Neil Young says It’s Joe Rogan or Me!

Neil asked Spotify to chose between having Neil Young’s music or Joe Rogan’s podcast. Good luck with that Neil.

Laura Ingraham didn’t think Kate McKinnon’s impression was good.

Jim Breuer uncovers some truths.

Adam Sandler is making a sequel to Murder Mystery.

Chris Evans and The Rock, neither of whom are Chris Rock, are making a movie which Chris Rock is not in.

Second City announces some new shows.

CBS renews a bunch of sitcoms.

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Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news to some random topics. Conan O’Brien tweets. It’s a slippery slope from woke m&ms to same Skittle marriage. He added imagine my anger when I found 2000 of my old monologues on the common app.

did you see that rally over the weekend?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Argued that. And Frank was better off hiding in an addict during the Holocaust than being alive today. Late-night reacted to that. Trevor Noah said, yeah, the man is right. Who could argue no one ever talks about how good and Frank had it free room and board all the time in the world of right.

Pretty sweet deal. If he asked me, I will say though, crazy. ’cause RFK may be saying wild stuff about the Holocaust, but half the people he’s talking to don’t even believe the Holocaust happened. They’re just standing there like, and Frank didn’t realize this guy was such a liberal Jimmy Kimmel tagged in Robert obviously never finished the book

and then he segwayed it. Must’ve been so disappointing. Some of these whack jobs, They’ve been expecting to see JFK Jr. Come back to life. Instead they got RFK junior.

It’s like going to see the Jackson five and only Tito shows up.

Late night also talked about the great slate of NFL games over the weekend. Jimmy Fallon said some people are calling it the greatest playoff weekend of all time. Well, everyone from Buffalo, green bay, Tennessee and Tampa bay are like, eh, not so much Tom Brady and the defending champion at Tampa bay Buccaneers were knocked out of the playoffs.

Brady’s not used to losing. He normally commutes home via parade. It was a weekend of upsets on Saturday, Aaron Rogers and the green bay Packers hosted the 49ers and lost in green bay. In other words, Aaron Rogers failed his at-home test. That’s a new spin NZ.

And that one, Campbell’s crazy to see Tom Brady it’s like the coyote finally caught the Roadrunner and ate him right there on TV. Aaron Rogers, you may recall was caught in a series of lies about his vaccination status earlier in the season, before the game he lashed out at president Biden said we have a fake white house and a bunch of other stuff, but fitting a man who has been hit in the head a bunch of times.

And Trevor Noah for the win. Great to hear somebody say he caught it and it not be about Omicron Neil young, one Spotify to remove his music in response to Joe Rogan, Neil young, a fire off an open letter.

He demanded his classic collection of songs be pulled from Spotify. He singled out Joe Rogan saying, I am doing this because Spotify is spreading fake information about vaccines, potentially causing death to those who believed the disinformation being spread by them. Please act on this immediately today and keep me informed of the times.

They can have Joe Rogan or Neil young, not both. We’ll see how that shakes out The daily show, Twitter account said, Neil, Young’s going to regret it when his monthly Spotify checks for a dollar 37. Stop roll again.

Laura Ingram, it was watching Saturday night live apparently, or at least. She didn’t enjoy Kate McKinnon’s impression.

So on Monday night, Laura Ingram broke out her own impression of Kate McKinnon doing Laura Ingram

critics were not kind to Lori Ingram telling her to stick to propaganda. One person said this is more like Paul Gosar doing Kate McKinnon doing Laura Ingram Ingram said, I like Kate McKinnon doing me. Cause she’s kind of fun.

she noted the low hanging fruit provided by Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and McKinnon’s routine ingram has offered to go on SNL and impersonate, Nancy Pelosi for free.

So we’ll keep an eye on this next one. I saw a video from Jim.

And found a good recap of it. But I watched the video. Jim is telling a story, saw I took my daughter Las Vegas, right. And it had this thing of a lady guy. So he starts talking about some sort of thing. He saw lady Gaga, he shared pictures of it and he goes on to describe somehing along the lines of

look at these boots they’re made out of human skin. Now, I don’t know if they’re made out of human skin, perhaps they are, but Jim brewer was bringing this up. And then he started to explain how lady Gaga was dressed from a certain light, looks like a meat dress.

Jim goes on to share something, something devil worshipers in control of the entertainment industry. Something. I’m sure if you’d Google Jim brewer, it will come up. We’ll see if there’s more to that later in the week, longtime listeners know I love Adam Sandler movies. Oh, great news. Netflix is making a SQL to murder mystery.

This one will film in Paris and the Caribbean DAV clubs, speculates Adam Sandler likes going on vacation. Sure. He’ll film a movie and let Netflix pay for his vacation.

I believe in that conspiracy theory.

Right. GymbaROO impression you think Adam, Sandler’s go to the Caribbean to film movie. What do you think’s behind that? The devil I’m sure the Adam Sandler movie will be wonderful as all his films are.

The rock says he’s in a new movie with Chris Evans now, right there. Don’t you want to see. Like you tell me Adam Sandler movie, and I’m like, don’t want to see it.

You tell me Chris, rock I’m leaving that in. No, Chris, Rock’s not this movie, Chris Evans and the rock to different people, but if you combine them, they would be Chris rock wouldn’t they? Yeah. Chris Evans and the rock are making a movie without Chris rock. It’s a holiday action comedy from Amazon studios.

The description read one, which is the title of the film is a globe trotting, four quadrant action, adventure comedy. I’ll come back to that. Imagining a whole new universe to explore within the holidays genre. That’s all we know. So far, the Ivy club speculates. Will we see the rock playing an ultra buff Santa Claus?

Hm. It is called red one or maybe it’s called red one, like air force one. Hmm. I’m worried about four quadrant action. Adventure comedy.

In the film, a four-quadrant movie is one which appeals to all four major demographic quadrants of the movie going audience. They are males under 25 females under 25 males over 25 females over 25. So we’re trying to make a movie for everybody.

Wikipedia shares, two examples of the four-quadrant movies. They are Titanic and meet the parents. Anyway, four quadrant has me a little worried.

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I saw a fun thread on Twitter. It’s from Collin Quinn. Now it’s hard to find Colin Quinn on Twitter, the colloquy, and you’re looking for probably if you’re listening to a comedy podcast is at, I am Colin Quinn, Colin Quinn suites hate to do this, but Todd Barry doesn’t write his own jokes.

Josh gone him and tagged in huge if true Todd Barry tagged in and ain’t true. Josh, quit throwing shade.

Kendrick Fulton chimed in said, Todd Berry is a poet. Meaning he writes still poetry, not jokes. That’s funny. Jason wrote not since Hannibal took down Cosmi has there been anything like.

Sean steel rumor has it. Todd Barry buys all of his jokes from Carlos mitzia,

And that got sagged with who bought his jokes from teen cook. variety has ordered survival of the thickest. What’s that? It’s an eight episode scripted comedy starring Michelle, but.

Michelle star as Mavis. Beaumont’s a black plus size woman navigating life. After she finds herself newly single

CBS has renewed a bunch of cities. The neighborhood, Bob Hart’s EPOS Shola we’ll get a fourth season four seasons. That’s been on that long already. They already renewed young Sheldon for three more years on the bubble of our be positive.

And the United States of owl. Now, you know, who watches these things? My mom, if CBS airs it, my mom will stare at it as I’m recording. She’s watching the prices. Right, right. Drew Carey has been hosting that a long time. By the way,

second city announced a bunch of new shows. That’ll take place at the comedy club. Sing out. Second city is a brand new show, celebrates all things musical featuring the company’s finest and funniest melodies throughout the decades. Song centric, sketch comedy, original new works and musical improv.

There’s also the second city’s late night date.

So I can sit. He says, bring your partner, lover, his significant other spouse friend with benefits, platonic BFF, or even just your hot self. Is it raunchy? Yes. Will there be lots of saucy innuendo? Yes. And don’t forget these second cities improv, Brian.

You know what that is. It’s brunch with improv. You could have figured that out without listening to a podcast. And that’s your daily comedy news. Follow the show on Spotify, apple podcast, Google podcast. Or if you get your shows, see tomorrow.

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