Nate Bargatze’s Hello World (a review), Louis CK upset people by playing MSG and an AI generated Tom Brady Proctology bit in the style of Andrew Santino

Nate Bargatze’s special Hello World is very funny!  A breakdown…

Louis CK played Madison Square Garden and people are not happy

Why is Johnny Mac in the basement and surfing Only Fans?  The comedy competition of course!

Johnny Mac gets obsessed with the AI Chatbot and has it do a proctology but in the style of Andrew Santino, but then added on a Tom Brady joke

The Shark Deck something, something. Groundhog Day things repeating. Bill Murray something. I don’t know. Hi, I’m Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news. Jimmy Kimmel had on Mike Lindell. That’s the MyPillow guy, but he had Lindell on under one condition and Lindell agreed to it. That Lindell appeared inside a claw machine at an arcade

Kimmel said, I wanna make something clear. I didn’t insist that Mike being Alaw machine because he’s not vaccinated. I insisted he’d be in Alaw machine because it’s hilarious. This isn’t a political statement, this is just for.

I ask Lindell about his recent fail campaign to be the chair of the R N C. First question, Mike is why do you think people don’t take you seriously? , next.

Mike, I know you’re distressful of machines. Now that you’re inside one, do you feel differe. Gloria Stefan and the Miami Sound Machine, they’re cool, right? And you know, one of the differences between you and the Klaw machine is Klaw machines let go and you will not let go of this voting thing, will you?

Tom Brady retired from football again. I went on the artificial intelligence site chat, G P T, and I asked her to write some late night jokes about Tom Brady retiring. Most of them didn’t really make sense, but this one is probably like Fallon level.

Good. Ready? This is from the ai. Tom Brady just retired, which means he’s officially too old to play quarterback, but just the right age to join the A A R P. Not awful, especially a computer wrote it, speaking about computers, writing bits. Stay tuned for the second half. I’m going somewhere with that, but I wanna tell you how much I liked Nate Betsy’s special.

Hello World.

Really, really liked it. Right now it is the number one comedy special of 2023. Now it’s the only one on my list. I did not like Andrew Santino special because of the proctology bit. Found it kind of hacky. So Andrew Santino will not make my end of the year list. Nate Gatsy will, and right now he’s the only thing on the list, so he’s number one.

I don’t think it’ll finish it, number one, it’s a fun, special jokey storytelling.

long time listeners. Now I talk about my Emperor of Rome syndrome, so to catch everybody up, I ran Sirius XM comedy for 10 years because I listen to comedy all day, every day for a decade. My brain is kind of numb and I tend not to laugh. I tend to analyze bits and be like, oh, really funny joke there. That was hilarious.

Great callback. Kind of like how the comedians do in the back of the room. But Nate’s special. I was l o eling as the kids say many, many times. So if a special makes me actually laugh,

That means a lot to me. So Nate tsi, hello World. It’s on Amazon and it’s really good. I really liked, uh, the middle section about doctor stuff. Thought that was really funny. I waved, uh, my wife down to come down at one point and told her you’re gonna like this. And she did and stayed and she was laughing as well.

Really good. Special. Nice job. Nate. Bri Gatsy. Let’s talk more about Nate some.

Louis CK played Madison Square Garden Saturday nights and people were annoyed about it. Fox News did a recap of people’s reactions. Fox Worst. Jessica Ellis, who tweeted, it’s not really that I don’t like Louis CK anymore because he doesn’t share my politics these days. Just really gotta wonder if there’s any line, any line at all that some people will draw against people whose products they like to consume.

Fox also sourced Jessica Valenti, who they identified as a feminist. Jessica wrote the amount of replies and quote tweets here about how Louis CK was never arrested for anything is a good reminder that acceptable sexual behavior for men isn’t defined by what’s moral, but by whatever they can get away with.

She then tweeted an article she wrote last year on the subject

at a, honestly, the widespread quibbling about what’s legal rather than ethical is the kind of stuff that keeps me up. Here’s what really fs me up though, knowing how many of these fans don’t like Louis CK in spite of what he did, but because of it,

actor, Brigham Snow jumped in and said so obviously everybody who went to the Louis CK sold out Madison Square Garden shows not invited to our birthday parties, right?

Fox also focused on Louis’s recent appearance on the Joe Rogan experience.

The part Fox picked out was Louie addressing the border, where Louis said, my feeling is they should open at the border and just let everybody pour in. It shouldn’t be so great here in.

You know who was also canceled once Will Smith. Well, he’s teaming up with Martin Lawrence for the fourth film in the Bad Boys’ franchise. Sony Pictures has confirmed that Untitled Bad Boys’ Sequel is an early pre-production at the studio.

The official confirmation arrived on Tuesday from Will Smith and Martin Lawrence on social.

We’ll see what happens there.

And a recycled joke from me. If your wife asks you, Hey, why are you in the basement with the door closed and you’re on only fans, what are you doing?

Obviously the answer is Working on my comedy podcast. only fans, has launched a new comedy competition. The prize is a hundred thousand pounds, which is the biggest ever for a UK comedy competition. The series is hosted by comedian Jack Guin. Fellow comedy stars, London Hughes, may Martin and Jamal Maddox make up the judging panel.

It’s a four part series. It launched this week.

Now how it works is Jack guides the contestants in a number of knockout tasks as the journey to the grand final. one task we will see the competitors ask to create a viral comedy video in a different challenge. They have to write for another contestant. In a third, they’re tasked with writing a five minute set, all about sex and relationships only to later discover their target audience

is a group of old people enjoying a buffet lunch. Contestants are knocked outta the competition in each. We’ll get down to six, and then the final six, we’ll have to compete in a standup show in front of a live London audience with May Martin, Jimal Maddox, and London Hughes on hand to judge their efforts.

This thing runs every Monday, so that’s what I’m doing in the basement.

I want to thank these supporters who support the show on Buy Me a comedy news. It’s an easy way to support the show. You can become a monthly member and throw five bucks in the tip jar once a month. There’s also the $2 club. Same idea, but it’s $2, not five. Or you can make a one time donation.

Buy me a comedy news. Thanks to the support. Andrea, Gary Shannon, Mike Kenny, appreciate you. All. The numbers for January are in, they were even with December. Now, during January I moved from one system to the other and that’s why you’re hearing a lot fewer commercials right now.

There’s a long-term plan here. I’m sure you’re not, like I missed the casino commercial. I missed the money from the casino commercial, but there’s a long-term plan here, so, uh, changing systems, you know, sometimes that numbers are a little wonky, but they were at worst even with December. So I thank you for listening.

I am gonna go out on a lark here. I was bouncing around the internet. I was actually on Reddit on the, uh, standup subgroup and in a discussion about Nate Briga, he’s standup. And then I saw another post where somebody said they were having the AI writes some jokes

much like I mentioned at the top of the podcast. So I was feeling frisky and said, Hey, chatbot, write a standup routine in the style of Andrew Santino about a visit to the proctologist. And it did okay. And I bounced it off one of the listeners and we’re like, eh, not too bad. And then I have now added some Tom Brady material to the top also written by the AI and combine the two.

Now, I’m not a standup comedian. I don’t aspire to be a standup comedian. I’ve never performed standup. What I’m gonna do for you here is do my best version of performing the material written by the ai.

You ready?

And again, I asked the AI to do this in the style of Andrew Santino. If you are Andrew Santino, you can quibble over whether or not the AI or Johnny Mack is capturing your proverbial voice. Who knows? Let’s see what we got here.

Hey, have you heard the news? Tom Brady retired. Don’t worry, he’s not gonna sit around and do nothing. He’s got a whole new adventure ahead of himself. He’s decided to go see the proctologist . And don’t forget, this is Tom Brady we’re talking about. He’s not just gonna lay down and take it like a regular guy.

No, no, no. Nah. He’s gonna turn this into a competitive sport. He’ll try and see how many high fives he can get up there. You know what I’m saying? , you ever been to a proctologist? I mean, it’s. It’s like the most intimate and uncomfortable doctor visit. You can have the worst. As a doctor comes in and starts asking questions like, so how is everything down there?

I mean, come on man. We’re not friends. and anyone ask you to undress, put on those paper gowns. There is nothing less sexy than a paper gown. It’s like they’re trying to make you feel as vulnerable and exposed as possible. But the worst part is when it’s over, you’re trying to get dressed and get the hell out of there, and suddenly the doctor turns in a colombo and he is like, ah, just one more thing.

And you’re like, come on man. I’ve already go through. I don’t know you, but I’ll be avoiding high fiber dyes from now on, right? That’s my minute. Should I go and kill Tony with that? No. Cause I don’t want them to make fun of me. Speaking of Tom Brady, 80 for Brady, the new movie Yahoo called it a Palatable Time Waster.

Each of the principle casts has their own mini arc with varying tangential relevance to the idea of old ladies getting in a football themed shenanigans. Shenanigans is a wonderful. But any plotting the film has is mostly a drive ins to get from one comedic moment to the next, and there’s little consistency in how effective the comedy is conveyed.

An occasional snappy or witty line of dialogue may provoke an isolated chuckle, but the film is trouble deciding whether it’s protagonist or supposed to be laughing with us or the butt of the joke.

Trevor Noah is on The Late Late Show with James Cordon tonight. Trevor host the Grammys on Sunday. Let’s see who’s at Sketch Fest tonight.

this is random, and I don’t think it’s comedy. Eight o’clock, the Red Room Orchestra plays the music of Twin Peaks, all right? Also at eight Sketch Fest threesome, also at eight Filipino af, and then at nine o’clock Mike Lane, mixed race. Sweetie, I would go see Filipino af.

That seems a little different.

Sketch Fest continues through the weekend,

and I have two stories here that help promote my other projects. So one of the projects is on the writer on Palace intrigue. That’s the daily podcast about the British Royal family and comedy related. They’re making new episodes of the Windsors. That’s a comedy show that makes fun of the royal.

This one stars Harry Enfield as King Charles and Hayden Gwen as Camilla

Hayden. Gwen saw Harry’s book and she joked I’m beginning to worry if Prince Harry has been watching the winds. I thought Mike Camilla had nothing to do with the real cam.

But she told, uh, radio four. They’ve commissioned another series, which we’ll be shooting later this year. but also we’re gonna be doing a Coronation special. The King’s coronation is Saturday May 6th. If you didn’t know that, you need to listen to Palace Intrigue wherever you get your shows.

I also, uh, started right around the holidays. podcast called Five Good News Stories. That one’s twice a week, where I tell you five good news stories.

I’ve been low key promoting that one as I nailed down the voice for that one. But here is one of the stories that I did on that show. This one is naughty, but it keeps cracking me up, so I thought I’d share it here. But this is the kind of thing you’ll hear on five good news stories, although not usually this naughty, but here you go.

Naughty. A dog has left her owner in stitches after the dog ran off to go find a stick, but came back with a sex toy in her mouth, and the dog refused to let go of it. , the golden retriever, is a soca.

Went off into the woods to get a stick. Came back with a large penis shaped vibrator.

The owner said she went off and found it in the long grass. When she came back, I couldn’t believe it. I was laughing for a solid five minutes before I pulled myself together to go and get it off her somehow. But she didn’t wanna touch the object so the owner had to break out some dog treats to get the dog to drop the.

The dog dropped it and the guy put the dog on the leash and left. He said, I guess it’s still there in the grass somewhere. . Hey, that’s your comedy news for it today. Follow the show for free on Apple Podcast, Spotify, YouTube, wherever you get your shows, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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