Pete Davidson forgets to zip his fly in Australia

Pete Davidson gives Kim Kardashian skin care tips?

Pete forgets to zip his fly in Australia

John Mulaney and Olivia Munn go for a walk

Steven Wright on his “offensive” joke

Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news, poolside edition. I haven’t done a poolside edition quite some time, but it is too beautiful out after a cold spring to spend the day in the basement. So we’ll do this poolside as I was putting the show together, it was a little short. And I said to my daughter, you know, sometimes you just have to Google Pete Davidson and boy, Pete Davidson pays off.

Now this story really isn’t worthy of the lead off spot, but it proves the point of if you need some more stuff, see what Pete’s up to. Kim Kardashian was on Jimmy Fallon’s show. And she said that Kim and Pete Davidson inject our its in inject our pimples together. It’s part of their skincare bonding routine.

Kim said, we go to dermatologists together. We inject our pimples together at the same time, the dermatologist is like, is this contagious? You guys always have pimples at the same time. I want to throw up also in a Tuesday interview on the today show Kim Kardashian said that Pete Davidson has told her so much about skincare saying it was their thing.

Now I would’ve guessed. If you said to me is Kim teaching Pete about skincare or is Pete teaching Kim about skincare?

I would’ve guessed Kim was the expert on skincare and I would’ve lost a lot of money.

Apparently Pete’s the expert here. Kim said, I knew it was special when I fell asleep and I kept talking about it all night. Like, oh my God, I have this pimple. I have this pimple don’t let me fall asleep. I have to put pimple medicine on it before I go to sleep. I fell asleep. I forgot. I woke up in the morning with dried pimple medicine on my face. Pete Davidson had put it on in my sleep. Aw. But maybe you need some more content for your weekend. Daily comedy news. How about this one from the daily mail?

Pete Davidson strolls around cans with his zipper undone. It seems like Pete was up by the great barrier reef. I’ve been there myself. It is beautiful. You should go. But apparently Pete Davidson suffered a wardrobe malfunction.

He had forgotten to zip up the fly on his blue pants before leaving his hotel. The daily mail says, Pete seemed unaware of the gaff as he displayed the pea sign for the paparazzi while we’re on gossip corner.

Let’s check in with John Malanney this also from the daily mail, John Malanney and Olivia MUN spotted out on a walk in New York city. Imagine you’re just trying to go for a walk in New York city and you’ve got some annoying paparazzi stalking you.

Well, you’re curious, Olivia opted for a casual uncomfortable all black ensemble with a plain sweatshirt and matching sweat pads. She added some color to her. Look with a pair of rainbow color trainers. And she wore her voluminous, brunette locks swept back and cascading and playfully, messy style down her shoulders while rocking a chunky pair of black sunglasses.

That’s a lot of details. John Malanney was casual and a pale gray t-shirt with slim, dark jeans and Navy blue sneakers jeans in late June in Manhattan. John Malanney weren’t you hot? And at one point Malanney reached down to comfort, little Malcolm, and he beamed warmly at Olivia as they chatted while they headed down the sidewalk.

All right. Enough for that nonsense from Philadelphia weekly, these days, even the ostensibly innocuous comedy of Stephen Wright is coming under scrutiny from some quarters. Stephen Wright said, I had this joke, joke goes like this. A friend of mine has a trophy wife, and apparently it wasn’t first place.

Steven says, now people are upset over the joke. For two reasons, they’re upset because a trophy wife obviously is a woman based on how she looks. I didn’t invent this concept. The trophy wife has been around for 50 years, but they’re outraged by this.

So what Steven Wright has started doing is he says he now prefaces the joke by saying, would you like to hear a politically incorrect joke? the Crowd obviously says yes. And he says, you sure you want to hear it? The ushers are gonna bring down a piece of paper.

You’re gonna have to sign a release that you agree to hear this joke. And then I tell the joke and they’re still upset, but I just bow and say, I asked you, you said yes. And you’re still upset, but I got to tell the joke anyway.

Out Steven Wright find his comedy. He said, I just noticed the world through my day, whatever I’m doing. I’m like subconsciously scanning, airport control towers that have radar with that arm, that sweeps around and the little blips in the planes. You know, I have one of those in my head. It’s just sweeping around scanning for something weird.

I mean, I don’t get up and go to the store, expect ’em there will be something weird. I just automatically notice stuff. That’s where the jokes come from.

Trevor Noah was on 60 minutes. I think this was a rerun, but I had not seen this part of the interview. Leslie Stahl said to Trevor, you were poor. You’re writing in your book about eating worms and having a toy. That was a brick. Trevor said, here’s the thing I would say to people. Being poor in a group or in a community that’s poor is not as bad as being poor when you know what you’re missing out on.

So when I grew up, we played with bricks as cars and you’d smash ’em into each other. It was one of the most fun games I’ve ever played. The same thing with eating moan worms. What I didn’t like was we couldn’t eat anything else. And my mom said, we’re gonna have to eat these moan worms for longer, cuz we don’t have any money to buy chicken.

Click Lee left a review on apple podcast. Click Lee gave the

Four stars out of five and wrote the comment so negative towards women. I do love the show, but why you’re so negative towards female comedians, click lead. Thank you for writing everything I say here I say sincerely. So one, thank you for writing two. Thank you for listening and three. And I’ve been in media for counts on fingers 30 years.

Geez. If a listener takes a moment to write a review, it shows me that you care. So I do appreciate it. . I will answer your question. Why you’re so negative toward female comedians. I don’t think I am. I’m guessing that you’re picking up on some of my comments about Amy Schumer and Sarah Cooper would be my guess.

So one thing I’ll say in my defense and I, I hate to do this. Some of my favorite comedians are women type defense. If, if you go back and you listen to, uh, one of the episodes late in 2020, maybe, or earlier in 21, if you listen to my best of 2020, I had in my top two spots, Natalie P and Hannah Gaby. So of Gatsby.

So to me, comedy is comedy, the comedians that tend to be in, uh, headlines and candidly move the needles. I, I try and put Dave Chappelle, John Elaney, Joe Rogan, bill Jim Gaffigan. And Ricky Dravet is in the headlines as much as possible. Why those episodes do better, more casuals come by.

All right. Back to your question. Why you’re so negative towards female comedians. I’m gonna start with Amy Schumer. Uh, a lot of people got frustrated cuz I was doing a bit where I kept, uh, every time I mentioned Amy Schumer, I would. Say something along the lines of Amy Schumer, who’s hosting the Oscars for some reason.

And that frosted a lot of people. So I stopped doing it. Uh, I think had I had the podcast when Seth McFarland was hosting the Oscars, I would’ve done the exact same thing. Uh, I didn’t even know that that had happened. I recently discovered it and I keep going, Seth McFarland hosted the Oscars. What. So same kind of reaction there.

Uh, more recently I have commented on the names of some of Amy’s specials and Amy’s tour. Her tour is called the horror tour. She’s better than that. Like, I, I don’t understand why she calls it the horror tour. I think her comedy is smarter than that. She doesn’t need to do that. I read in the last week or two, an interview with her, where she talked about her own evolving comedy.

So just to me, she should just not do that. You’re better than that. You don’t have to call your tour, the horror tour.

As for Sarah Cooper who I openly eye roll, there was so much hype on Sarah Cooper, who, as I described was pantomiming to Donald Trump videos that doesn’t make you Joan Rivers, that’s pantomiming to Donald Trump videos. And the hype was off the charts. It was like God’s gift to comedy. I’m actually going to do a story tomorrow about talkers.

Then the Netflix special, like how did we go from TikTok to Netflix special and a sitcom deal?

And what was it the other day she got in Jerry Seinfeld’s movie? Like she Bantom mine to TikTok videos. If you wanna show me a greater body of work, go ahead. I saw the Netflix special. So did you, so that’s my comments on that. Um, other than that, why am I so negative toward female comedians?

I don’t think I’ve commented negatively on other female comedians, but anyway, click, I, I hope that’s a fair enough answer from you. Um, you’ll encouraged to email me, John, the shark and the very social medias there’s daily comedy news podcast group. There’s a ready, you can tweet me at DCN. Pod would love to go back and forth with you.

And I do truly appreciate you listening. . I hope that answer made sense in some way, vulture asked some comedians, what do you think is the best city slash venue for filming a special and the worst

10 out of 39 comedians said to avoid Los Angeles. One saying it’s too Hollywood. Natalie Palomita said the best venue is a large black box theater. And the worst venue is a cabaret space. Black box creates a great space to pack the energy. Whereas the cabaret space dissipates the energy with audience members separated by tables and sipping one.

That’s a really good answer.

Langston Keman said, specials seem like they’re best when they’re films somewhere that actually matters to the comic Whitmer Thomas filming. His special in that weird ass club in Alabama was so cool and should inspire all of us to find spaces that are as interesting as the, uh, DWORD jokes.

Kathleen Madigan said it’s aside for me, the paramount theater in Denver and the pap theater in Milwaukee are my favorites. I don’t know the worst. Thank God. Kathleen’s a riot.

And from the rap several years ago on performing her standup routine at a resort in North Carolina, longtime comedian, Bobby Oliver was attacked on stage by a man in a gorilla suit. It was a Halloween show. So the gorilla suit, wasn’t the most bizarre thing about the incident, but it shook Oliver up so much that she gave up touring.

Oliver told the rap. He starts grabbing my boobs and my crotch. I’m looking at the venue manager thinking someone’s gonna come and help me, but the manager’s just laughing. He’s in the back. Like this place is wacky. Anything can happen here, boy, that’s terrible. I’m being assaulted, sexually assaulted in front of an audience.

And the audience thought it was part of the act because why wouldn’t it be. Guys are half joking. They need bodyguards. Like everything else. Once it starts happening to men, suddenly everybody cares. Right? I’ve seen people saying no comedians. Aren’t safe. I’m like, yeah, female comedians have never been safe.

Heather McDonald said, it’s no secret that there’s nobody to protect you. If something were to happen. You don’t wanna be dramatic. You don’t wanna be a diva or the club won’t ask you back. That sucks. We’ve heard a lot of this from the British comedians as well. After the Chappelle incident, a shaken McDonald offered free tickets to cops to attend her next show for my June 17 set in Napa, I had about six officers for each show makes me feel better.

Even if they’re not on duty, they’re always on alert. I have a big fall tour. And with enough prep time, I plan on always having at least two or three people that are former military or police.

And from Sunday a WLO man found a message from Billy Connolly hidden in his spam folder back in December of 2020.

The man posted on Billy Connolly’s Facebook page in response to a series called that’s been a pleasure, which centered around Billy exploring his colorful past and his new life in California following his Parkinson’s diagnosis in 2013, the fan calm said he started the series just to let people know he’s still live and Parkinson’s, hasn’t stopped him.

And because I work night shifts, my wife would record the series and we’d watch them together. The series just hit me. I went to see his final tour as a comedian, and he had Parkinson’s disease at that stage. And I found him struggling and I felt I should send a message on the page.

I was such a big fan. I went on the fan page probably after having a few beers and just wrote the message and referenced his work.

Recently com was cleaning out his spam folder and he saw a response from William Connolly. It went into spam in my Facebook messenger page. So I didn’t see it. My phone is currently overloaded with stuff, so I was trying to clear out messages. I nearly deleted it. I read it and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

It was a month since he had sent it in about a year and four months since I had written the post. The man has half a million followers. He must get thousands and thousands of messages weekly for me to get picked out. I found it quite overwhelming for him to read my message for one, but to get a reply, it’s blown me away.

That’s fun and that your poolside comedy news for today. Follow the show for free on apple podcast or Spotify. See you tomorrow.

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