Mulaney, Burr, Maron, Patton Oswalt among highlights for 2022 JFL Montreal festival.

Just For Laughs Montreal announced dates and headliners including Chelsea Handler, Jo Koy, Iliza Schlensigner, Russell Peters, Hannah Gadsby, Ronny Chieng, Patton Oswalt, Marc Maron, Bill Burr and John Mulaney.

Jim Gaffigan is taping a new special in October

Ronny Chieng has a new special on Netflix next week.

An article in the Verge wonders what happened to Earwolf.

Jenny Mac with your daily comedy news, the just laughs comedy festival has made their announcement who will be performing at this year’s festival. This is a great festival. We’ll talk about it a lot in the upcoming weeks. I’ll tell you when you should go

but some of the names this year, Chelsea handler, Joe Hoy, Eliza Schlesinger, Russell Peters, Hannah Gatsby, Ronnie Chang Patton Oswalt and mark Marin,

Kevin Hart, bill bur Hassan Minhaj, John Malanney, Tommy Tiernan, VE O. Australian comic Celeste, barber and Neil Beren

the ethnic show. One of the long running shows has been remained. That’s now called the, just for culture show. Talk about that in a second. The nasty show, which is a great show will be hosted by big Jay Okon. Dara O’Brien will host the Brit ish comedy showcase.

One of my favorite shows to attend as well.

Let’s fly through this really quickly. The galas include Chelsea handler, Joe Eliza Schlesinger, Russell Peters, Hannah Gaby, Ronnie Chang, pat, and Oswalt and mark Marinn.

Will do a Thursday night show on July 28th has on Minhaj on that Friday.

The formerly titled ethnic show now called just for the culture is a complete celebration of diversity inclusion and funny people you’ll hear a variety of comedians. Take the stage, talk about their perspectives. Alonzo Boden is your host. He’s great.

Paul Robla, Deborah de Giovanni Jessica Kirson. Dave. SHA Wang and Y’s Papas round out that show. The nasty show is always great. Prepare yourself for a night of kill or be killed comedy featuring some of ComEd’s dirtiest minds. Big Jerson is your host there,

but that’s always one of the highlights of the festival. One I really like is Brits ish. Brit ish, boths, a lineup of some of the funniest comedians from across the pond. Dar O’Brien is your host. I go see that every time I’m up in Montreal for the festival, one of my favorites and here’s one midnight surprise the shows at midnight.

The rest is a surprise hail as one of the festival’s most popular series audiences set out each performance to find out who will show up . in the past. Some of the people who showed up were Kevin Hart, Dave Chappelle, Tiffany Haddish, Jud AAU, and Amy Schumer.

Who’s hosting the Oscars for some reason.

as That gets a little closer, I’ll talk you through it, but if you wanna start planning, let’s find out when the new faces shows are. Those are usually on Wednesday or Thursday night. , I’m not sure it would be in the first week or the second week. So would, I would plan to go for the new faces show and then maybe stick around the Friday night and hit a couple shows and get outta Dodge.

But once the schedule fills out, I’ll talk you through that. The Montreal comedy festival, sorry, just for laughs. Montreal is fantastic. You should absolutely go. Jim Gaffigan is taping yet another special he has produced. 14 comedy specials. Now since 2017, he’s put one out every year. That’s pretty impressive to turn over your material at that kind of churn rate.

And his material’s been fantastic.

He’s gonna record this one in Tampa on October 15th to show seven and nine 30.

Haven’t seen an announcement from Gaffigan himself, but the STR center says these performances will be filmed and recorded for Jim Gaffigan’s next comedy special.

So maybe we’ll get some more Gaffigan for Christmas again. That would be good.

Ronnie Chang is coming out with his second special for Netflix. I loved his first one. This one is called speak easy. It was filmed with the Chinese tuxedo bar restaurant in New York city. In the special he shares his takes on the pandemic race relations of culture and stories from his experiences as an international touring comic.

All right. Ronnie Chang speakeasy, Netflix, April 5th.

Amy Schumer who’s hosting the Oscars on Sunday. For some reason, talked to page six about her tattoo. She said she got it at a shady spot in the east village. They went too deep. It’s not straight it’s on an angle and it’s not good. I remember kind of puffed up and was irritated. It was not good for making out.

I was either 17 or 18, a great time to make a permanent decision. And my mom drove me to that. Let’s you know, a little bit about our relationship, your mom drove you to the east village. Is she insane? What did she do with a car in the east village?

The Amy Schumer press campaign continues. She spoke with people

She revealed the parenting advice. She’s given friends, Michael, Sarah, and Jennifer Lawrence, a name dropper. It’s about failing. It’s like standup, you mess up so bad. It couldn’t go much worse than what we named our son. Initially, they initially named her son, Jean Atel and then people pointed out.

That’s kind of like genital, which I didn’t notice until they said it.

But as for Michael, Sarah and Jennifer Lawrence, they’re doing great. They really are both just such clear natural parents. Isn’t that nice. the Oscars announced some of the presenters

among them. Bill Murray, Stephanie Beatriz from Brooklyn 99, Tiffany Haddish.

Previously announced, presenters, if you just want some name dropping here include hall. Berry, Sean Diddy Combs. Jamie Lee, Curtis, Woody Harrison, Samuel L. Jackson, Lily, James, Zoe Kravitz, Cuis lady Gaga, Guam simul Lu Sean Mendez, Rosie Perez. Tyler Perry, Chris rock. Tracy Ellis Ross name with Scott Wesley Snipes, UMMA Thurman, and John Travolta.

The Oscars Sunday night, eight o’clock. My plan is to watch say the first two hours of the Oscars and then jump in the studio. So Monday morning, you will have my thoughts on Amy Schumer hosting the Oscars for some reason.

The verge wrote a very interesting article with the headline, how serious XM bought and bundled a beloved podcast network. This is about the acquisition by Sirius of Stitcher slash Earwolf. I have linked to this article on the Facebook page, which is daily comedy news podcast group, and also the subreddit daily comedy news.

I will comment lightly here. I I’ll just tell you, as you read the article about some of the ins and outs of what might be going on inside the Sirius XM. None of it sounds crazy to me. I’ll leave it at that. I read the article and I’m like, yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s my take. Paul Shearer says the pitch was simple.

It was 12 years ago and the founders of ear Wolf wanted him to make a podcast. He recalls them saying, we’re gonna make these shows and he can do whatever you want.

His show called, how did this get made? Was recorded in a band rehearsal space in the middle of Hollywood. And there was no talk of ads. It was very low fi the idea of even selling ads, wasn’t a thing.

There was nobody making big deals in podcasting,

the verge rights, hearing people describe the heyday of ear Wolf, the a podcast network. You can understand how it’s so quickly developed a roster of talented comics from the SLAR brothers. To Brett Gelman and some others comedians, roam the halls of ear Wolf’s office.

And everybody seemed to be having a good time making the shows they wanted to make. So around that time, I was kind of jumping up and down, just to catch every buddy up. I ran Sirius XM comedy from 2004 to 2014. and I was screaming. We need an LA presence. I wanted to have a comedy department in LA, cuz I saw that Earwolf was starting to do all these podcasts and we were going to have some challenges.

Also in the early days of Earwolf, it was very circular. Their, it felt like there were six podcasts and everybody would just guess on each other’s podcast, but they quickly built up a network there. And I felt like, eh, we better get in on this.

during my time there, we did not open an LA comedy office. I don’t know what has happened since back to the verge. Yo, is this racist a show in which the host answer listener voicemails and determined whether certain experiences are racist came up multiple times throughout the ver reporting as a title, the ear Wolf team loved, but ended up leaving the network over lack of support.

The host told the writer, they were asked to remove racist from the show’s title, because it made ads harder to sell. He said the sales team told them some advertisers might think the show is pro racism. What on the host says to us, what we heard was that means you haven’t listened to the content and you aren’t making any effort to explain it to advertisers.

A spokesperson says a name change was never discussed. The show left. The network is now working with gumball for ad sales. There’s also some sort of letter signed by prominent hosts like Chris kether, Jason Zuki and Nicole Byer. That letter demands answers for why ad revenue drops or never thoroughly existed in the first place.

The letter says your sales team has continually passed the buck to each of us in order to hide their own ability to properly support our shows. if this many of us are experiencing the same channel with ads, there’s clearly a systemic issue beyond any individual shows or responsibility.

We believe the entire mid role model is only optimized to sell for it’s top shows. In addition to that actively penalizes any medium or smaller shows. The verge rights Earwolf was already changing in the years before the acquisition, the network had started to prioritize larger shows like office ladies or Kona O’Brien needs a friend prioritizing those over the small comedy series that the network built its name on.

Since the acquisition employees say that’s accelerated multiple smaller shows, including culture Kings up the improvised musical, which is a podcast I’d love and Spanish, a key have left or ended their runs. While ear Wolf has continued to focus on big names like Seth Rogan who launched a podcast last October,

one host says it feels closer to Spotify where something else where hit hunting doesn’t really feel like it has an identity as a comedy network, that sports artists in the same, same way. I’ll speak to that.

That hid hunting thing that is consistent with my experience back in the day. So I don’t think that’s crazy at all. The Toronto sketch festival starts today.

The 17th annual, this one will take place completely online. There was a pandemic. Did you hear about this?

So you can go to Toronto sketch and look at some of the troop names. I always enjoy sketch troop names like antiques roadshow, 3000,

where behind line the banjos.

Or Larry, the Liz keep.