Norm Macdonald stuff and WOW a newspaper went after Jim Breuer HARD

Look man, I know a comedy album when I see one. Bill Burr is releasing one on vinyl only, and Johnny Mac has a theory why.

WOW a newspaper went after Jim Breuer. Johnny Mac’s Jim Breuer impression is starting to come back to him (10 years ago it was on point!!!) and he breaks it out a few times today.

The Jerry Seinfeld story I teased? I forgot to do it. Sorry.

Jon Stewart is back baby, but maybe not doing what you want him to do.

The Limestone Comedy Festival recap is pretty good – sounds fun – some good lines.

This weekend – the High Plains Comedy Festival (Josh Blue!) and the HA Comedy Festival in San Antonio.

Bob Saget sounds devastated at the death of Norm Macdonald

Bill Maher and Seth Meyers also with thoughts about Norm

Yippie-Kay-Yay Mr. Falcon!

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