Seahawks announcer Joel McHale? Singapore Comedians Battle!

It’s Saturday and all the leftovers from the week!  Joel McHale will be an announcer on the Seahawks game today, two comedians in Singapore have a battle, Andy Richter twitter shames someone, and mentioning Rob Schneider’s credentials is always funny.

Amazon and Chill with Alonzo Bodden, and Jim Gaffigan is not sexy

Here’s your Netflix and Chill for the weekend…I will be watching Alonzo Bodden’s new special on Amazon Prime…but there are two other comedy specials out there for you to check out…Jim Gaffigan isn’t sexy but he’s rich…and Joel McHale doesn’t care.  

Sebastian Maniscalco and John Mulaney loved Lucy and the National Comedy Center

Crank Yankees is back with an All Star Cast…plus it sounds like the Lucille Ball Comedy Festival was awesome, and that John @Mulaney and Sebastian Maniscalco (@SebastianComedy)really dug it.

Surprise! New Chappelle special – and what’s going on with Andy Dick?

Netflix has surprised us all with news of a new Chappelle special coming out on the 26th…and what is even going on with Andy Dick and this crazy New Orleans story?