Patton Oswalt defends photo with Dave Chappelle

Patton Oswalt has a friend named Dave Chappelle. They hung out on New Years Eve. Patton shared a photo on Instagram, and then found himself in a controversy.

Toast on Tinseltown debuts tonight.

John Mulaney’s ex Anna Marie Tender sounds quite sad, I hope she is OK.

A look at some of Netflix’s The Standups includes a breakdown of Mark Normand’s set.

Uncorrected transcript below:

Did you see Tampa bay wide receiver? Antonio brown took his shirt off and quit in the middle of a game. All pro lines has some great jokes for that from an All-Pro lines on Twitter, F Antonio brown was playing new Orleans. At least it would’ve gotten some beads. Antonio brown just quit in the third quarter.

So they made him an honorary Falcon. And knowing Frank Kelly handles. Luckily he probably just perfected his impression of Antonio brown. Those from all pro lines. That is a podcast that I plug every Tuesday. Cause it’s one of my favorites and we have a back and forth promote each other’s podcast deal on Tuesdays.

I’m just saying, but it’s not like I don’t like them. Aaron Hodges, my friend in real life, because stocky kind of is a comedian I am friendly with, I don’t think I’ve ever hung out with him outside of comedy for a friendly. They host all pro lines. They combine football and jokes, all pro lines, wherever you get your shows.

From the Hollywood reporter or patent Oswald is expressing an apology and sharing some reflections when discussing his longtime friendship with Dave Chappelle. Yeah, there’s a little kerfluffle with patent. Oswell going on So on Friday night, Baton Oswald posted a photo of him and Dave Chappelle. He shared that after patent played the Seattle center, Chappelle texted him and said, Hey, come do a guest set at the arena. Dave is performing at next door. Patton said, why not? I waved goodbye to this hell year with a genius that I started comedy with 34 years ago.

. He works in arena. Like he’s talking to one person and that’s really important. I’m going to talk about that point later. Let’s back up. Don’t miss this point because it goes into something I’m getting into. Dave works in arena. Like he’s talking to one person and charming their skin off.

Anyway, I ended the year with a real friend that a deep laugh can’t ask for much more. All right. Pretty good. Pat and Roswell and hanging out with his friend, Dave Chappelle on new year’s Eve. What could go wrong? In a follow-up post that in house provided more insight into his new year’s Eve post explaining that he and Dave have known each other since they were teenagers.

And hadn’t seen each other in a long time. Okay. That’s cool. What’s wrong with that? His fellow comedian, the funniest I’ve ever met, I wanted to post a picture and an Instagram story about it. So I did the friend is Dave Chappelle 34 years. We’ve been friends. Cool. No, it sounds great. We’ve done bad and good gigs.

Open mics and TV taping. Oh, yeah, the backlash. Remember the backlash? Yeah. Patton Oswalt then proceeded to take a moment to acknowledge Dave Chappelle’s recent controversy in which he was widely blasted for making transphobic comments here. Familiar that story. If you listen to my podcast,

patent wrote we 100% disagree about transgender rights and representation. I support trans people’s rights. Anyone’s rights to live safely in the world as they’re full of.

the hollered reporter writes though Oswalt emphasized that he will always disagree with where Chappelle stands. He also doesn’t believe a secret like him has done evolving or learning. You know, Someone that long see the struggles and changes. It’s impossible to cut them off.

It’s impossible not to be hopeful and open and cheer them. Patent added. He’s been carrying a lot of guilt after cutting ties with friends who had views. He couldn’t agree with or changing ways he couldn’t live with. Patent added. I’m an LGBTQ ally. I’m a loyal friend, there’s friction in those traits that I need to reconcile myself and not let cause fields of betrayal in anyone else. Patent then apologize for deleting posts in the comment thread of the original post from new year’s Eve with Dave Chappelle comments, he described as critical ones from LGBTQ writers and a cramp posts by turf anti-trans orcs looking for clicks and gigging.

He was trying to maintain a nice comment thread. I’m sorry, truly sorry that he didn’t consider the hurt that this would cause, or the depth of that hurt. So easy to think someone else needs growth and miss the neat in yourself. Gonna keep trying

Seems a patent has a friend and he took a picture of them on new year’s Eve and the Instagram comments went crazy and patent felt the need to clean it up a little.

Still talking about Chappelle aren’t we from the New York post Anna Marie tiller, John Melanie’s former wife penned a goodbye to a year full of depression and anxiety while reflecting on quotes, unfathomable law. Coping mechanisms and her new normal on Instagram, Anna Marie Tendler wrote over the past two years.

It seems that change has been synonymous with loss and collectively this loss has been unfathomable. It’s tempting to construct a poetic list of all. We’ve watched slipped through our hands, but what’s the point where we already know it and we grieve it daily. She added there’s no going back. My own brain is well acquainted with the elusiveness of hope that materializes in sporadic and ephemeral waves, in part, and this is what it means to live with depression and anxiety.

The circumstances of my year have been harsh and punishing. I find myself asking when will I feel normal? But in reality, I recognize that normal from before has expired. Normal is an impossibility. There is only new.

she revealed her coping mechanisms in 2021 included a surviving, creating and laughing at videos. So long, 20, 21 for better or worse. I will carry a piece of you with me for forever who point I hope she’s doing all right. That was pretty dark.

Remember earlier in this podcast, I told you to remember the sentence about Dave Chappelle. I’ll read it again.

Patton Oswalt said, Dave Chappelle works in arena. Like he’s talking to one person and charming their skin off can remember that. I remember that. All right. So I went to watch the stand-ups on Netflix. I’m like I host a comedy podcast and I had just finished watching station 11. Have you seen station 11 on HBO, max?

I’m not really a spoiler. It’s about a worldwide pandemic. A little close to home. I finished that really the show is feeling a little dark. I’m like, I better watch something funny. I put on the stand-ups on Netflix. Now I come into this with mixed emotions because I host the comedy podcast and I want to be a champion of comedy to whatever degree I can from the basements.

I’m not here to hate on things at all. Let’s maybe it’s a tic-tac video or a taco business run on the side. Well, Other than that, I come here to have fun. Hopefully keep you accompany in the morning.

So I watched the stand-ups and I’m aware that I’m a comedy snob. I put on Brian Simpson. He was the first, one of the stand-ups that came on and I’m like, I’m not familiar with Mr. Simpson. I’m looking forward to this. And the first three, I don’t even want to call them jokes. Three points. Got clapped her and I’m like, these aren’t even jokes.

This is just your opinion on the way the world is, which is fine, so for me, it just, it didn’t land. . I don’t wanna tell anyone how to perform your act, whatever your act is, that’s your act. But for me, wasn’t doing it for me. Three straight things have clapped her. So I bailed and I’m like, all right, who else is on this list?

Mark Normand and I know Mark Norman to be money. As we used to say in Queens, always funny, always enjoy his writing, always enjoy his performances. So I put on Mark Norman, and again, let me go back to the Dave Chappelle line. I’m going to read it for the fourth.

Dave works in arena. Like he’s talking to one person and charming their skin off. So I watch Mark Norman and I’m watching it and I’m like, something’s wrong here? And then I figured out what. Mark’s performance feels recited. Any good standup comedian has polished this material, especially if it’s being taped for Netflix special, right?

So this is material, you know, works, but I just felt like mark was reciting it from rote and not feeling the audience as well. And as I watched it, I was thinking, who am I thinking of that does this really well? Is Dave Chappelle, whether you agree with Dave’s material or not the way he performs it. He feels the crowd.

He surfs the crowd’s emotions. He leaves beats. He mugs for the camera. He leaves some room. He takes a breath. He anticipates your reaction to his material and pushes back against it. It’s almost like he’s surfing. And mark is up there in this special. And I like mark. I’m not here to bash mark. It just here’s my material and I’m going to go through it.

Dah, dah, dah, Dah. And there’s a couple points where he just segues from one topic to another. And these are hard segues, just right. Turns in the middle of the act. And I’m like, this just feels like a recited performance and not quite next level. The way Dave Chappelle is, watch Mark Norman on the standups.

Again, I love Mark’s material. This particular special didn’t click.

I told you, George Lopez had to leave in the middle of a show on new year’s Eve. A representative of George told USA today that George is back in LA recuperating from a case of the flu. Yeah. Oh, Georgia’s doing okay.

I’m on my way to London right now, so I can watch toast of Tinseltown. So when I talk about it later in the week, how else would I have seen toast of Tinseltown unless I was in London, right? It’s not airing in the United States where I normally am based.

Toast have Tinseltown starts at tonight. [10:00] PM. BBC too. I’ll be in London watching it’s. I can tell you about it. The whole series will then be available on BBC I player.

If you’re not familiar with toast of Tinseltown, it is the, a followup series to toast of London. One of my favorite things Stephen’s host played by Matt Berry actor, voiceover artist, and legend of the London theatrical scene is an angry and frustrated man.

After a final, very violent confrontation with his old nemesis purchase. Steven toast heads off for a new life in America, where he’s been promised a leading role in a major Hollywood franchise movie.

With nowhere to stay and no context in Hollywood toast is grateful for an offer of accommodation from mysterious fellow passenger called Russ nightlife played by Fred Armisen.

Russ has no friends. It seems apart from Billy, who’s played by Rashida Jones. Billy is an aide who comes daily to the apartment on the road and making it big in America. Steven chose to meets an extremely angry director, becomes a success in a soap opera, playing a doctor, bites the ear off a Hollywood Alister and gets lost in the desert.

He may be out of London, but he’s never out of bad luck. the folks that want to watch caught up with Matt Berry.

Hey, Matt, will we see regulars like Clem Fandango and Ray purchase. , Matt says you can expect to see all the regulars.

What was the inspiration? the Main inspiration was to take toast out of his slash our comfort zone and plunk him somewhere unfamiliar with a new set of characters and situations with all the difficulties they create.

Have you ever worked with anyone like Stephen sows to Matt’s answer? I’ve always worked with Steven’s hosts in one form or another.

How would you describe toast for those who have not seen the show before Matt says it’s a comedy series might be for you might not, not much I can do. The Inserra bang did a lengthy article where they asked comedians, who they thought would break out in 2022. You can read that on the

I’ll pick it, their list of three of the more famous names on the list. Gary Goldman says the comedian, I think, is going to break out in 2022. I’m going to give two in they’re roommates and they’re both brilliant, original, funny, nice people.

Ethan Simmons, Patterson, and Jordan Jensen there. There are revelation and joy. And remember who sent you there? Okay. Gary Goldman, Joe list says the breakout comedian will be run on a Hirshberg. And I’m not just saying that because he lives directly above me. He’s about to shoot a special, he’s my favorite comedian right now, period.

You’re going to love him when you see him. And Tim Dylan says Marcello Hernandez. He’s a funny dude. He’s opened for me a few times. He’s a New York based comedian from Florida. He’s Cuban and his family came to this country on a raft. So he deserves.

Vulture had done their list of 22 comedians. Keep your eye on one of those 22 Hannah Pikes. Hey Hannah Pikes. Describe your comedy in five words, absurd unhinged, joyful, ridiculous Muppet

Hannah. If there were 90 style sitcoms built around you, blah, blah, blah. She would call it. HANA get a load of this tall gal. It would just be an hour of me reaching for things and hard to reach places for neighbors, friends, strangers somehow would last 10 seasons and it would be an uproar when it got canceled, people would lose their minds.

Maybe it would be called. Hannah goes the distance, or Hannah’s helping hand us. Who are your favorite comedians right now? So many people. Holy hell. How much time you got Jason Titus, Nick shepherd, naughty read Chloe Fineman, grace cooling Schmidt, Charles Rogers Eagle, new autumn clown zoo as a whole

Make Statler Robbie Hoffman Carl’s hearts, Hannah Einbinder please don’t destroy Zeke, Nicholson, and so many more. All right, Hannah. Pike’s best and worst calming. Some great advice. I’ve received to see how much further you can take a character. How much more can you involve the audience?

How dumb can you go? I believe that was from Natalie Palla medius and Chris Dimani at stamp towns who are the most magic and fearless performers at one of my favorite shows. I got so used to doing a quick character once or twice live and then abandoning it instead of continuing to build in mind for more each time.

It’s nice to see them involving in a standalone pieces rather than fleeting.

A less productive thing have done as a comedian is to try and derive my entire comedic identity from an institution. Irregularly felt a deep sense of imposter syndrome in its seldom felt inclusive for myself and many others, but the less I tried to fit in elsewhere, the more I found community and the more I made my own imprint, that makes sense.

Be your own comedic COMPAS. My friend Nick said.

But it’s actually going to be my expression now. And that is your comedy news for today. If you enjoy what I do here, you can buy me a slash daily. Coming to news through $5 in the tip jar. Susan G just that. Thank you, Susan. Buy me a comedy news. Follow the show on apple podcast, Google podcast, Spotify, wherever you get your shows.

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