More Joe Rogan archives controversy, will Jimmy Carr be canceled? Pete Davidson has Valentine’s Day plans

It’s an extra busy episode.

As people continue to go back through the Joe Rogan archives another unflattering episode resurfaces.

Jimmy Carr is under fire for a joke – but if he did it under the guise of Jokes to be Canceled over..where are we now?

NBC says Leslie Jones is cool to tweet about the Olympics.

Pete Davidson was booed at Syracuse, and says he has a girlfriend AND Valentine’s Day plans.

Some comedians and comedian estates sue Pandora.

I am going to have to pace myself today. Joe Rogan again, Pete Davidson, again, the Jimmy Carr thing. I didn’t get to comedy being pulled off another service, I think. Woo. Hi, I’m Johnny Mac with your daily comedy news. You’re watching the Olympics. Jimmy Fallon said thank you curling for being the only sport in the world where world-class athletes can train by swift during their kitchen.

I remember yesterday, I told you that Leslie Jones, but out some vague tweet where she wasn’t going to tweet about the Olympics anymore. Well, good news, NBC, what out a statement

nBC spokesperson, Greg Hughes, and not to be confused with Shaq, Jack, Greg Oop. He used from Opie and Anthony. He said we have resolved the situation. Leslie Jones is free to do her social media posts as she’s done in the past. She’s a super fan of the Olympics and we are super fans of hers. According to not opiate Hughes, it was a third-party error that caused Jones’ videos to be blocked.

Not NBC.

After Leslie wrote on social media, she would not stay anywhere. She’s not welcomed. She had stopped posting clips of the Olympics, but she’s back

we answer the Rogan stuff. Well, let’s stop off at gossip corner real quick. Pete Davidson made a reference to his quote unquote girlfriend. Yeah, CNN picking up on this and an interview in which we learned that Pete Davidson has a Kim Kardashians candle. Say that three times fast. Pete also used the word girlfriend.


Pete was asked about being famous. And he said, I don’t have Instagram or Twitter or any of that stuff. So most of my daily life is getting into cars and showing up to a set. Or if I’m off, I either just hang out with my friends or chill with my girlfriend inside. So I don’t do much. Now he didn’t specifically mentioned that Kim Kardashian is the girlfriend, but he’s been seen with her a lot and he has a candle of her.

Pete added. This would be the first year that I’m thinking about Valentine’s day plans. It’s a big day. It’s another Superbowl, a Superbowl for the ladies. I’m all for it. I like the content. Meanwhile, over the weekend, didn’t get to tell you about this. Yesterday. Pete Davidson returned to Syracuse and he was booed at the men’s basketball game.

Y three years ago, Pete was on Howard Stern’s radio show and called Syracuse, the city trash,

a season ticket holder who attended the game, told page six, Pete Davidson seemed to be prepared for what was coming to him. He brushed it off and had a laugh as did the locals. Pete was trying to blend in with the crowd. He was wearing a gray hoodie, sunglasses, and a Syracuse hat. The insider said, Pete remained bottled throughout the game, maybe because of the single digit temps or perhaps because of the cold welcome from natives.

Another witness said during halftime campus police escorted, Pete Davidson, up to Adam Weitzman’s suite, Adam Weitzman is some sort of entrepreneur and Syracuse, super fan, whatever everyone was trying to follow them in, but they kept.

Pete and Weitzman left shortly after halftime and dined at funk and waffles,

Syracuse basketball reporter. Mike Curtis shared a video on Twitter that Pete Davidson filmed for this purpose for the city of Syracuse on the video. Pete Davidson said, thank you so much for having me and my friends in the building.

We had a really great time. So peace.

As I was prepping for the show, I found a whole bunch of weird beefs on Twitter. How about Larry? The cable guy versus Paul F Tompkins. Although to be fair, it’s kind of Paul F Tompkins versus Larry, the cable guy. I don’t think Larry knows anything about this. Larry, the cable guy had tweeted this country has so many weak minded folks, people in third world countries don’t get offended at words and podcasts because they’re trying to find food avoiding encephalitis and fleeing from genocidal dictatorships. So ponder that the next time you’re literally shaking.

Paul F Tompkins responded Lawrence. Did you know that people in America also trying to find food and avoid being sick while we demonized refugees who flee to our country? So people being offended by ignorance is actually a step in the right direction. Okay.

Andy killer tweeted. Don’t hire me for a cameo and then give me a three-star Yelp review. This isn’t a restaurant. You can’t send the cameo back and nobody cares why you think the comedy wasn’t prepared correctly. All right, we’re moving on to killer, but whatever bird Christ, you’re keeping the peace.

I just want to put this out there. This on Twitter, I love playing disc golf. We play almost every day. We’re on the road. If you see that I’m coming to your city and you know, a great disc golf course, please hit me up. I appreciate it.

Twitter user at Lenny brown, 81 hit bird crusher back and said, download a disc golf app called you disc. It has almost every single disc golf course in America registered on it. It has a similar feel to apple maps, but with course location. All courses have ratings, comments and pictures. Am I slacking here?

There’s a relatively new disc golf course, right by my house, like right by my house. And I’m pretty good with a Frisbee. Should I be out there playing? It’s always packed. Like always packed. Even when it’s freezing out. It is packed. Very popular sport.

I didn’t get to this one yesterday and probably don’t even have time today, to be honest from people magazine after Rudy Giuliani was revealed as a contestant on the mass singer and Ken Junge and Robin Thicke walked off.

Uh, source says Ken was super upset and indeed stormed out. Robin actually followed him because he and Ken are very close friends and he wanted to check on them. Robin didn’t storm out because of Giuliani. Ken felt disrespected and was livid to see Rudy was under the mask is why he walked off. There’s no way he can hide his feelings.

Ken has been incredibly vocal about how the previous administration handled many things, but especially COVID-19 and has found a lot of what they’ve said, not only wrong, but dangerous to get someone who helps us spread misinformation and Collins a question the accuracy of our election and democracy to appear on his show was going to set them off.

Fox magazine caught my attention there. Headline comedy’s existential crisis, the Joe Rogan debate underscores comedy’s ongoing conversation about morality, cancel culture, and how to be funny. I read it. I’m going to pick at it here, but I’m not really sure what the point was. Uh, you know, where the, the manic theme of the article, there are a couple interesting paragraphs which we’ll share, but like I got to the end and I’m like, so what did you want me to think of this?

They wrote about Moses storms, HBO comedy, special trash white

on the special Moses said if I were doing a modern comedy special, you know, the ones where it’s more like a Ted talk, that is a veiled shot at Hannah Gatsby.

But I think this next sentence is interesting from Moses storms, comedy special. Your friend asked you, Hey, how about the comedy special? Was it funny? And you’re like, it was important. Yeah. I think he makes a good point there that the quote unquote comedy specials, uh, I’ve lost the narrative here.

Vox writes since Hannah Gatsby’s intentionally sober 2018 special Nanette elevated the idea of the non comedic comedy. Special many comedians seem to be scrambling to figure out where they fall on the scale between just jokes and glorified lecture. Rosemont of Pharaoh in her 20, 20 HBO special horn dog said her special.

Isn’t one of those effing comedy shows where it’s like,

oh, there’s a lesson to be learned at the end of it and kind of hate that crap.

Alrighty. From the independent more Joe Rogan stuff, joe Rogan has been seen laughing as a cohost described how he sexually exploited young women at a comedy club at a resurface video. This from Joey Diaz. Rogan was interviewing Joey Z as in 2011. Now let me jump in here of all the comedians I have met in my travels.

The one that I hate the most, the one who was the biggest, a-hole the one who was the biggest jerk that I ever ever met in my life was Joey Diaz. Joe Rogan was interviewing Jodi as in 2011. When the allegations of sexual coercion were made by Joey Diaz. The independent says Rogan laughed as Diaz revealed how he encouraged female comedians to I’m cleaning and up here perform fellatio on him because it was a gateway into Hollywood

Rogan. Apparently says, how many girls did you have do that? Diaz says 20 of them.

. You can read it for yourself. The exchange on the independent.

One Twitter user said. I remember the first time I heard about this, it came out when the meets Hume movement first started to rev up. I wondered why it wasn’t getting much attention. I assumed it’s because Joey Diaz is not famous, I think is pretty famous in the comedy world though.

So we’ll keep an eye on that one. Trevor Noah came at Joe Rogan, this recapped on the week.

On Monday’s daily show, Trevor posted quote, a super cut of Joe Rogan dropping the N word. Like he bought it in bulk at Costco that there’s ever a video of you saying the N word that many times you better pray. One of two things either. You’re a black person or you’re a dead man from history.

But what bothered Trevor, even more corner? This recap, I haven’t actually seen that episode of the daily show

was when Rogan described watching a movie in a black neighborhood. Trevor said that video is so bad. It actually made me miss the N word video.

Rogan’s defense that he was trying to be entertaining, not racist, Trevor doesn’t accept it and said no, Joe, I think you were using racism to be entertaining. And you knew that offending black people would get a laugh out of those white friends you were with. Trevor added as a comedian. He’s a fan of all types of jokes and quotes.

A joke can be racist. In fact, a joke can be racist and funny if you’re telling it to the right crowd, but don’t pretend it isn’t racist.

No added, if there’s something it shouldn’t have said in public, basically Rogan has said it on his podcast.

That’s a a hundred million dollar problem for Spotify. Part of me actually wishes that Spotify would just drop the facade, just come out and be like, we do not believe in silencing Joe Rogan because he makes us money. But if at some point ends up costing us money, then we will drop him because money bingo, Trevor Noah.

Bingo, bingo, bingo. Trevor continued. And as for Joe Rogan, he said, he’s learned his lesson. I hope he has, but I will say if I were him, I wouldn’t walk into a cinnamon, a black neighborhood for a little while.

It seemed Dylan on his podcast has talked about the Joe Rogan controversy. He more came at it from the standpoint of Joe is getting a lot of press out of this. How do I get press for it? A very funny listen, but as I always couch one day, Tim, Dylan’s going to step on the landmine and I’m going to step away from Tim Dylan faster than the rock disavow, Joe Rogan.

I’m going to be like Tim Dylan never heard of him, but until then, this episode is pretty funny. Next topic, Jimmy Carr.

And so I hate groups, including the Holocaust Memorial day. Trust the Auschwitz Memorial and hope not hate have condemned Jimmy Carr’s comments in his recent Netflix special

So if you saw the specific. And I’m reading here from chortle. Jimmy Carr plays up the offensive nature of his jokes in the special, his dark materials and introduces the contentious line by saying this should be a career ender. Okay. Strap in everybody. You ready? So he’s going into this joke saying this should be a career ender.

I’ll read the trans.

When people talk about the Holocaust, they talk about the tragedy and horror of 6 million Jewish lives being lost to the Nazi war machine, but they never mentioned the thousands of gypsies that were killed by the Nazis. No one ever wants to talk about that because no one ever wants to talk about the positives

Carr defended the gag on stage saying it was effing funny, edgy as all hell and had an educational. He says everyone in the room, no 6 million Jewish people lost their lives to the Nazis during world war II. But a lot of people don’t know because it’s not really taught in our schools that the Nazi’s also killed in their thousands, gypsies, homosexuals, disabled people.

And Jehovah’s witnesses. People say, never forget, well, this is how I remember. I keep bringing it up. Now I deliberately read that flat. If you watch the clip, Jimmy changes, speeds, mugs for the camp.

So me reading, it has one intonation. You reading the transcript, we’ll have one intonation, Jimmy performing. It has one intonation.

The traveler movement is a national charity. The challenge is discrimination. They tweeted, this is truly disturbing and it goes way beyond humor. We need all your support in calling this out on their petition. They said material like this normalizes, further discrimination and even violence against already marginalized communities.

We acknowledged that Jimmy Cora highlighted the widespread ignorance that exists with regard to non-Jewish victims of the Holocaust, but it was nevertheless incredibly crass from to claim his joke. Therefore had an educational quality.

If this was the case, he would have used his considerable platform to raise awareness of Roma Holocaust Memorial day to a 6.7 million followers. To our knowledge, this has never happened at this speaks volumes.

Historians estimate that between 220,000 and 500,000 Ramani and Sinti were killed by the Nazi regime , between a quarter and a half of the population in Europe at that time.

Does not the first time Jimmy Carr made jokes that targeted travelers in 2006, the BBC had to issue an apology over a joke car made about gypsy women

that joke the male, gypsy moth can smell the female, gypsy moth up to seven miles away. And that fact also works. If you remove the word moth.

The BBC rights, but is there a difference when the words are taken as part of an hour long set and which car specifically makes clear from the outset that is going to be offensive and then frames the joke within the context of career Enders?

Yeah. If you watch the end of his last special, he is asking the, on him. Should we ramp it up? Should we ramp it up? Jessica to me runs the frog and bucket comedy club in Manchester. She told the BBC, I don’t like the joke, but it’s a joke he’s purposely trying to push the bounds. She had a Jimmy Carr.

Hasn’t done a gig in her club in two decades. But if he rang me up tomorrow and said, can I jump on your stage? I’d say yes, but I’d make clearly on ants. They were coming to see shimmy cor I would just spring his offensive style on an unsuspecting audience. The argument is if you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

I don’t defend the joke, but I defend his right to say it.

Well, I’ll tell you when I started this thing, I thought this podcast was going to be like Hannibal Burres displaying the laugh factory. And w w we going to do such serious topics some days on the podcast, a fan of the show. We connect some times on Instagram messenger or whatever that’s called, sold me.

Miss Pat’s new special on Netflix is hilarious. I will check that out as soon as I get it, but it was a strong recommendation. So you might want to check out miss pat. It is Wednesday. So it is trivia nights, . Glenn, and I’ll be heading to the brewery to try and win trivia tonight.

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It’s 20 bucks plus shipping. I get $5 of that. Great way to support the show. The Oscar nominations came out best picture. Interestingly enough, don’t look up, which I thought was fantastic. Gets a nomination for best picture. It will be up against Belfast Coda. Drive my car dune king rich. Licorice pizza nightmare, alley the Bauer of the dog and west side story.

How many movies are in this category? Who

let’s see? We are long today. I got a Colin Quinn thing that could wait a Kevin Hart thing that can wait. Cause we got to get into this from variety

on Monday, a law firm filed copyright infringement lawsuits against Pandora on behalf of five comedians where they’re a states, the five comedians, Robin Williams, George Carlin, Andrew dice, clay, bill angle, and Ron. Each are represented by digital rights management and collection agency word collections.

The lawsuits allege for years, Andorra has illegally made reproductions a digital broadcast on its servers and provided streaming access to its users without a proper public performance license. And when applicable a reproduction right lights.

And total the five lawsuits seek 41 and a half million dollars in damages.

Line and the lawsuit while George Carlin would have been thrilled for his works to live on through valid licenses and payments, he would have had seven dirty words to say about Pandora’s actions and willful copyright infringement. No doubt. All right. You wrote the sizzle line. I read the sizzle line.

Seems a little cute for a lawsuit who knows

What I worry about is the streaming services going, why are we bothering with comedy and getting rid of it in a Spotify? It’s sick off a bunch of things. This article mentions the works of Jim Gafcon. John Malaney, David Tel Birbiglia, Chad Daniels, Thompson Gora Foxworthy, Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart, Dunham, Larry cable guy, Patton Oswalt, new heart wall of headstone, Robin Williams, amy Schumer and Lisa Lampanelli all coming off Spotify. So if Pandora stops playing comedy and then the other one stopped playing comedy, what will happen is the middle tier comedians. The ones that like getting the five figure checks for royalties, they’re not going to get them anymore. There’s also the exposure angle of it.

If you’re a middle tier comedian and you’re hurt on one of these streaming services, it’s kind of good if comedy comes off now, nobody’s going to make any money and then you have.

Uh, lack of awareness of middle tier comedians. Sure. If you get a Netflix special, if you one of the five or six that Netflix puts on and they have cut back, they’ve stopped writing the huge checks. Sure. You’ll be fine. Jim Gaffigan will be fine. John Malaney will be fine. Dave Chappelle will be fine. What about those middle tier guys who won’t have the exposure?

I worry about them. So we’ll keep an eye on that.

And from chortle congratulations to Richard Pulsford. He’s been crowned the UK pun champion of 2022 at the Lester comedy festival host Jason Byrne oversaw a rap battle style knockout competition between the finalists staged in a boxing ring.

Ready for a bunch of puns from Paulsboro. My old Looney tunes app still has bugs in it.

and McDonald, I was charged with repairing a train. Unfortunately it seems I bit off, more than I could shoot you Robin. Samas when I was a kid, we used to play football with dead rabbits thumpers for goalposts

Chris Norton Walker. If you’re going to walk 10,000 miles wear the correct footwear and consultant Dr. Colon the disclaimers. Think about it. Richard Wolford. My head hurt. When I went to a city in Spain, I had a severe headache.

Frizz Frizzle was playing a chord on his keyboard and said, that’s home to me. That’s a flat. Congratulations. Richard, Paul’s heard pun champion of 2022. That is your comedy news for today. All right. So much to the plug here. We’ve got the Facebook group, which is daily common news Facebook group. There’s the new subreddit daily comedy news.

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