Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian reportedly blown off by the Brits

The Brits turn down Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian

Dave Chappelle will do summer outdoor shows again

Adam Sandler is back baby

Johnny Mack with your daily companies. I feel great today. I hope you feel as good as I do. I don’t know why just feeling good. David Letterman is on Netflix today. I know it’s not that interview thing. This is actual standup. This is called that’s my time with David Letterman

on each of the six episodes, he spotlights one comedian each, including a five minute standup set and then some conversation with the comedian. I think Dave does wraps that a stand. I haven’t seen it yet. It’s early in the day, but looking forward to watching that’s my time with David Letterman. So one of my favorite stories lately comes from the Queen’s Jubilee to just say the Queens.

A party over the weekend, by the way, apple podcasts featured palace intrigue. That’s the Royal family podcast. I’m the writer on. So we got featured. Thanks queen. Thanks apple. So we got a little number spike there. I’m all jazz. Maybe that’s why I’m in a good mood. Anyway, Kim Kardashians and Pete Davidson went over there and they were like, Hey, we’re famous.

We’ll get into stuff. Right. They tried to get into the trooping the color parade, which was that big deal with the planes flying over. You probably saw it on the news. They were pulling polite. Turned down by the UK ministry of defense. According to the newspaper called the sun, I love the politely turned down.

Then they tried to get tickets to the platinum party at the palace on Saturday. That was the big concert with queen, not the queen queen, you know, Freddie Mercury’s band than Adam Lambert nail sings for that one. You’ve heard of it. Kim, even throughout the, oh, we don’t mind if we’re not VIP.

And the Brits were like, yeah, no,

the palace said no. BBC also said. However Kim’s repped and neither reports telling page six. She was only in London to support Pete Davidson. You see, Pete is working on a secret project in London during the Jubilee. Pete Davidson is working on a secret project in London and Kim Kardashian who does not like attention was just there to support Pete, because she’s cool like that.

Pete was working on a secret project in London. Kim was there to support him.

And the rep said, Kim flew back to LA before the celebrations kicked off because she got a plan photo shoot. So she couldn’t have attended anyway. Uh huh. Sure. Jen

Louis CK is back baby, except he was already back. He won a Grammy. He is getting ready to release 4th of July. That’s a new comedy drama movie. He’s the director.

CK, co-wrote this with Joe list it centers on a recovering alcoholic from New York city who clashes with family on their annual July 4th vacation trip. Comedian Bobby Kelly has a role in the film. Louie appears in a small role. According to the official website, 4th of July, we’ll be getting a theatrical release starting July one.

Showtimes and theater locations have yet to be announced. Hm. This sounds like a Kim Kardashian PR stunt. I saw a thing. I was vulture or somebody maybe was Avi clubs. Somebody was giving Louie a hard time because Louis put out in social media or on his website or something like, Hey, if you want to see it in your local theater, you should call them up and tell them you want to see it?

Yeah. Like I’m calling the local theater. Hello, local theater now who answers the. The 15 year old who’s working? Yes. How may I help you? Old man? Um, Louis CK has a new film. That’s called 4th of July. It comes out July 1st. I’d appreciate it. A few guys over at the local AMC could screen it. That’s not how, uh, let me stop,

Louie. We’ll also be touring the film for one night only screenings in New York city. That’s at the beacon theater, June 30th, Boston on the first Chicago at the Vic. That’s a great venue on the second.

Joe Liston C K will attend those showings. Awesome. Because that’s content for me.

Variety reminds us that film distributor, the orchard had theatrical rights to, I love you, daddy. That was a previous film by seguay, but canceled the near premiere shortly ahead of the New York times, dropping in support and see K’s history of sexual misconduct. The distributor then scrapped the films, theatrical rollout and drop the movie.

I love you. Daddy was never officially released.

Speaking of movies, Adam sailor is back baby. He was on bill Simmons podcast. It’s a really good listen. Now I openly think most Adam Sandler movies are horrifically terrible. It was interesting in the interview with bill Simmons to hear Sandler admit that the longest yard remake not so good. And he admitted they were going to make it anyway.

So he figured I might as well play the role, but even Adam sailor would rather you watch the Burt Reynolds version. So that was a really nice inter. And Adam Sandler is coming off his best movie ever uncut Jim. So I have a lot of hope for hustle, hustle. Isn’t theaters already. It’s out on Netflix tomorrow.

So I’m guessing they stuck it in theaters. You know, it’s probably some out of the way theater on a mountain top, somewhere that technically makes it eligible for Oscars. That would be my guess why they put it in theaters for three, four days. The Ivy club says in hustle, Adam Sandler gives an open-hearted humanistic performance as a down on his luck, disheartened, soul humbling for challenge and change staying within well guided boundaries of likability.

He’s in a short. As a depth with levity as what the role is more dramatic challenges. Yeah. I firmly believe sailor Scott chops. He just chooses to do stupid. I like smart Adam Sandler, more of this Adam

On a negative side, DAV clubs had the script, spells everything out instead of having confidence in his audience. And despite being sewn into a big character building development, the pivotal moments, boilers where something goes viral feels contrived.

while not a total slam dunk. I see what you did. There also plays admirably with a lot of passion or history and intelligence, predictable struggles, surprisingly leads to resonant depth.

Yellow Springs resident. Dave Chappelle has announced a series of hometown shows. It’s called Dave Chappelle and friends. The performances are scheduled for June 9th through the 11th. Again. Good for me. That’s content. I like it. the shows have that annoying, strict no cell phones allowed policy.

Fans were worn than anyone caught with a cell phone inside the venue will be immediately ejected. All right. This one is weird from LA magazine. Cigna Toro was forced to celebrate the worldwide release of her comedy album drawn five months late due to a major screw up on her representatives behalf says LA magazine.

And it’s old seldom. Honestly, there was somehow a crazy glitch where nobody told me my album came out in January. Somehow my reps didn’t know, and nobody told me I was emailing, asking when my album was coming out and they kept saying they didn’t know. And then they emailed me and they’re like, I, yeah, I came out five minutes ago.

I had to pull myself together and find some new reps. It just took me a beat, listen to this flex because I’d been used to having my specials in my albums, get Grammy and Emmy nomination. Relaxed TIG. I had the number one selling company album in the world one year. So I was like, wait, what just happened?

My wife tried to encourage me to just celebrate.

The hollered reporter had a round table, a bunch of comedians, they were asked when people approach you out in the world. What’s the thing they often say to you. Michael Che said, is Colin, just racist. Bowen yang said, how’s Pete Davidson, Danny McBride said, do you want to do some blow? That happens at the kid’s soccer games a lot.

All right, everybody let’s hook up. Friend of the show. Dan Bluebloods. He’s got a new album. It’s called strangers in my basement.

You can hit his website right now. Dan boob,, D a N B U B L I T Z. He’s got a track on there. You can buy the album. You can share it. You can just listen to it. Dan says, let’s get strange in the basement. That’s what I’m doing right now, Dan.

So Dan, who are your influences? He says Mike Birbiglia and John Malaney because their storytelling abilities are incredible. They have a way of telling stories that have points that don’t need to be funny because of the way they tell a story keeps an interesting, and if you get you’re watching a comedian until they hit you with a super punch that you never see coming.

That’s awesome. Dan’s album is called strangers in my basement. Check it out, hook them up.

The conc have a hit single. Now I’m not being over there because if you listen every day, you know, I’m speaking about British musical band V cons, K U N T S. I’m not saying that nasty. C-word I’m saying it’s completely different word. As part of that whole Queen’s Jubilee thing I was talking about earlier, you know, the thing Kim and Pete couldn’t get into chuckle chuckle they’re single prince.

Andrew is a sweaty nuns was the best selling single of the week, but it only made number 20 in the official charts.

Short-haul points out. The sales figures are a notable achievement for track that can’t get any radio airplay, but the song did not match the band success with the even more blunt. Boris Johnson is an effing C-word, which made number five that both Christmas 20 and 21. Running on Facebook lead singer concert with a K.

So it’s not vulgar said number 20 in the official charts shenanigans best-selling single of the week though. Prince Andrew was a sweaty nonce takes its place in the history books.

Meanwhile, the full chart is dominated by Harry styles who has three songs in the top 10. All right.

Monica comedy Albo news today, comedy dynamics has released Kim. McVickers tap dancing on my mother’s grave. That’s a rough title. That’s out today

on tap dancing on my mother’s grave. Kimiko vigor rifts about how bad she sucks in bed, really old prostitutes. And of course her mother is practice funeral. Her mom is still alive. This unique special has it all comedy music. And of course, tap dancing. You’ve never seen a standup comedy special, quite like this.

Hannah Gatsby has got a memoir. The guardian reviewed it.

Hannah’s memoir begins in typically contrary fashion with the epilogue. She recalls turning up to the Netflix Emmy’s party where her most pressing thought was what kind of monster would choose a white carpet for an outdoor event. There, she was summoned for an audience with Jennifer Anniston, who said she hadn’t watched in a net, but was sure she’d love it when she did Gatsby asked.

But what if you hate it at that point? Jennifer Anniston patted her hand and said, I won’t tell you.

There’s an audio book version of this thing of 13 hours and 47 minutes. It’s called 10 steps to Nanette. And that is your comedy news. For today, you can follow this show for free on my good friends, apple podcast, love apple podcasts. They highlighted palace intrigue. Thanks, apple podcasts, Spotify, and other services.

You want to listen on those? Go ahead and see you tomorrow.