Pete Davidson gets pizza with Kim Kardashian and hits Knicks with Jon Stewart, CBS releases late-in-life Bob Saget interview

CBS had recorded an interview with Bob Saget from December. In it, Bob talks about the death of his sister.

Pete Davidson will star in a horror movie. He also hit the Knicks game with Jon Stewart.

Shaquille O’Neal’s All-Star Comedy Jam will be hosted by DeRay Davis and feature comedians Bill Bellamy, Michael Blackson, Earthquake, and Mo’Nique. Super Bowl weekend in LA

Tig Notaro on turning 50

SF Sketchfest gets new dates – for 2023.

How I Met Your Father sounds like a dud

Will Arnett’s Muderville with Conan O’Brien, Kumail Nanjiani, Annie Murphy, Ken Jeong… Sharon Stone and Marshawn Lynch sounds way more promising.

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Johnny Mack with your daily company news, Jimmy Fallon pointed out that the state of flow. Let a million COVID tests expired a warehouse, but now the FDA has decided to extend the expiration dates. Fallon said when they heard that every New York hot dog vendor was like, is that really safe to do that? Go bare.

Nothing ever good happens in a Florida warehouse unless you place your bets on the right coked up. Snapping turtle, Fallon. Yeah. The FDA extended the expiration dates. When they heard that the CDC said, Hey, making up rules as you go is our thing. Cool. It’s great for folks down in Florida who needs test, but even better for me because the FDA is finally confirming.

What I’ve known for years. Expiration dates are a myth and mere suggestion. Fallon. Meanwhile, Florida was like, you can put any date on them if you want, but we’re still not going to use them. We don’t care.

CBS mornings on Friday, apparently had an interview with Bob Saget and the candidate. They had narrowed. It was taped on December 6th.

Bob started talking about the death of his sister. And he said we were all in the room when she let out her last breath. I don’t know how to explain it. I’m going to go all woo here, but it felt like the soul going past this, I literally felt my hair kind of move and being an actor. That’s a very important thing.

If your hair gets out of place, the host asked about him making a joke at a serious moment. And sag had said, humor is the only way my family survived. It’s so healthy to laugh and I’m out there doing it. And I know it’s healing for people.

Entertainment weekly caught up with juke Kerry. He said I was friends with norm McDonald and Bob Saget too. I really don’t like being at an age where people I know and personally know are dying. Bob was honestly like the nicest guy. I met him when I first started out quite a few times at a local comedy club in Cleveland.

Once he invited me to a taping a full house. When I got out to LA it’s one of the reasons I missed my first tonight show performance, really? Wow. The invitation to go see the taping and some kind of weird way really affected much of my. He was very supportive and mentored me and gave me advice and always so kind to me.

And nice wait, you missed the tonight show and still had a career who you are. Lucky drew Carey drew said one second. Was there everybody wanted to come back and see him. And I’ve seen him do two hour shows two and a half hour shows. . I once saw him do five curtain calls, five standing ovations.

He was so. Deadline reports. Pete Davidson will start a horror film.

It’s called the house. Pete Davidson plays max a troubled the guy who becomes more. So after realizing that the old folks home where he works has a sinister secret. I dunno. Can you picture Pete Davidson looking kind of creepy? Yeah, you can quote the description.

As he investigates the building and its forbidden fourth floor. He starts to uncover connections to his own path and upbringing as a foster child, that brings us to gossip corner. B Davidson was at the Knicks game. Oh, he doesn’t just go to the Knicks game.

Fancy pants hangs out with Ben Stiller and John Stewart in the front row. Excuse me.

Actress Sienna Miller and rapper offset also at the game. Fancy,

apparently the night before the next game, Pete was out west having dinner with girlfriend, Kim Kardashians.

So let’s find out all about Pete’s outfits. When he’s at the Knicks game, he wore a blue baseball cap with uncle Paulie’s written across it on the front. He completed the laid back liquid, some dark denim, jeans, and gray sneakers. With white laces. John Stewart was looking all casual with a panted black coat charcoal trousers and a light gray beanie.

The daily mail ads the night before, out in LA, Pete and Kim grabbed dinner at Jon and Vinny’s a pizza place. Kim managed to look stunning with a mask and oversized sweater. She showed off her famed dare air and a pair of tight fitting, a leather trousers.

The two had two large pizzas and a salad. Do the Brits not understand pizza. There’s no AP Davidson and Kim Kardashian had two large pizzas in American. A large pizza to me would be a full round eight slice pizza. I doubt beat. And Kim had 16 slices of pizza and a salad and sipped on diet Coke as they sat opposite one another on a small table, mixing in with an unassuming crowd.

Yeah, B Davidson and Kim Kardashians are sitting at the pizzeria and nobody has their phones out. Yeah. And onlooker the restaurants. It was the daily mail. It was a very casual date without much flirting. No one in the restaurant barely noticed them. And Kim was on her phone at one point

After they stopped off at a Rite aid pharmacy to pick up some ice cream. And the daily meals tells us that Rite aid is known for stocking the brand thrifty ice cream.

Shaquille O’Neal is bringing back the all star comedy jam on February 10th. This’ll happen in Los Angeles. The show will be hosted by DeRay Davis, a really good under the radar comedian bill Bellamy, Michael Blackson earthquake and Monique are the performers that is a killer lineup. Those are all really good comedians.

Plus a surprise musical guests and Shaquille O’Neal himself. Hey, maybe even Pete Davidson will show up. You never know

that is a Superbowl weekend and the Superbowl is in Los Angeles. So that should be good for people with comedy podcasts should be a lot of celebrities in LA that weekend. That should be a good time. The SF.

As updated dates for SF sketch Fest, they had to cancel this year. They won’t be back until 2023. Get your calendar out. The dates were sketch Fest, January 20th of two, February 5th, 2023

in a joint statement. The co-founder said while we’re disappointed to spend another year apart, the health and safety of our audience performers and staff comes first due to venue. 2023 is the earliest. We can vent the festival as planned. We can’t wait to safely laugh along with you then.

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The second Glenn that I use in bits, and I buy him five sevenths of a beer with the $5. Buy me a comedy news. The AAV club has seen the new, how I met your father. They’re not digging it. They say the series of represents how I met your mother is a narrative inventiveness, but it’s the chemistry between its leads, not quite working. There’s the looking for love main character, Hilary Duff, as Sophie, alongside her best friend slash roommate, Valentina, they’re balanced out by a similar pair of guy, best friends. , Jessie and his, a Marshall like committed pal.

Sid. . And this time there’s a six member of the crew. Jesse’s adopted Vietnamese sister Ellen. Who’s also searching for romance after divorcing her wife. That is way too complicated writers.

The Warnie S character. Charlie is a blue blood whom Valentina brought back from London and his attempts to fit in with the pores are more buffoonish then amusing.

There’s still the setup of a love story told backwards this time, instead of the voiceover being performed by Bob Saget, this time it’s Kim Cottrell who plays an older Sophie she’s in her living room in the year 2050. Telling her offscreen son about the tale of her parents courtship that’s out tomorrow on Hulu.

I will probably look at it with a morbid curiosity and I know myself I’m going to hate, I’m just, I’m going to hate it. I know how I am

from paste will Arnett as an upcoming Netflix comedy. It’s called murder. Ville it parities crime procedures. The show is scripted except for one crucial role every week will Arnett will be joined by notable guest star who has no script and has to improv their way through the episode.

That sounds a lot of fun.

The guests listen to this list. I’m excited about this reading, this Conan O’Brien Kumail Nanjiani, . And it’s great that we’re on the other side of the eternal, I’m tired of hearing about how Kumail Nanjiani worked out. Okay. You’re fit. I’m pressed. Get back to comedy.

Conan O’Brien Kumail Nanjiani, any Murphy, Ken Junge, Sharon Stone and Marshawn Lynch.

He’s a football player. Hmm. If the concept of the show sounds familiar to you, you may have seen the BBC three show called murder in successful. I have not seen murder and successful, but I like this premise and Conan alone will get me to watch it. Murder Ville premieres on Netflix on February 3rd, caught up with you’ve reached 50. How does that feel? Take said, oh my God, I never really had any.

When a fellow was the big one or big deal. I still always feel kind of 25 in my head. I hear you TIG, Notaro, but I’m okay with being 50, I’ve hit my stride and feel better than ever the wisdom and experiences I have at this age. Feel really good and earned. TIG. You’re known for deadpan comedy, where that come from Tigga said must’ve evolved at some point, but as long as I can remember, people have told me my comedy was so dry.

It sounded like a compliment. So it was thrilling. There’s a bit of sneak surprise when you deliver your punchline.

Her comedy was mainly observational over the years. I think it just allowed myself to change. I wanted to grow and sell longer stories more than just a short joke or line, or even do some physical bits and then tell personal stories. I tried over the years to not tell myself.

Now you can’t do this. Sometimes when you do that, you get stuck and it’s not fun anymore. That’s your comedy news for today? Follow this show on apple podcasts, Spotify, Google pods, wherever you get your shows. If you missed Saturday. I did a Chris Elliot episode on my late night with David Letterman retrospective series, Saturdays in January on this feed.

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