New Jim Gaffigan special Tuesday

Jim Gaffigan: Comedy Monster debuts on Netflix tomorrow. But there are also two NFL games and I wanted to watch The Ricardos on Amazon. Gonna be a busy night for TV.

Louis CK has indeed dropped the new special you hear me speculating about in today’s episode.

Theo Von on creativity

John Cleese will issue a formal complaint to the BBC

Aaron Sorkin on the creative decisions behind Being The Ricardos

Gabriel Iglesias on his upcoming Dodger Stadium concerts

Mo Gilligan willl host a game show

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Johnny Mac with your daily comedy news. The late night hosts are worried about Mark Meadows. Jimmy Fallon said the consequences of severe Mark Meadows could be sentenced to a year in prison or even worse another month working for Donald Trump.

Of course, the Meadows needs a good lawyer. So the first thing he did was pull up Rudy Giuliani’s number and delete it. Ah, go there. The messages have the ring of unfiltered truth because they’re taken from Mark Meadows to personal phones and nothing says innocent, like a second cell phone. Jim Gaffigan’s new specials out on Netflix tomorrow. It is called a comedy. The preview sees Jim Gaffigan take on topics such as COVID Jim said, remember when we all thought the pandemic was over, the pandemic is like a TV show.

He thought was canceled. And then it got picked up by Netflix. He also made fun of billionaires saying, I almost feel sorry for the accountants of billionaires. Cause you know, they were like, you had an amazing year, you made $40 billion, but I fudge the numbers. So it looks like you broke even as long as you’ll lay low and don’t draw attention, we should be fine.

You got anything coming up?

I built a rocket to fly it out or space. Does it matter if it looks like a penis?

Speaking of comedy specials now I’m in the past. You’re in my future. You tell me, did Louie CK drop a comedy special on Saturday night? That’s what we thought. What was going to happen? As we sat here at comedy news headquarters.

On Friday when I recorded this, the left button said there were hints dropped by some comedians on random podcasts and random radio interviews that Louis CK had a new special in the works and it was coming soon. Bobby Kelly was taping his podcast Thursday night at the comedy scene. His guests, Joe list, a Dan Soder and Louis Gomez. They were doing a Christmas exchange. Louis C K showed up at the end of the podcast, taping in character as Santa Claus. He was never referred to you by name, but Santa CK spent some time delivering gifts to the comics. After his appearance. A panel of comics alluded to the special dropping Saturday.

On an earlier parents on the Joe Rogan podcast. Shane Gillis had stated the specialist tape at the Hulu theater in Madison square garden last August. And it had the word sorry, lit up acting as a specialist backdrop. So check your feeds. There might be a new Louis CK special out there.

Ask man, talk to Theo Von about his special on Netflix of regular people. Hey, Theo, Von what motivated you creatively for this one?

The avant said the special should have been recorded about two years ago, but COVID happened. The tough part. There was nowhere to practice and perform the material for a long time. It’s almost like having to reheat something that was left in the fridge. It’s hard to get the recipe exact as it was initially on the stove.

We need a couple shows to get it back and warmed up. But in total it’s like five years. I would have loved to have shot at years earlier, but it’s just where we are right now. I could have held onto it even longer, but it’s like shedding a skin in a way. And makes you think about. There’s a lot of people cheer me on and support me.

I know when they see it, it makes them feel really good. It makes them feel like the care and energy they put into me means something. And it makes us all feel some sense of achievement. That was probably the best part. I think.

From lad Bible or lad Bible. I never know how to say it. A female comedian insects, a sweater to blast a creepy promoter. After discovering that he rejected her professional headshots instead crawled her social media to find other photos to use her post is called what’s it like being a female comedian humorist.

Alice Hamilton shared a screenshot of a conversation between her and the unnamed promoter in which she slams his unprofessional attitude and announces she’s withdrawing from an upcoming. After he replaced her promo photo with candid snaps from Instagram, without her permission. Alice Hamilton writes, Hey man, I’m dropping out of the show on Saturday.

Cause then it gets really weird and rude. They asked me for a headshot, I sent you one and then you refused to use it. Instead you went through my Instagram photos and pick the picture of me with the most cleavage. Makes me worry that if I went to your show, I’d have to keep an eye on my drink the whole time you now.

S is creepy in the future. Please treat the female comedians. You book with more respect. This type of S is just uncomfortable. Be well.

Alice later shared a side by side photo of the two pictures, one, a professional looking headshot. Whereas the other is a heavily filtered, a screen grab from Snapchat, , featuring a gratuitous amounts of cleavage.

any wire, talk to Adam circuit about this new Lucy and Desi movie to be out on Amazon tomorrow. I have it on the calendar to watch it with my. I was like, Hey mom, there’s a movie about Lucy and Desi. And she was like, okay.

So she’ll watch it with me tomorrow. I can’t wait for it. Sorkin read a dozen or so mediocre books. It says any wire written about the showbiz couple, but he admired Desi Arnaz 1976 autobiography a book in it. Sorkin says Desi is a terrific storyteller. He doesn’t mind giving you bad news. He could always tell he had a drink next to him while writing it.

Sorkin wanted to avoid a familiar, greatest hits scenario. He decided to have the whole thing unfold during one production week from the Monday table, read to the Friday audience taping like a compressing of time and space. He chose five key moments over five days, one for each day. So we’re concessed if I choose the right moments and write them.

So the five moments add up to something I’m not falling back into the biopic. This happened trap. It’s all aiming towards. I love Lucy and the problem in the marriage and Lucy solution is I love Lucy. As long as I had that structure, I felt like I might have a chance of writing a good screenplay. That’s what I’m looking for.

Like a baseball player, looking for a pitch with a good chance of hitting it. So he threw in the news of balls pregnancy, the red scare meeting, communism Arnaz infidel. All that sick place over two years and Sorkin is cramming it into one week in a September, 1952 setting. These were all interesting to me.

They were points of friction and conflict. So I can write scenes that add up to something tomorrow on Amazon

Gabriel Iglesias is excited to play Dodger stadium. He says it means more than anything. The fact that it’s home. It’s the biggest show of my life and it’s happening at home. If it goes well. Awesome. If I bomb, then it’s a short drive. There’s nothing I can really do to prep. The show’s going to be set.

Like the materials are already set for the show. I can only cite it more for the show, but there’s no way you can practice. It doesn’t matter what arena you play, because that’s what we’re doing right now. An arena tour. The timing on that is hard enough. So to multiply by two, it’s going to be like a second and a half to the two second delay.

Uh that’s for the sound slapping back. Yeah. That’s gotta be hard to do.

From chortle Mo Gilligan is working on a British version of the comedy game show. That’s my jam. This’ll be for the BBC, the American version hosted by Jimmy Fallon. It debuts in January and the states, the Fallon version. That is

a preview episode of the American version aired in November. It featured Ariana Grande’s, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Lee.

It features games such as air, guitar, and wheel of impossible karaoke. I will not be watching that from showbiz 4 1 1. The new number one record is a comedy charity single from Elton John ed Sheeran and a Britain named Ladd baby who’s showbiz four. One one says is like, they’re weird Al combined with Allie G all right.

The song sausage rolls for everyone. Show biz for one, one says sausage rolls for everyone is a hoot and incredibly catchy, a lot catchier. And then the actual Elton John ed Sheeran Christmas song. Which will be forgotten in the wake of this hits. I have posted it to the Facebook group. I scheduled the post for a little after noon Eastern on Monday.

So if you want to see sausage rolls for everyone and it’s in the afternoon on Monday on the east coast of the United States on planet earth, pop on over to the Facebook group, page daily comedy news group.

Today’s daily comedy news is brought to you by palace intrigue. That’s the five minute daily podcast about the Royal family. I’m the writer on it. Yeah. We talked about the queen and Kate and William and Harry and Megan and it’s Christmas week, which is like super bowl week for the Royals. Like there’s a lot going on.

The queen wanted to have a lunch tomorrow. She had to cancel it because of the Sama Cron thing. We’ll see what happens with Christmas. So if you want to keep up to date on all that, Megan went Christmas shop. Where does she shop? They’ll tell you on palace intrigue, wherever you get your podcasts. I saw a vulture listed their best comedy specials of 2021.

You know, it was a pretty bad year for specialist. I’ve been working on my top 10 list. I’ll talk about that in a second. And I went through the vulture list and you know, a lot of times I’ll do these article episodes on the weekend. I don’t have anything to say about any of these specials that vulture listed Welsh is a great site.

Not saying that their work is crappy, but just the specialists this year were just like, eh, they weren’t that good. Vulture made Bo Burnham’s inside their number one special and that’s the best special of 2021. Wow. I made it about 15 minutes into that and just didn’t care. And I know there’s buzz on it, but like, have you seen it?

Like, it’s like, eh, I don’t care. Maybe I’m just getting old, Hey vulture, why isn’t Naper Gatsy special on your list? How is that? Not on your list? I saw the things on your list. Should I click on it? I’ll click on it real quick.

Here’s what they have. Tin fighting words. I eat a Rodriguez nine BBW Nicole by. Eight veer does is 10 on 10. All right. Maybe seven. Here’s everything. Ricky Velez. Absolutely not six cold lasagna. Hate myself. 1999. James H castor. Alright. Five hashtag Josh Johnson for drawn TIG Notaro three imperfect messenger.

Roy Wood Jr. Two good timing with Joe Firestone and number one inside Bo Burnham. How his neighbor, Gatsy not on that list. Sr. My list. I’m really struggling with it. I’m going to do my list Sunday, the day after Christmas, I’ve pulled it together. I I’m doing what the New York times did.

I’m not doing the top standup specials. I’m doing like the top 10 funny things. Top 10 things in comedy topics might mention tacos. So that’ll give you a hint as to where I’m going with my list. So the plan is this week is on. Monday through Friday, Saturday, I’ll talk about, it’s always sunny in Philadelphia, which obviously is a perfect Christmas episode.

No, I just didn’t realize Christmas was on a Saturday when I decided Saturdays and December would be when I review, it’s always sunny. So I’m committed. I’ll do it. I mean, what else am I doing? Christmas? Do Adam Sandler, Christmas movies or something? Uh, so Saturday will be sunny.

Sunday, we’ll be the top 10 funniest, whatever things I just explained that to you, uh, this week on, is it Thursday Festivus the airing of the grievances. So we’ll get into that as well. From a dot AEU, Australian funnyman Vince serene. Has sparked backlash with an offensive song aimed at the Maori population.

Vince serenity was on two GBS Saturday night with Rob Duckworth. Then Vince certainty launched into his own version of Dean Martins classic 1953. That’s a Moray. That’s a Moray. See where we’re going here. All right. Here are the controversial lyrics as sung by Vincent.

His lyrics were when you’re hit by a thug in a tough Kiwi pub. That’s a Maori. He got laughter from the studio. Rob Duckworth. The host attempted to move on going. There you go. Vincent Renty he’s on fire already. And then asked certainty about his upcoming shows.

A member of Sidney’s Maori wardens community told daily mail Australia that the joke was offensive in today’s day and age. That’s definitely not acceptable. He needs to reconsider his material in the future. Mr. Sorento has apologized with a spokesperson telling the publication, the joke was outdated and unacceptable and adding Mr.

would be formally apologizing on air.

Meanwhile from news of the area, comedian Kelly Mac, no relation delivers with her trial showing of her new routine, a wrong side of 50 Kelly Mack apologize in advance for the one bad pun and possibly a bad. As she launched into a non-stop no punches pulled exposition of the joys of being a woman on the wrong side of 50, from dealing with millennials and explaining why your husband can’t be your best friend to the unexpected impacts of aging on your sex life.

All the way to reality TV, the lamps kept coming. Never want to shy away from the Tufts. Kalin form the audience that unlike many other contemporary female comedians, she does not do Dick jokes and then proceeded to bring the house down with a model and based on the trials and tribulations of female sexuality.

After 50 years of age, news of the area gave Kelly a three and a half stars.

And then is your comedy news for today. You can follow this show on Pandora. Apple podcast, Google podcast, Spotify, wherever you get your shows, see you tomorrow.

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