apple TV+)
Harvey Guillén – What We Do in the Shadows (FX)
Brandon Scott Jones – Ghosts (CBS)
Ray Romano – Made for Love (HBO Max)
Bowen Yang – Saturday Night Live (NBC)

Hannah Einbinder – Hacks (HBO Max)
Kristin Chenoweth – Schmigadoon! (Apple TV+)
Molly Shannon – The Other Two (HBO Max)
Cecily Strong – Saturday Night Live (NBC)
Josie Totah – Saved By the Bell (Peacock)
Hannah Waddingham – Ted Lasso (Apple TV+)

Big Mouth (Netflix)
Bluey (Disney Jr.)
The Great North (Fox)
Q-Force (Netflix)
What If…? (Disney+)
Bob’s Burgers (Fox)

A.P. Bio? Dead. Canceled.

The Office? Leaving Comedy Central for Freeform.

Uncorrected transcript below.

Johnny Mac with your daily company. And he was, Hey, if you’d like the show, do me a favor and share it on your social media, a tweet or a Facebook share or anything like that goes a long way. President Biden announced that the us would not be sending diplomats to the 20, 22 winter Olympics in Beijing.

Those were coming up pretty quickly. I think they’re in February, Trevor Noah said American diplomats would have to watch the winter games like the rest of us by turning on the TV and then getting bored after three minutes and then turning off. Biden’s not about to fly across 12 times zones to watch a bunch of Norwegians sweep, an ice rink.

And that’s a real shame that the American officials won’t be at the Olympics. Cause you realize Kamala Harris was about to become the first black woman to ever watch a hockey game. Great joke by Trevor Noah. That’s one cool reason to be president. Right? Most of us, if we don’t want to do something, we have to come up with some lame excuse and then everybody else shows up and talks about how he didn’t come.

But if you’re president, you can just be like diplomatic boy, cut. No one’s allowed to attend Emily’s birthday brunch. If you want to get back at China, you have Marjorie Taylor green in the stands. Great joke. Jimmy Fallon chimed in nothing will convince China to change their ways. Like not sending the secretary of agriculture.

When the news broke everybody’s mom was like the oiled up flag bearer from Tonga will still be there. Right? Love it. And Fallon it’s different from our last Olympic diplomatic boycott, which was just Mike pants, refusing to watch men’s doubles luge. At first I scratched that joke and then I was like, oh, now I get it.

Think about it. You need me to read it again. It’s different from our last Olympic diplomatic boycott, which was just Mike Pence refusing to watch men’s doubles, lose. I think about it. Huge stories again today from a digital music news, there’s an updated list of comedians whose albums are unavailable on Spotify.

Now the list now includes bill Burr. Originally two of his albums were unavailable, but now it looks like all his works have disappeared. Kyle Canadians whiskey Icarus gun Mitch Hedberg, G believe in gosh, gone Mitchell altogether gone, Steven. Right. I still have a pony gun. Lewis black, the prophet gun. I believe a lot of those are comedy central releases.

So that’s getting really interesting over there.

digital music news writes in another indicator that a resolution is far off. The effected projects have been removed from the appropriate artist profiles entirely. While remaining viewable, but not playable on playlists. That’s been my experience previously users could still see the removed albums on creator, Spotify.

Digital music news ads also worth noting is that somebody above disclosed comedians, albums are still live on Pandora. They’re also live on live by live where I work, but they’re not available on title where the content is described as, and no longer available. When one attempts to play it or on apple music, we’re clicking the content on the web, brings up an error message.

However, there seemed to be exceptions for some albums. Bill Burr’s let it go. Is live on apple. But the rest of Bill’s albums have been pulled from title and Spotify. John Malaney is new in town. On the other hand is unavailable to title apple music and Spotify users alike. Get if you like comedy plugin live by live.

I host the weekly comedy thing. It’s a show like this. I do stories, but I played comedy clips in between and there are several comedy stations on there. I program them. They’re free. You can hit play. I recommend that today’s comedy channel. It’s the live by live app. Live ex live it’s free. Go for it.

This one surprised me and worries me from C4 is a national comedy awards. Postponed this from the UK. The national comedy awards have been postponed just a week ahead of its inaugural sterile.

channel four said in a statement due to the uncertainty around the Omnicon variants, we have decided to postpone the large-scale event. Did you notice? I said, I’m a Cron. I’ve been saying Omicron. I’m being told it’s on Macron. I have to retrain my brain, whatever created by a hungry bear media.

The new awards body was announced in August, 2020 it was originally scheduled to take place in the spring, but, you know, pandemic and stuff, public voting eventually opened an early fall ahead of the ceremony. It was supposed to take place next week on the 15th, December as the Brits, write it ahead of a broadcast on Friday.

17th of December voting has now been suspended. The channel confirmed a vote’s already cast will still be counted and voting will reopen next year for the remaining period. Wow. If you need to vote on stuff, how about the critic’s choice awards? Well, I guess you only get to vote if you’re an actual critic, but let’s play at home.

Are you ready? The nominees for critics choice, awards, best comedy, special art. Bo Burnham for inside Netflix. Good timing with Joe Firestone a peacock James, a caster cold lasagna. Hate myself, 1999. Vimeo

joy L Nicole Johnson. Love joy peacock, Nate. the greatest average American Netflix Trixie Mattel. One night only YouTube. I will vote here for best comedy special. No doubt out of that list, Nate per Gatsy the greatest average. Hands down, not even a contest. Best actor in a comedy series

and Armatage for young Sheldon, Nicholas Holts for the great Steve Martin only murders in the building kevin Novak for what we do in the shadows. Martin short, only murders in the building. Jason Sudeikis Ted lasso. If you only gave me one between Steve Martin and Martin short, I would say that person would win it, but they’re going to split the votes and Jason Sudeikis will win.

That’s my prediction, also my personal.

Best actress in a comedy series. The nominees are Ellie fanning for the great Renee Elise Goldsberry for girls five ever. Selena Gomez only murders in the building. Sandra. Oh, the chair, ISA Ray insecure. Jean smart hacks will give. Selena Gomez. Cause it’ll make our award seem cool and hip, and it will make up for us giving Jason today because the Ted lasso vote my personal choice at of those.

Uh, can I pass sir, Selena Gomez? Why not best supporting actor in a comedy series? There’s only one possibility here, but I’ll read the list.

Good day for sex education, Brett Goldstein, Ted lasso, Harvey Guian for what we do in the shadows. Good choice. Brandon Scott Jones for ghosts, Ray Romano made for love, which is something on HBO. Max, apparently Bowen yang for SNL boy Bowen yang has been crushing it all year, but how it, he did not give it to Brett Goldstein for Ted lasso.

That’s my vote. Best supporting actress in a comedy series. Hannah Einbinder hacks. Kristin Chenoweth, Shamika noon, Molly, Shannon, the other two Sesame strong for SNL Josie, Toto for saved by the bell and Hannah him for Ted last out boy. excessively strong has been real good. Uh, I’m going to say Hannah iron bender for hacks.

And best animated series, longtime listeners, nowhere we’re ahead. And you’re already smiling. The nominees are big mouth, which shares on Netflix bluey, which airs on Disney Jr. The great north, which shares on Fox Q4 switch airs on Netflix. What if which is on Disney plus and Bob’s burgers, which supposedly is on Fox, but I have two questions for you.

The first. Have you ever seen Bob’s burgers? The answer’s no, you’ve never seen it. I know you think you’ve seen it. You’ve never seen it. Second question. Have you ever met anyone, anyone at all who has seen Bob’s burgers? The answer is also no. So those are the nominees and we might as well continue this hoax and give it to Bob’s burgers.

It has an all-star cast of people, pretending that they actually make this series. Look, I get it’s promoted on Fox, but we both know you’re watching Sunday night football. I never bothered to check if they actually put an episode on there is no Bob’s burgers, but sure. Let’s give it a critic’s choice award.

The awards will air live on the CW and CBS Sunday, January 9th from the Fairmount century Plaza hotel. And that’s good news. If you have a podcast, because January news is thin.

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So in good pods, you can just directly throw a few bucks in the tip jar or go to buy me a coming news. Now, one thing I did was I recorded an episode for the upcoming weekend. It is about supposedly the best comedies on Netflix. And I kind of lost my mind halfway through the episode.

Uh, I’ll publish that on the main feed on Sunday, but I couldn’t wait to share it. So what I did was for the people who support me and buy me a comedy news, they got a little email yesterday with a link going, Hey, if you want to hear this now, Here it is. And my intention after I record today’s episode is I’m going to do an episode about Mitch Hedberg, which I’m going to put in the member’s feed as well.

So if you want to hear the Mitch Hedberg episode should be up there in a day or slash daily comedy news.

I forgot to mention on Sunday night, I was killing 10, 15 minutes before succession came on, really enjoying the season of success. And I’m like, what should I do? Oh yeah. This drew Michael standup show on HBO. Max. I’ll check that out. So drew Michael was doing some standup comedy and it’s all right. I didn’t hate it.

Didn’t love it. Watch 15 minutes of it. Not going to go back. Not saying it sucks. Just telling you it exists through Michael and HBO.

From deadline, there will be no fifth season for AP bio peacock has canceled the series after four seasons. The final two seasons on peacock

series creator. Mike O’Brien said I’m sad to announce that AP bio will not be renewed, but mostly I’m feeling grateful right now to all the fans. Blah-blah-blah.

You know, on paper, if I start a sitcom with Glenn Howard and patent Oswalt, that should be pretty good. Right. I watched it was on NBC and it just never grabbed me. And I think it came on at a time where there was just like way too much TV. Maybe I would check it out. If it were easier to watch on peacock, I’m not presently a peacock subscriber.

So I don’t usually go over there. And a lot of stuff’s behind the paywall. Totally get it. I understand how business works, but just AP bio didn’t do it for me, but if you like Glenn Howard. Tonight. It’s always sunny in Philadelphia, episode three, the guy buys a roller. The log line in the past and innocent Dennis learns the horrifying details of Frank’s business.

A truly sweet Dee is excited to head off for Hollywood while Charlie and max jobs at the roller rink are in jeopardy. And then episode four, right after to 10 30 on your ethics, the gang replaces D with a monkey, love that title. When the gang suspects D is menopausal, they scrambled to find a new employee for Patty’s pub D decides to put her acting career on hold in order to mentor young actors,

That should be a lot of fun on Saturdays. I’m recapping this season. So that’ll be Saturday’s episode. Once again,

the office is, seems like they just want to be invisible. Remember when the office was on Netflix and a whole new generation was watching it, and then it went over to peacock and kind of disappeared. You haven’t thought about the office in a while. Have you. Well, the broadcast version is coming off comedy central and moving to free form to make the office even more invisible comedy central had the exclusive syndicated rights to the office through the end of the year.

So starting January 1st, it will move to free form, whereas free form on your cable dial who knows

Free formal air two marathons over new year’s weekend, starting with a countdown of the 30 best episodes as determined by fans followed by a second marathon of episodes that are cast favors. Freeform’s going to shake up their lineup with the office hearing Monday through Thursday, between six and [11:00] PM.

So I guess you just sit there and you watch eight episodes. Every night. Episodes of family guy are on Fridays for some reason and movies on the weekends, a suit said, cause you always got to have a line from the suit, right? The suit says the office is a comedy masterpiece that satirizes everyday office.

I can’t think of a better way for freeform to ring in 2020 with so many people that are preparing to head back to their workplace offices. It’s a perfect primer and further positions freeform as go-to destination for bold irreverent programming and what is more bold than a sit-com that debuted in 2005.

and from pop, this week’s batch of new Netflix movies. And. Back to the Outback, a new animated comedy that introduces viewers to a ragtag group of Australian animals, hoping to escape their zoo and reach the Outback. The cast meets a shark who belongs to the USS what’s that it’s the ugly secret society.

The shark offers to induct them into the USS and shares a secret password. The secret password is I’m ugly. You’re ugly. We should all be this ugly, ugly as the new beautiful Zoe, the devil, as it points out, that’s a really long password. Don’t act like you’re not curious. The story centers on a group of deadly creatures led by an obnoxious koala who a Sydney zoo to reach their home in the Outback where they hope to be loved for who they are on the inside and not feared for what they look like.

Aren’t koalas cute. The group of animals on the journey are Maddy. The Taipan snake. Pretty boy that koala played by. Tim mentioned Zoe, the thorny devil lizard, Nigel, the scorpion and Frank the. Eric Bana. Isn’t he? The Hulk, he plays Outback, legend park ranger, Chaz hunt.

on their journey. They meet some more characters.

Jacinta. The shirk dug the toad played by Keith urban, really red back spider legs, Luciano dave, the Tasmanian devil Clive the dung beetle, Susan, the Bush pig, Kylie Minogue plays Susan the Bush pig, by the way, a Platypus played by Wayne Knight. You know, him as Newman, a different koala, Skyler, the koala and Greg, the head frill, neck, whatever that is.

Australia has got some interesting animals back to the Outback, hits Netflix Friday, giving families a fun story that promised to show people shouldn’t be judged by their looks, but by the content of their home. And that’s your comedy news for today? Follow the show on Spotify, apple podcasts, Google podcasts.

Good pods. Wherever you get your shows, share it on your social media. That’s your homework. And I’m going to check your homework tomorrow. See you there.

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