Surprise! New Chappelle special – and what’s going on with Andy Dick?

Netflix has surprised us all with news of a new Chappelle special coming out on the 26th…and what is even going on with Andy Dick and this crazy New Orleans story?

Hannibal Buress returns to Miami, Nathan Fielder returns to TV!

Nathan Fielder will be returning to television under a new deal with HBO, Hannibal Buress returned to Miami where he was once arrested, and KeeganMichael Key is in some funny commercials.

Whitney Cummings Instas a Nipple…and Eddie Murphy IS Dolemite

Whitney Cummings accidentally included a nipple in an Insta post…and some folks tried to extort her.  Meanwhile, Eddie Murphy is Dolemite, and Bill Maher zings the President.

Why are people mad at Chris Rock for a Bette White related Instagram post?

Chris Rock posts a picture of Bette White on his Insta and people aren’t happy….Wesley Snipes joins Coming To America 2….and Amy Poehler weighs in on awards shows without hosts.