More on Chappelle, a review of John Mulaney’s show, D.L. Hughley vs Pete Davidson

The guy that attacked Dave Chappelle did have a weapon.

Colbert is back on Late Night but now Kimmel is out

D.L. Hughley does NOT like Pete Davidson’s new tattoo

We have a date for Ricky Gervais’ new special

I guess Amy Schumer no longer hates the Met Gala

A look at tonight’s lineup at the Netflix Festival

Hannahh Gadsby is in Pittsburgh and she likes your bridges

So much to get to you. I’m Johnny Mac with a very, very busy edition of daily comedy news that you see the Supreme court leak, the abortion that Jimmy Fallon said, chief justice, John Roberts, condemned the leak and announced there’ll be an investigation into how it got out. Americans are like, uh, the leaks, not our main concern,

trevor Noah, the conservative majority on the court has a fundamental right to choose when they want to release a decision. And so the world imagine having some random person violate your privacy and make that choice for you, who would do such a thing, Fallon that’s right.

It looks like the Supreme court will overturn Roe V. Wade. Apparently they decided mass or not mandatory, but mother’s day is very well done. Cole, Bayer, congratulations, ladies. Your decisions are being. The four dudes and a woman who thinks the handmade sale is a rom com um,

Trevor for perspective, consider this, it wasn’t until the year after Roe V. Wade, that women in America got the legal rights to have a credit card without a man. Think about that. And I think we’d all agree. It’d be a little weird if the court was suddenly like, look, if the founders wanted women to have credit cards, they would have said, so.

Jimmy Kimmel has been off this week. He has COVID. Mike Birbiglia has been hosting the show. Kim will put out a statement saying our daughter brought us COVID even though we specifically asked her not to, he described his family is feeling fine, said he’s double Vaxxed and boosts. Birbiglia joked. I must be the first person to ever depart a Southwest airlines flight and find out their guest hosting a late night talk show.

Sending love to the Kimmel’s. Meanwhile, Steven Covera is back, baby. He got over his COVID, but he did say the first three days sucked, but by day six, I was testing negative. Now on day 12, I’m back with a serious head cold. So go figure.

He urged everyone to get vaccinated and boosted if you haven’t already done. So, because COVID is not a pleasant experience, he also took no blame for Jimmy Kimmel getting COVID. He said, of course, I’m on the east coast. Jimmy’s in LA. There’s no way I could have given it to him. And yes, last week I did like a lot of things and FedEx them to his office, but I only paid for two day shipping.

It’s gotta be sterile by the time he opened it.

A quick aside, a warning to all comedians. I’m afraid one of you will die today. Well, Johnny, Mick, relax. What are you saying, buddy? Here’s the deal as you’re listening to this this morning, I’m on my way to pick up my son at college.

Now two times ago, when I drove down to see my son at college, I was on a particular stretch of highway and I started getting texts from coworkers in a pattern that made me know someone had died and it was Bob Saget who had done.

The last time I went down to my son’s college, I was on the exact same stretch of highway. It’s a two and a half hour drive. I was on the same stretch of road. Same thing, text, text, phone call. Hey, did you hear the news? And Gilbert Godfried had died. So I’m fearful this morning at around [9:00] AM. My phone’s going to blow up and we’re going to find out a comedian died.

I’m bringing the laptop. This thing is jinxed. I’m bringing the USB mic. I might have to do a bonus episode in the parking lot.

If you missed it, Dave Chappelle was attacked on stage Tuesday night. I’m not laughing. I, well, I, I did laugh. We all heard me laugh. Johnny Mac. Why are you acting like you? Didn’t laugh. You laughed. Dave Chappelle was attacked Tuesday night. If he missed it, I dropped a bonus episode in the feed of Wednesday morning.

A quick update. As I record today’s show the suspect is 23 years old and was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. According to the LAPD, he was being held on a $30,000 bail.

The police say the man was armed with a replica gun that can eject a knife blade when discharged correctly. It wasn’t immediately clear if he tried to use the. Please send Chappelle was not injured. If there’s more to this story, I’ll drop another bonus episode, but that’s all I have for you right now.

you know, when I started this podcast again, I thought it would be like, Hey, did you see Hannibal Burris has a music album coming out? That’s a real thing that I just don’t have time to tell you about today. Maybe.

But we’re talking about some comedy festivals have some fun. No, it’s all like people with COVID and people being assaulted on stage and the DL Hughley versus Pete Davidson fight. Wait what? Yes. Pete Davidson has a new tattoo. The tattoo appears to read K N S C P. Hmm. What could that mean? Many fans believe.

K as in Kim, N as in north S as in Saint C as in Chicago and P as in som, N S C N P R Kim Kardashians for children

from page six, DL Hughley blasted Pete Davidson for pairing to get the initials of Kim Kardashians kids tattooed on his name. TMZ grab DL at lax, as they tend to do God, that’s gotta be annoying. DL took the bait and said, I think it’s his body. It’s his woman, but those are Kanye. His kids that would tick me off.

Listen, nobody’s telling you, you can’t live your life. If that’s your woman, you have a good time. But if you put that man’s kids on your neck, that’s antagonizing, that’s out of pocket for me west. Ain’t an absentee father. He’s a good father. And you know the stuff that’s going on. You already know that’s a volatile situation.

Do you think that’s going to help? Well, I don’t know the answer, but I could say what we Davidson said on stage the other day, he was joking about. Kanye sending Kim Kardashians, a truck full of roses, B Davidson compare the actions to those of Robin Williams and Mrs. Doubtfire and joked. Am I the only one who secretly hopes Kanye will go full?

Mrs. Doubtfire, I’ll answer that, Pete. No, you’re not. I would love that. Be so entertaining. I host a podcast stuff like that would be great. Oh, on a normal day, we would talk a lot about the weird Al biopic that’s coming out. Roku dropped a trailer.

Remember this thing, Daniel Radcliffe from the Harry Potter films will play weird Al. Radcliffe said, I’m so excited for you to see the insane, wonderful film that we’ve made. Thank you, Roku for letting us make such an insane, weird film. Blah-blah-blah the trailers out. It’s a lot of fun. It’s one of those where they’re letting you know, we’re not taking this that seriously.

Radcliffe looks like a guy dressed up as weird Alfred Halloween. It is not the greatest, weird Al impression, but it’s fine. The whole thing’s fun and funny. I’m really looking forward to that. Also looking forward to this HBO documentary about George Carlin.

George Carlin’s American dream will premiere on HBO Friday. May 20th. Check your calendar. That’s coming up. Second part we’ll layer. The following night.

Cinema Glen says the new HBO doc is filled with never before seen footage of all types. Perhaps most deserving of attention will be archival footage should be watched, read and heard. The creative team has given access to previously stored away films, photos, letters, diaries, and audio recordings from Carlin.

George Carlin’s American dream also features other stand-up comedians talking about Carlin. You know, I can go either way on those, if they’re good clips. It’s great. And if it’s just, oh, George was so innovative, like I hate when. Talking heads for talking head sakes. Uh, hopefully they got good at clips here.

The people interviewed are Jerry Seinfeld, Bette Midler, Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, bill burrs, Steven Wright w Kamau bell, Judy gold and more. The documentary will feature memories shared by daughter Kelly Carter. Second wife, Sally Wade, late brother Patrick Carlin who died last week, manager, Jerry Hamza, and more.

I know many of those people name there. So that makes me think this thing will be.

cinema blend says the family interviews were provide further insight into George’s childhood years. His drug addled struggles his run-ins with police and other authority figures, and other elements that field so much of his timeless comedy. Again, having spent time with Kelly, Carlin and Patrick Carlin and Jerry Hamza, and having heard them tell stories.

Yeah, this should be really good. I’m looking forward to this.

George Carlin’s American dream. HBO Friday, May 20th, eight. O’clock

it’s been a busy week again. I didn’t get to say about John Malaney show. Last week, the SF gate was. Malaney during his set a week ago, said the persona is a prison.


Malaney has fully shed the clean cut, nice guy persona. He curated over his career, but to hear Malaney sell it that persona may never have been who he actually was sober or not. He was dressed in his trademark suit. His show was titled.

Malaney did impressions of Pete Davidson, Nick Kroll, and Al Pachino

Malaney made fun of Berkeley for needing to feel independent from San Francisco saying it’s cute. I bet you even have your own. He also grumbled at Bo Burnham is more popular than he is, and challenge everything from conceptions on how a recovering addict should act two, the entire subject of science.

He told stories of having no memory of interviews he did while high John Malaney said, do you know how hard it is convinced a doctor to give you a prescription drugs? It’s not hard.

He didn’t talk much about Olivia Munn did not talk at all about his divorce from Anna Marie Tendler. And he poked fun at his most ardent fans for being very young women or young men who aren’t athletes

and SF gate says he spent a few incredibly funny moments complaining about needing them to pretend to be supportive of CNN and the FBI during the Trump presidency. Hey, Ricky did raise us a new special that’s right. That’s the seventh story down on today’s daily comedy news. Ricky survey’s super nature.

Premieres May 24th on Netflix in the special surveys gives us takes on the rules of comedy, spoiling us scat and debunks. The supernatural concluding the actual nature is super enough and bad news for will Smith. This joker, that was a standup comedy series executive produced by will Smith. That was on Roku that none of us ever saw.

You didn’t see it. You’re not going to miss it. It’s not coming back. You’ll live.

Oh, we’ve got a lot to do before we even get to seeing who’s at Netflix tonight, let’s spend some time on gossip corner. The met gala was held in New York city. The other night, Amy Schumer was there

now in the past, Amy Schumer made fun of the met gala. I’m looking at an article from people magazine dated December 19th, 2019 Amy Schumer on attending the met gala. It felt like a punishment.

She told Howard stern it’s people doing an impression of having a conversation? I don’t like the forest were dressed up like a bunch of effing a-holes. I got to meet Beyonce. And she was like, is this your first met gala? And I was like, it’s my last, well, fast forward to 20, 22. I believe Amy has new management and you know, she hosts the Oscars now.

So you gotta play the game, swallow your pride, Amy. Welcome to the met gala. We all become what we hate. Right? Right. So there’s Amy Schumer. She’s on Vogue’s official red carpet live stream thought you hated this thing. Welcome to hell.

She joked, everybody’s always at home asking what’s Amy going to wear this year when Gabriella, her says she’s going to dress you and you put your Spanx on right over your C-section scar and you get on that carpet. Am I right?

This year’s theme was gilded glamour. She was asked what the dress code, Mensa, her, her answer. I hate this answer. I don’t know what this means. It’s not funny. Terrible answer her answer vibrator. Okay. Amy Schumer, she was asked to comment and what she was looking forward to inside the event. And she said, I’m here for the drinks.

Of course Kim Kardashian was there with Pete Davidson. Kim Kardashian wore Marilyn Monroe’s dress from when she sang happy birthday to John F. Kennedy. We don’t have time. Pete Davidson joked, Kim didn’t let me wear my propeller hat, but it’s fine.

James cordon was there. He was asked about giving up the late, late show. He said, it’s going to be hard the whole way. It’ll be a year of tears for sure. he said, he told his staff that morning. I told a few people the day before, and then a few people that have known for a while.

It’s really emotional, but then it’s great. Whoever gets to dictate what they’re going to do in this sort of industry. So I’m excited to get out there.

Hannah Gatsby is in Pittsburgh tonight. She’s doing her new stand-up show body of work. She’ll be the Carnegie music hall of Oakland.

Yeah, I don’t think I wasn’t confused either. The Carnegie music hall of Oakland is in Pittsburgh. I don’t know.

That’s me warn the audience. Every time we do a show, I don’t stay on the path. You’ll always expect if people are coming to see the show because they’re expecting an Annette, they might be disappointed, but how many in the nets can you bear? she likes that this tour has allowed her to visit cities. She’s never been to before, including Pittsburgh. She said, I sure do love bridges. And I hear you have a lot of them.

She pointed out that Nanette earned her a billboard in times square. That became basically useless when the pandemic cleared the streets of New York city. I thought, well, that’s about right. Isn’t it.

Oh, there’s so much to do. Uh, Seth Rogan did a table read of Seinfeld. I’ll tell you about that in the next couple of days. I don’t want this podcast to be three hours long today. Let’s see. Who’s at Netflix tonight.

. Eight o’clock Kevin Hart, eight o’clock bill Burr eight o’clock Bert Kreischer is seven o’clock Snoop dog. I’ll talk about that in a second. Chelsea handler seven, Michelle Wolf had seven Jimmy card seven. Okay. That makes it easy on me.

The game here is you and I are at the comedy festival and you’re like Johnny Mac. What should we go? See, I’m making you see Jimmy car at seven. Jimmy Carr is fantastic. Actually, no scratch that. Let’s go see, let’s have a couple drinks at eight o’clock let’s go see Bert Kreischer that should wrap up in time for us to make it over to nine 30 Jimmy car show, right.

Crusher and Jimmy Carr are the calls for tonight, but there’s so many good shows. Ron. Funches Krista Stefano.

Justin Willman Plays at seven he hosts magic for humans.

Justin Willman had, did you get into magic? He said I was 12. I was riding my bike wall, also wearing roller blades. Cause I was trying to look cool, do something unique. Then I fell down and broke both of my arms. My doctor randomly noticed that I like when this magician came to town and encouraged me to do card tricks is physical therapy.

And I’ve been doing that ever since.

. I love spreading the love of doing magic, even as a hobbyist and shattering. When people think of magic show is like, it’s not always done by somebody in a tux.

the LA times said the show has recurring segment, which you perform for people specifically named Susan. How do you identify.

Justin said, sometimes they have a look wearing a Fanny pack and a purse and a backpack writing a check in the grocery store. We maybe found one or two naturally on the street, but once I realized there’s something special about the Susans, I don’t know we were then desperately seeking Susans and Craigslist was the way to go. Is your name, Susan, do you want to make 40 bucks and get a free lunch? Meet us in echo park. Someone checks their ideas to make sure they’re all legit. Sometimes they go by Sue, but in their hearts, they’re really Susan’s.

Justin Willman seven o’clock tonight, the theater at ACE hotel and at 9 45 Snoop Dogg’s F around comedy special Snoop dog MCs, a to show taping seven and 9 45 with Kat Williams, Mike apps. And. Sounds fun. Happy Cinco. Go to Maya. Everybody order some George Lopez, tacos and celebrates.

I’ll be back tomorrow with your daily comedy news. Follow the show for free on apple podcast, Spotify, overcast, wherever you get your shows. If you’d like to support the show, you can buy me a coffee. I didn’t bring a coffee down at the studio. Thirsty. Buy me a comedy news. And you can become a premium subscriber and get the episodes early and add free.

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