Pete Davidson in his underwear. BDE with MGK!

Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly stripped down to their underwear and while not the most hardcore comedy story I do like downloads.

Amy Schumer left a $30,000 tip!!!!!! But hey wait a second let’s take a closer look.

Phil Wang’s Philly Philly Wang Wang is really funny – on Netflix.

Michael Ian Black says there are zero plans for a reunion of The State

Monty Python’s Terry Gilliam fires off a missive about being canceled because he stuck up for Dave Chappelle.

Jimmy Carr’s I Literally Just Told You debuts on UK Channel 4 tonight.

Uncorrected transcript below:

Johnny Mac with your daily company news, a lot of setup for this first set of late night jokes. The house is investigating the January 6th attacks on the capital. They’re looking into a 38 page PowerPoint document sent to president Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, that included plans to overturn the 20, 20 election.

He got all that preamble. Geez. Stephen Colbert said PowerPoint. They weren’t just trying to overturn democracy. They were trying to bore.

They were also planning to declare electronic voting in all states and valid. Instead they wanted to rely on legal and genuine paper ballot counts. Okay. If you can’t trust computers, how are you giving your presentation via PowerPoint? Pigeon they’re staging a coup coup SIF. That’s right. They wrote down their plans for Q and a PowerPoint.

You know what that means? Congress is going to have to subpoena Clippy that’s from our new segment jokes from 1995. Well done, Seth Myers writers, and one more from Seth, even the mafia knows to use code words. If the mafia ever made a PowerPoint presentation, it would say something vague, like plan for the guys at the place to do the thing.

Okay, boss. What’s the next slide? There are certain there’s no more slides. There’s just the one slide.

So I was doing some show prep and it occurred to me that February 1st, 1982 is the 40th anniversary of late night with David Letterman. So I actually spent the morning recording four episodes. I’m going to make these the Saturday episodes in January, leading up to the 40th anniversary of Letterman. I love Letterman.

I just recorded one of the episodes and I was totally in my creative groove. And then my wife came home and she’s very noisy. Totally is thrown off my flowers. I had to stop. I wanted to record four episodes. Uh,

but then my wife came home and she’s very noisy and totally threw off my creative flow. She’s around. I hear bang and plates and stomping. I wanted to record all four. It was really flowing. She totally messed me up. This is what it’s like corny in your basement.

So last night I put on Netflix, I was heading out to watch Kyle Moonies, Saturday mornings, spectacular, whatever that’s called and Netflix, you know, they put the big banner ad in front of you and we’re like, watch this. And they were like, watch Phil Wang’s comedy special affiliate filling Wang, Wang. And I’m like, is this new?

Did I know about this? And I clicked on it. And apparently it came out in June. I don’t remember talking about that at all to you.

But I was like, okay, Netflix recommendation engine apply. And I clicked on Phil Wang’s Philly, Philly, Wang special, and it is wonderful. It’s going to make my 20, 21 end of the year. He lists that I’ve been struggling with that. One’s going to rate very high on the list. I can tell you what number one is already.

Number one is going to be the Dana Carvey thing on her. The rise and fall of the Dana Carvey show watched that that is the funniest thing hands down like between one and two. One of my lists, there is like a gap of 10 miles, but Phil Wang, Philly, Philly, Wang, Wang, very, very funny, fresh

actually laughed a few times. I’ve talked in the past on this show about my emperor room, a problem where I don’t like. Actually laughed at this one. Phil Wang, Philly, Philly Wang, highly recommended. Phil Wang, Philly, Philly, Wang, Wang, highly recommended. Then I put on Kyle Mooney Saturday morning, spectacular, whatever.

And it was all right. It was kind of a Mooney doing Komani things. I was entertained enough. And then the episode ended and I was like, all right, that was fine. And then another episode came on. I was like, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Kyle, we didn’t need to make more than one of those. I don’t know how many episodes are there of that.

It was fine for the one, I don’t know, 35 minute joke, but I don’t think we need a series of this.

From page six. All right, let me get your attention, Pete Davidson in his underwear. Yeah, you’re listening now from page six. It wasn’t a brief conversation, but it was a conversation about briefs. Oh, I see what you did there. Page six, Pete Davidson and machine gun Kelly took over Calvin. Klein’s Instagram.

They started out fully clothed, but ultimately stripped down to their underwear, leaving little to the imagination. Pete Davidson was checking out MGK and said nice stuff, by the way, I get it now. Good for you. Good for you, dog

MGK, joked and said I would’ve put two extra socks in there and blew the world’s.

Pete Davidson described his own package and said, oh, he’s got to fluff it up or get a suite in between her. You can’t just go cold. This was in the newspaper. I’m a grower for sure. I’m not really a grower shower. It’s actually the same small and hard. It’s actually a scientific wonder, but I thought Pete had BD.

He, what happened to my podcast? What are we even talking about?

Well MGK discussed the BDE.

He said, Pete Davidson also has the smile. It’s called BDE Pete Davidson’s. Pete said that’s insanely embarrassing, but it’s true.

If you would like to see Pete Davidson in his underwear go to Instagram at daily comedy news. Cause I shared the picture cause I like clicks

also from page six, apparently your home for comedy news, comedian, Amy Schumer and CNBC star Marcus Limonus recently left a $30,000 tip at Manhattan’s comedy cellar for stunned staffers, the generous tip for the clubs workers. The split was part of TV personalities. Limonus the generous tip for the clubs.

Workers was the tip was left for the clubs workers to splits. It was part of Limonus initiative and the great American tip off described as a nationwide call to actions to sh described as a nationwide to action to show some extra love to the hardworking Americans who service every day. I’m going back and forth on this.

You leave somebody or a bunch of people, a $30,000 tip. That is awesome. Right. Even if 30 people work at the comedy cellar, that’s a thousand dollar tip. So that is totally awesome. Gracious. However, because I’m cynical and I also work in the media and I studied this for a living and I know how stuff. They got a lot of press under the guise of Amy Schumer leaves, $30,000 tip.

And you look at that and you go, holy cow, how much money is Amy Schumer making? And you don’t click on the story, but I clicked on the story. So yes, they left a $30,000 tip, incredibly generous. However, there happened to be a camera crew there filming this. And Marcus Lamona is we know him. He hosts CNBC’s the profit and HGTVs the renovator and he posted the clip to Instagram.

What a coincidence. So I don’t know. I kind of feel like they bought $30,000 worth of press and got it. It’s nice. But I don’t know. Maybe Sarah Cooper was out and tip somebody 25 grand and didn’t share it on Tik TOK. Maybe Sarah is cool like that.

In the clip Limonus tells the staff, the club, you guys work your asses off every day. It’s underappreciated. We want you to know that there are a lot of people that appreciate it. Do you mind signing this release? I can put it on my Instagram, but no, I don’t know. I don’t know. Did they do that? I don’t know.

The Mona’s has also left big tips across the U S with the likes of Kristen bell and Jason big. Move on Johnny Mac move. Okay. We’ll move on. Tailored. Some Linson is getting a podcast is starting a podcast. She announced that on her social media is her podcast is called sad in the city. Laugh button says it’s a coping mechanism.

She states. Taylor. It says it’s a coping mechanism saying I got so depressed. One week that I started a podcast between being bi-coastal on tour every weekend, I’m in a different time zone. Every three days I was feeling very isolated. And then I realized how many people around me were moving to their dream city, fantasizing about moving to the dream city, confused about where they wanted to live, or simply stuck somewhere they didn’t want to be.

So if you’re in a similar season of transition in life, this is the podcast for you. Listen to me to navigate the loneliness, frustration, and thrill, figuring it out where in the world you feel most at home. And whether I can learn to love NYC long-term as well as talk about life on the road. It is called a sand in the city.

The Irish news caught up with Jimmy Carr. He was talking about his new TV comedy quiz show. You Americans call these things game shows. It has called literally just told you.

Starts this week on channel four, not your channel for the UK channel four. It’s hosted by Jimmy Carr. The Irish times is like, Hey, what makes I literally just told you stand out as a game show. Jimmy Carter said the contestants are crazy good. I don’t know where he found these people. We searched high and low.

It’s got an enormous play at home factor, which most game shows don’t have most game shows are binary. Either know the answer you don’t all have to do. All you have to know for this show is what just happened. And we had real fun with the fact that anything can happen. You can have 15, second cameo is you can have false ad breaks.

You can mess with people’s minds.

The Mr. X are good. It’s comedic. I think the best bit of the show is the end round. I’ve never seen another game show. Do that. Where you go, oh, you’re setting each other’s questions. We prayed upon the fact that when you come and do a TV show, you don’t know what’s normal. So we did some very abnormal things like someone from girls aloud just walks through the room for no reason at all.

It’s crazy, but it sort of works because people just go, well, I guess it’s Tilly who knows the opening is anything could be a question and the time starts now. So if I was having a chat with auto or the warm-up man, or the guy in the rig doing the lighting, any of that could be a question.

What did Jimmy court be a good contestant himself? He said I’m used to being on stage and having to remember someone’s name from 50 minutes ago. So I could do a call back to that guy on stage when I’m doing the next bit. So my memory is not bad if you’re a one-liner guy and I’m a one-liner guy, you need to be able to remember 300 jokes in a row every night.

And so you worked that muscle a lot.

I literally just telled you channel Ford tonight.

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Mike Lee and black was asked by poker news for some reason. Hey, will the state come back? Michael? Ian black said probably not probably cause there’s just so many of us in the cast and it’s very hard to coordinate schedules and nobody’s shown any interest.

From the daily mail, Monte Python, or a Terry Gilliam has broken his silence about his show being canceled. He was going to do a show at the old Vic theater. He was going to direct, Stephen Sondheim was going to direct Stephen Sondheim musical into the woods. And then the theater was like, eh, no, here’s why we think.

Back in October Terry Gilliam backed Dave Chappelle. We never talk about Dave Chappelle on this podcast. Back in October Terry Guild, back in October, Terry Gilliam wrote I’m encouraging all of you to watch Dave Chappelle’s new show. The closer on Netflix to me, he’s the greatest standup comedian alive today.

Incredibly intelligent socially. Dangerously provocative and gut. Wrenchingly funny. That’s a good description. There’s a storm brewing over Netflix, a support for the show. I’d love to hear your opinions.

Then the Vic canceled the show and now Terry Gilliam has made a post on social media writing. It’s very sad that a great cultural institution, like the old Vic allowed itself to be intimidated into canceling our production of, into the woods by a small group of close minded humor, averse ideologues on their staff.

I think I missed a comma there cause I made it sound like into the woods. PR is being performed by a small group of close-minded humor, Everest ideologues, but you get the point. These people says Terry Gilliam, absurdly call themselves the old Vic 12 as if they’re the victims of some cruel and justice desperately fighting for their freedom.

My unspeakable crime was recommending my Facebook followers to watch a Netflix special by a brilliant provocative American comedian, and then share with me their opinion. They did. And civilization did not collapse. Whoever the old Vic’s artistic credibility certainly has freedom of speech is often attacked, but I never imagined that freedom of recommendation would be under threat as well.

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