Pete Correale, The Gator, on his friendship with Sebastian Maniscalco

Jim Breuer once described Pete Correale as The Gator because of Pete’s teeth and how you better watch out because he will (proverbially) bite you (with his words). The Gator talks about his friendship with Sebastian Maniscalco and growing up on Long Island.

Dusty Slay on playing The Opry tonight

Marc Maron raves about Roy Wood Jr.

Chelsea Handler on her advice podcast.

Dan Soder on being an only child

Jordan Gray’s innovate approach to trans comedy.

The Real Irish Comedy Fest is tonight.

A look at South by Southwest’s lineup tonight

Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news, Jimmy Fallon warns us. Apparently there’s some spider invasion coming to the east coast in the spring. Scientists say that the spiders are the size of a child. And they can parachute from the sky. Fallon said, I love it. The scientists were like, how should we describe the size?

And they’re like, ah, I settled on a child’s hand, Trevor Noah, you know, sometimes I don’t understand nature. Why did it feel the need to create something like this spiders that have parachutes and fly around, you know, with some things you get, why they exist? Like how plants put oxygen in the atmosphere or how birds evolving to chickens.

So we could make delicious sandwiches, but giant spiders was mother nature. Like people’s nightmares have become too boring. Let’s spice things up. You can’t even kill that thing with a regular shoe. Did you see the size?

You probably need like a shack sized shoe. And by the way, if you think of giant, spider is bad. Wait and see you see the giant pig. The giant spider is going to become best friends with.

Here’s a question in my script. Why did I write the word logic? I don’t know, but it’s right there before the first item. And the first item is Louis C K Louis got an infomercial. The laugh button says Louis C K has been slowly rolling out a new infomercial for his new standup special, which is called, sorry.

And air the other night at [2:00] AM on IFC.

They’re out. The infomercial CK promotes the special and just have some fun with the format in general,

if you missed it, it will air the next two Thursdays at [2:00] AM in your local time.

And if you don’t have a DVR or you don’t stay up for your Louis C K infomercials, he said, it’ll be up on YouTube. Eventually I look forward to that.

Here’s some clickbait as Lauren. Michael’s worried that beat Davidson won’t stick around Saturday night live that’s the clickbait from the sun. Let me jump in here. Lauren doesn’t care. Lauren’s got a piece of the new Pete Davidson. Sit-com Pete. Davidson’s barely on the show. Even when he’s on the show, you think Lauren.

47 48 years in SNL is sitting there going, oh man, if we lose Pete Davidson, how will the show ever recover? Come on. The sun a source, says Lauren would love to have them for years to come. And especially the upcoming 50th anniversary of the show. Right. Imagine trying to do the 50th anniversary of the show with just bill Murray and Chevy chase and will Ferrell and.

Tina Fey and maybe any Murphy. I mean, how would he ever have a show without Pete Davidson? The insider continued to learn Michael’s fears mostly that he will lose Pete, but he’s going to do all they can do to keep him around, like giving him a sitcom, convincing pizza stay though might be tougher than expect.

He’d love pizza. Take the same path as Keenan Sampson and be able to do the show and do other things that interest him. But Lauren is not stupid. He sees pizza meteoric rise happening by dating Kim Gordon Accion and being rumored to go to space, getting super bowl commercials and tons of other offers for movies and TV. So he feels he’s on borrowed time when it comes to Pete remaining on SNL after this.

Amy Schumer who’s hosting the Oscars for some reason says she won’t pretend that she’s not interested in getting back to the world’s biggest stages. Remember I told you the other day that Amy had gone from 15,000 seat arenas to 5,000 seat arena as well. Amy. And this is a little loaded here. There’s even more shade that I’m throwing.

Every time I go, Amy Schumer, who’s hosting the Oscars. For some reason, Amy said I’m not Chappelle, are these comics? Why guests have more integrity than me who are like, I’d rather do five shows in more intimate venues. I’m like, I want to go with a hockey team. Place was already as Dave Chappelle walking around going.

I only play smaller arenas because I’m cool like that. I don’t think so.

Also Dave walked away from a $50 million deal at one time. Let’s not give Dave Chappelle a hard time about that.

Holly reporter ads. In the meantime, Amy Schumer is going to keep flushing out her set at the comedy cellar.

Unless she turns up and sees on the lineup, the name of a man with whom she’s no longer comfortable sharing a stage. That’s you Louis CK in that case, Schumer will do what she’s done plenty of times before she’ll turn around and go home. Whatever Jeff Foxworthy is back with a new stand-up special on Netflix.

It will premiere March 22nd. Jeff Foxworthy, the nicest person you’ll ever meet. Great. It’s his first solo, standup special in 24 years, which sounds weird. But yeah, it was doing all of that blue collar stuff. And he’s been touring with Larry, the cable guy. The last few years, this new special is titled the good old days.

He talks about parenting your children and your parents texting the joy of getting a butt dial conversations with his wife and recalls a much simpler time or. Jeff Foxworthy. The good old days drops on March 22nd. I forgot to do my, if you something, something here’s a punchline, but with a new special coming out, I’m sure I’ve got to do plenty of that next week.

This next one, I was reading it on my weekly show over on the live one app that shows called the weekly comedy thing. There’s a new episode out today, by the way you want me to tell you is on the show this week. I could say it’s on the show this week. Hold on, let me pull up the notes.

So the weekly comedy thing is free. It is the forerunner of this podcast. They are, I only have like 30 to 60 seconds to talk and then I play actual bits by the comedians. So it’s like this plus comedians minus a lot of. This show came out of me doing the prep for that show and having so much that I couldn’t get to that.

I created a podcast. Anyway, it is free. It is called the weekly comedy thing. It’s on the live one app this week. Pete Davidson, Jim Gaffigan, a St. Patrick’s day theme set with Tommy Tiernan, Kathleen Madigan, Jess Salomon, who is a really cool comic. You should follow. And Russell Peters. Yeah, I made it work.

I look at some people playing Moontower, including Jimmy O yang and Joel Kim booster, both good comics. You should know Sox about the Chris rock. Kevin Hart tour did a bit about Dan. Soder definitely talked about Amy Schumer and Louis CK, mark Marin and Roy Wood, and a Joe Koy story. So that is called the weekly comedy thing on live one app.

It is free. Do it, man.

So that was recording for next week out on that one, about this Mazda Brony story. And every time I read it, my brain fried, I stumbled over it. I got tongue tied. Cause I just, this, I don’t understand. I’ve met MAs. I love MAs MAs in real life. Awesome. Mazda on stage. Awesome. From Yahoo Mazda, Bronny is developing an original animated sitcom that challenges Giovanni’s experiences growing up as an Iranian American immigrant in the us.

Right. That sounds pretty cool. It’s called laugh on Laura. That’s the working title anyway. Lorber is spelled L O R B.

Laugh on Lorber centers on an aspiring teenage comic who selected to introduce Oprah Winfrey at an appearance at his school. All right. Makes me think it’s a south park episode, but all right, fine. These enormous, the teenager is mistakenly kidnapped from the stage by alien Lortabs who believe he’s Oprah.

And then he’s taken back to their planet to meet their princess. Okay. After learning that the princess is on a mission to bring emotion back to Laura, to save it from disaster. The teenager agrees to channel his inner Oprah to help the princess and through the eyes of a teenage Iranian immigrant, share his own insight wit and philosophy of life while learning about comedy and himself along the way.

What, there’s a quiz on what I just told you.

So the sit-com is about Mazda’s experiences growing up as an Iranian American, except we’re on Lorber and there’s a princess and Oprah is involved for some reason,

must be animated comedy development week variety says Rami Yusef. He is getting an animated series as well.

This one is called Cairo cowboy. Like the title a suit says Rami has only scratched the surface of his incredible creative gifts with perfectly measured in heartfelt comedic candor. His work penetrates culture was so fortunate to be working with him and his team. Family comedies have long tackled some of the most uncomfortable and difficult societal topics, but through animation and Ramis creative voice, we’re so excited to bring this one audience.

Cairo cowboy we’ll explore the experiences of a Muslim American family. That must learn how to code switch as they navigate the early two thousands, a time of fear war and the rapid expansion of the boy band industrial complex. I don’t know. I did that twist there at the end I was in, and then I’m like, why.

Anyway, this made me wonder, Hey, what happened to the wonderful series Rami on Hulu, if you haven’t watched that watch that that is fantastic. It’s a little bit low energy, but sometimes it’s 10 30 at night that really hits the spot. I liked the Rami series a lot when. The article did say that Rami was picked up for a third season back in July, 2020.

Let me check my calendar. It’s been two years now to be fair. There was this pandemic. Did you hear about this thing? Yeah. We all had to like stay home for two years and wear masks when we, when I was really weird. So that could be the reason Rami hasn’t come back yet, but now you’re working on an animated series, but on the other hand, your animated series doesn’t involve Oprah or another planet or a princess.

So who knows.

Bustle is paying attention to the masked singer. They’re wondering if on this season’s mass singer, the firefighter. It could be an SNL alum.

But Bustle’s paying attention to clue. Package offered some hints about who she is. Firefly said, it’s not always easy to keep my intent.

Firefly then grabbed a playbill of the historic Apollo theater, which proclaimed that Firefly was doing live comedy

Firefly has a framed photo of Tyler Perry, a gold statue of Liberty and a mic that looks like a stand-up comedians. Bustle thinks Firefly may be. So sheers a Mazda,

Bad news for international daily comedy news fans. As of this recording, the show has slipped from number one to number two, most popular stand up related podcast in Zimbabwe going into the weekend.

This was of course the top rated standup related podcast in Zimbabwe, but we have fallen to number two less facetiously. Number 20 in the United States of America.

But as far as Zimbabwe, we got to keep an eye on Haya with Nigel Ang Haya, with Nigel Ang, the most popular standup related podcast in Zimbabwe and watching the Nigel today is a daily comedy news is brought to you by palace intrigue. That’s the show that’s about the Royal family. I’m the writer on it.

And the more I write it, the more I can’t help myself, I got to make fun of Harry. Today’s episode gets into the question. Why was Harry at a rodeo? Anyway, if you missed it? Harry showed up at a rodeo is a picture of an, a cowboy hat. People got mad at him. Animal rights. Advocates are mad that Harry wants a rodeo.

Where was Megan? Why wasn’t she at the rodeo? But why was Harry at a rodeo? Think about it. Why is he there? Why. Palace intrigue, wherever you get your podcasts. Now that brings us to our next story from a dot AEU the topic making fun of the Royals Ozzy comic Louis Spears declared the night prince Phillip died.

One of the best standup sets I’ve ever done in my life. Remember that? Louis Spears went viral when he made a joke about prince Philip only to discover it live on stage because the audience told them that prince Philip had died minutes earlier without skipping a beat. He said, can I just say bit overdue?

The audience cracked up.

It was captured on video Spears, went on a show called bad jokes until the host, as you can see on that night, it’s totally demolished. It was one of the best sets I’ve ever done in my life. It’s something that I feel real privileged that I managed to capture on film and can never be replicated because those were pre-written jokes.

I was doing about prince Phillip at the comedy festival for 10 nights in a row. So if anything, I should maybe apologize to the Royal family. Cause I think I killed them. I may have.

On the night in question Spears was halfway through a joke, ridiculing prince Phillip, when an audience member yelled out, he died tonight.

The joke. Ah, can you believe that the Royals are bad people? Yes. They live in castles. Of course. They’re not very nice. Have you guys seen Shrek? Have you guys seen prince Philip he’s 3000 years old? I’m pretty sure he invented racist. On it’s over. He died tonight. Watts, I have to say bit overdue. Are we sure he died today?

I reckon he died 10 years ago and they wheel him out attached to Springs at special events, hours later. Spears tweeted prince Phillip died during my show tonight. Put coming soon.

The host of bad jokes asked him where’s the line where it comes to humor. And what happens when he. Spears admitted the punchline didn’t go down so well with some particularly older British people, he said, I’ve never had so many death threats from people that were so close to death themselves. It was profoundly positive, but there was like a really, really loud minority that were incensed and very angry and upset.

All that voice was fueled by the media by presenting it with headlines like disgusting and vile, stand up comedian max prince Phillip moments after. They were prefacing the almost objectively funny joke that was received well by everyone in the room. And most people online is a vital thing. It should be angry about before you’ve even had a chance to view it.

I think comedians jobs and artists’ jobs is to walk the line and sometimes look at it and kick it and go, you know what I reckon I could bring some of these dark and hurtful things into the light and make us talk about it, going to make us more comfortable with it. Let’s see you was at south by Southwest tonight.


A little slower, a couple podcast recordings. They can buy ads on my podcast. They want to be promoted seven o’clock a night at the comedy store. Logan Gunselman Willie Hunter, Eleanor Kerrigan, Shamar neighbors, Marilyn Rice cup. She’s been doing a lot of shows. Jessica Michelle Singleton, Liza Treyger.

Yeah. Eight o’clock Neil Young’s COVID hootenanny. This is fun. This will be mad Besser and people doing improv. Those people include John Kimberling, Eddie Pepitone and Nick Thune. The description, perhaps the most quote unquote star-studded event of the festival. Neil young played by Matt Besser, banters and bickers with a who’s who of quote, unquote, celebrity guests invited express their opinions on everything.

COVID in this once in a lifetime concert event, I would go to that. If I were down there.

Nine o’clock a night at the comedy store. Again, who’s on this show. Brian Bowers, punky Johnson, Eleanor Kerrigan, Brian Moses, Eddie Pepitone , Jessica, Michelle Singleton.

That does overlap with the Matt Basser show. So I know which one I’ll be at 10 o’clock stand up. Downtown comedy showcase.

Doug Benson, Sean Patton, Dolce Sloan Scott Thompson from kids in the hall. Shane Torres. Now we’re talking that’s at Esther Follies. If you’re in Austin, that’s the shooting. That one starts at 10 Besters things over at nine 30. There’s unite to Besser from eight to nine 30. That’s an estrous folly go outside, go right back in, stand up downtown comedy showcase.

If you do my plan, you’re going to miss roast battle round three. That’s at 11 o’clock at the Creek and cave. Joe Rosa, Willie Hunter, Mike Lawrence, Brian Moses Jamar neighbors, coach T. Yeah,

that’s there in the nine o’clock show at Esther’s. . That is the move.

That is your comedy news for today. Follow the show on apple podcasts, overcast, Google, Spotify, wherever you get your shows. See tomorrow.

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