Pete Davidson is going to space and sending Kanye West selfies from Kim Kardashian’s bed

Pete Davidson is going to space next week! He’ll be one of the passengers on Jeff Bezos’ space thing that William Shatner did.

Meanwhile, Pete has had enough of Kanye and slammed him by sending a selfie from Kim’s bed.

Kanye is now also fighting with D.L. Hughley who had a slam of his own.

Judd Apatow thinks Amy Schumer is going to crush the Oscars, but according to Amy herself the Oscars people didn’t like her jokes.

Katt Williams’ show in Nashville was ended because of a bomb threat.

Will Forte joins John Cena’s Coyote vs. Acme film.

Bob Odenkirk and Bill Maher each have new podcasts.

Oh, man, another busy one today. Hi, I’m Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news. Larry, the cable guy tweets with all the bad news everywhere. I decided to watch some light TV. So I put on the Brady bunch, just my luck. It was the episode where Bobby and Cindy went to Russia and were arrested for spying. Mark Norman. No wonder Batman is so depressed. Can you imagine how much it costs to fill up the Batmobile? The stocky economy populists was going to start a boycott of Yakov Smirnoff. Then I realized everybody not currently in Branson is already doing.

Pete Davidson is going to space. What do you think? Half-assed Jeff Foxworthy impression. If you think Pete Davidson go into space, it’s good for your podcast. You are correct. Oh, This is awesome. Thank you, Pete Davidson, this is going to be today’s March 15th and he’s going on the 23rd.

This is like 8, 9, 10 days of content. Thank you, Pete Davidson. That’s right. Pete Davidson will be the latest celebrity to fly to space with Jeff Bezos, his company, blue origin, the launch March 23rd, [8:30] AM. Central time. Sounds like we’re going to have a bonus episode. Mid-morning that day.

Pete Davidson will be joined on his flight by five paying customers. Who are these people? You’re wondering, I will tell you Marty Allen, an investor and the former CEO of party supply store, Jim kitchen and entrepreneur and business professor George. Nield a former associate administrator

for the federal aviation administration office of commercial space transportation. Interesting. Mark Hagle is an Orlando real estate developer and his wife is going Sharon Hagle, who founded a space focused nonprofit sounds like the haggles made a killing in the Orlando real estate market.

The crew will spend a few days trading. Just a few. I mean, today’s the 15th. Yeah. I mean, I guess there’s nothing to do you to sit there. I would be so terrified. I’m not doing this.

They’ll spend a few days training at blue origins facilities in west, Texas. CNN says after lift off the rocket will tear past the speed of sound and near the top of its flight path will detach from the capsule as the rocket booster heads back toward earth

for an upright landing, the crude capsule continues storing a higher into the atmosphere to more than 60 miles above the surface where the blackness of space is visible and a capsules windows will offer sweeping views of the earth. There’s a war in Ukraine, climate change, and we’re sending Pete Davidson to space.

As the flight reaches its apex. Pete Davidson will experience a few minutes of weightlessness.

As gravity begins to pull the capsule back towards the ground. Pete Davidson will again, experience intense chief horses before sets of parachutes are deployed to slow the vehicle down.

Blue origin does have plans to build a rocket power enough to reach actual orbit. . However, Russia can’t sell rocket engines to the U S anymore. So who knows what blue origin is going to do? Some people have real problems. Now when I woke up on Monday morning, that was not the lead Pete Davidson news.

This was from page six. Pete Davidson wants Kanye west to grow the F up. Let me get right to it. Pete sent Kanye a picture of Pete and Kim Kardashians bed. That’s throwing it down, man. Um,

Page six has the recap. They have confirmed. These are real Pete Davidson apparently tweeted yo it’s skeet. Can you please take a second and calm down it’s AEM and it don’t gotta be like this.

Kim is literally the best mother I’ve ever met. What she does for those kids is amazing. And he was so effing lucky that she’s your kid’s mom. I’ve decided I’m not going to let you treat us this way anymore. And I’m done being quiet. Grow the F up.

Mr. West then asked, oh, you using profanity now? Where are you? Right now? Pete Davidson sent back a selfie of himself shirtless under the. With the caption in bed with your wife. Wow.

Kanye, happy to see her out of hospital and re. Pete same here. it’s wonders, what those places do when you go get help, you should try it. I’m in LA for the day. If you want to stop being a little internet, bitch, boy, and talk.

You don’t scare me, bro. Your actions are so P word and embarrassing. So Santa wants you ruin your legacy on the daily.

This isn’t public dude. I’m not here for pictures and press, which is obviously all you care about. My offer stands. I wish it man, up for once in your life, let me help you, man. I struggle with mental stuff too. It’s not an easy journey. You don’t have to feel this way anymore. There’s no shame in having a little help.

You’ll be so happy. And at peace you have no idea how nice I’ve been. You, despite your actions towards me, I’ve stopped SNL from talking about or making fun of you, which they’ve wanted to do for months.

Then there’s a caption that says I’ve stopped. Stand up comedians .

And the screen grab has cut off the article from page six has one more line from Pete Davidson. I have your back, even though you treat me like crap, because I want everything to be smooth, but if you continue to press me, like you have for the past six months, I’m going to stop being so nice.

Yikes. I have a feeling we’ll be talking about Pete Davidson again tomorrow. As part of all this from people magazine fans have been paying a lot of attention to these selfie and they think maybe perhaps Pete now has a tattoo on Pete’s right shoulder above a skull tattoo funds are wondering whether it simply says Kim, or if there’s even a heart around her name.

On Friday, Kim went Instagram official with Pete Davidson, but fans couldn’t help noticing an odd discrepancy between the photo she shared to Twitter versus Instagram. Page six. It says social media users pointed out the carpet and the pics was clearly Photoshop. The one on Twitter featured a geometric design while the floor covering in the instant post appear to be solid gray.

That’s weird. The pics posted to Twitter have since been deleted. One puzzled fan wrote on Instagram. I genuinely don’t know why Kim edited the carpet. Does anyone know or care to take. One person suggested. And so someone couldn’t guess what hotel she’s in. Hmm. Interesting.

Another was impressed by the detail saying even got the reflection on the fire extinguisher, glass front to match and shadows a perfect. This is master.

And if you’re like Johnny Mack enough with this, sorry. There’s more Kanye is coming for DL Hughley. Now after DL Hughley shared some thoughts on Kanye and Kim’s divorce.

Radar had reported about DL Hughley. Sit down interview with land TV were hugely accused west of stocking. Kim hugely said he’s stalking her. You can think it’s cute. If was my daughter, I’d do something about it. I don’t think.

Kanye said I’m a real person who wants the best for my children and deal hugely as a pawn. Yeah. I know a king is not supposed to dress upon, but I dress everything and find a dress as DL. So don’t speak on me or my children. I can afford to hurt you.

Kanye, follow that up with a screenshot of him Googling where deal he ugly lives with the ominous man. DL Lives in location. I’m not here to spread that. Yo God is good. Smiley face.

He ugly responded. And it, where that Kanye supposedly has all these goons that will kill for him, but not one of them will get his prescription filled. That’s a funny slam. Here’s a thought while you’re on your way to location, how about somebody dropped by CVS and pick up his Xanax? Ooh, that’s a lot of Pete Davidson for this morning. Oh wait. Just as I’m recording from people. Let’s see. This is just in my inbox. Pete Davidson said he has done being quiet and alleged Tex exchange with Kanye west.

The alleged text exchange between Davidson west believes have been in response to somebody 12. Now deleted posts shared on the Rapper’s Insta page Sunday morning, and the first post of the day west repost that a now deleted ticktack video featuring his daughter and a strange wife and black clothing and makeup.

In the caption west took issue with the message he believed was being sent by both the song and his daughter’s video. About an hour later, west shared a video of himself in which he claimed, he told Kardashians to stop antagonizing me with the tic-tac. I said, I’m not allowing my daughter to be used by Tay-Sachs bees by Disney ever say, there’s no such thing as 50, 50 custody in society today, it always leans towards the mom.

Davidson then sent the Insta with Pete flashing

during the apparent text exchange between Pete Davidson and west davidson revealed. He was in LA for the day off to meet up with west. The rapper asked them discloses location. Davidson sent a photo of himself, flashing a peace sign with his fingers and sticking his tongue out.

Along with the phrase in bed with your wife.

At one point, Pete invited the musician who was hotel room after Sunday service and Connie was sons St. Scanned to talk things out privately one-on-one Kanye continued to urge the SNL star to meet him at his Sunday service. But Pete refused. This is in public dude. I’m not here for the pictures, covered that already.

Ooh, that’s a lot of Pete Davidson, some other stuff, Amy Schumer she’s hosting the Oscars for some reason. Judd Apatow thinks she’s going to be wonderful. I got to check and see whose agent is what there’s some Hollywood agent stuff going on with this Amy Schumer host on the Oscars thing. For sure. It is full court press out there.

Judd said, I saw Amy working on the set last night and it’s amazing. She’s the greatest, she’s a legend. They pick the right person to be part of that trio. Meanwhile per the daily mail, Amy Schumer admitted, she was leaning on a kind of shocking adult humor that she launched a career with though. Her lawyer asked her to tone down some of the jokes for the Oscars. She said, I emailed my lawyer about two jokes the other day. And he was like, no, Amy her material was up to snuff, but it initially didn’t go off. Well, once she tried out some ideas with Oscar producers via zoom about a month ago, and they responded with silence, Amy said, I was like, can you guys hear me?

She recounted the start of one graphic nominee theme joke that might have launched her introductory set, get rid of the kids. Skip 30 seconds of this kid with you. That joke my husband is going down on me or as he calls it squid game. So he’s in my nightmare alley. I didn’t tell that well, but that’s a funny joke if told properly.

However, you’re not doing that on the Oscars. My mom is going to watch the Oscars. She would lose her mind at that joke. Amy said she still plan to tick a couple of risks, but warnings from her legal team kept her away from the kind of jokes she would normally tell onstage. And from WK RN, a bomb threat, Nashville resulted in a quick evacuation of cat Williams show Saturday night.

Can’t was about 10 minutes from the end of a set.

The auditorium said cat decided not to inform the crowd of the bomb scare and to avoid panic possible injuries. A local security consultant told news too, that he thought Katt Williams made the right call. He said, high stress evacuations can lead to crowding and France trampling over one another.

Natural police cleared the building successfully without incident, no suspects are in comedy at this time.

If you like what I do here, you can support the show by going to buy me a comedy news. I made the run to the donuts chain this morning and I came back and I got my mom’s stuff that I brought it down to my mom. And she was telling me all about the critic’s choice awards, who she couldn’t get enough of this thing.

All right, mom, what do you got? Well, apparently best comedy feature. Once you licorice pizza, best talk show last week tonight with John Oliver. Hmm. I guess. I don’t know what I’d pick there. Sure. Best comedy special Bo Burnham’s inside. Hmm. Bad choice. Best comedy series, Ted lasso. Good choice. Best actor in a comedy series.

Jason Sudeikis Ted lasso. Best supporting actress, , Hannah wedding, him Ted lasso, best supporting actor, Brett Goldstein. He’s crushing it. Ted lasso. A good night for Ted last.

I thought Saturday night live was pretty good. Zoe Kravitz was very good. As the host, I really enjoyed the opening sketch, which was Joe Biden meeting with tick talkers. I like anything that shows how stupid Tik TOK is

The monologue was pretty good. . Kate McKinnon came out in a cat woman suit. She described as I’m Catwoman from the nineties, the one with the whip, you know, like cats have, which was a good joke. Then ego KnowAtom came out as earth, a kits, sixties, Catwoman, 80 Bryant as an actual cat lady.

And then Chris red broke out a cat Williams impression thought that was good. He made them honor. Speech was okay. I thought the prerecorded Amazon go store sketch was very funny. Please. Don’t destroy got on before midnight again. Catch the crowd reaction. They got a big ovation when they threw it to them.

Glad to see Lauren is finally giving them some daylight. I also really liked the sketch with Bowen yang and don’t stop believing marching band version. Bowen yang is criminally underused. That guy is hilarious and everything, and should be in a lot more sketches. I also really enjoyed the word crunch sketch

with mom hole, being the punchline for most of that schedule, pretty solid episode of Saturday night live

will forte a sign-on a star opposite Wiley coyote in coyote versus Acme. Thank you, Hollywood Porter for this.

The story, Wiley coyote. Sue’s the Acme corporation for the not quite and working order devices. He’s received from them over the years in his quest to best his potential meal, the road runner.

The movie tells the story of a down on his luck, human attorney he takes on while he has his client a suit only to discover that his boss at his former law firm is representing Acme. Will Ford say we’ll play the legal Eagle? John Sienna plays the formidable part employer. That sounds a good, good time.

John Sina, who we now know can actually do stuff.

Thanks to peacemaker John Siena, not good and fast and furious nine. Very good in peacemaker.

Bob Odin. Kirk has a new comedy podcast summer in our guile. This one is called an offbeat scripted comedy. It’s on audible. It’s all I know about it. Bill Maher, also getting a podcast.

Club a random, a series that we’ll see him host hour long one-on-one interviews with. And here’s what a script I’ve been doing this a long time. When this is your description, you have no focus, pay attention with a range of eclectic guests, where they talk about anything and everything except politics, any show that tells you talks about anything and everything, or, you know, the news of the day or whatever you guys want to talk about.

Those are unfocused shows and they don’t work.

Bill Maher’s club random out March 21st episodes. Every Monday, he’s recording the show at his home in his bar, which is known as club random. Not sure what that means. Deadline is there a bar in his house? I guess guests will include William Shatner, Quintin Tarantino. All right. Rap artists, Freddie Gibbs. Utuber Hannah stocking, Bella Thorne, Adam Carolla killer Mike and John Apatow, who can tell us how awesome Amy Schumer is?

Amy Schumer is hosting the Oscars for summer

. Is winning time of comedy. I guess I laugh at it. I’m entertained. This is the Lakers thing on HBO and you know, who’s in it. Mac packer, Michael Chiklis that’s right. Hey, Mac packer, Michael Chiklis. How did you prepare. To play Celtics legend red, our back Mack packer. Michael Chiklis said, I read a couple of his books and bill Russell’s book, which was particularly insightful because it’s great to learn someone else’s perspective on someone as iconic as red. It strikes me how universally loved red was by those who played from the front office.

and that, because he wasn’t dictatorial, he worked with the guys and made them feel like they had agency over their lives and that they had a partner. Conversely, those against red effing hated him. And why not? He was a fierce competitor. He wanted to beat you and made for some great basketball.

Let’s see. Who’s at south by tonight.

Five o’clock central time Creek and the cave, Joe DeRosa as a sandwich summit, breaking bread over culinary’s greatest creation. What is this? Joe de Rosa comedian and owner of New York sandwich shop Joey roses, who knew is joined by local chefs.

They’ll share their thoughts and unique spins on sandwiches. Blair, Sochi and Eddie Pepitone are on the bill five. O’clock something to do. Hopefully there’s food there. All right, what else are we doing at five? We can go

six o’clock at Esther’s Follies, the wide world of Doug’s comedy podcast. your hosts, Doug Benson and Doug Maillard. They’re your guests? Dolce Sloan and Dave Foley.

I think I’ll stick with the sandwiches over that at the Creek and the cave at seven o’clock the wonderfully titled , five comedians doing comedy. Love it. Here’s the description of five comedians doing comedy. Five comedians standing on a stage telling jokes, comedy jokes.

Love it. I just want to go to this show just because of the description. Vanessa Gonzalez, Andy Haynes, Mike Lawrence, Sean Patton, Scott Thompson from kids in the hall. Really good lineup there love the premise, you know, comedians silly jokes at a comedy festival. So, but that’s at the Creek of the cave after the sandwich thing.

So, you know, we could just stay there. They probably make you clear out, you go outside, talk to somebody, go right back in. Eight o’clock Esther’s Follies has the Byron Bowers experience.

Byron Bowers has built a reputation as an esteemed comedian established writer, recognized actor and passionate fashionista named by LA weekly as a comedy act to watch sounds like his publicist sent this in the south by they hit control paste and published whatever the hell Byron Bowers publicist wanted your lineup.

Byron logo. Gunselman punky Johnson, Kiri. Shahbaz

back to the Creek at nine comedy sendoff. The end of the 2022 south by Southwest comedy festival is near and we’re sending it off with standup sets by new and old friends of the festival. Oh no. Eddie Pepitone Dolce Sloan at Blair Sochi, Shane Torres, rich FOS. That’s a solid show.

10 o’clock last show of the night Gotham comedy club at standup showcase at Esther’s Follies.

Matthew Broussard, John Daley, Joe DeRosa, Mike yard. That’s a good show. I’d pick that one over the nine o’clock show. I think.

Oh, I had one more story that wanted to tell you, but I just check the clock. We’re getting long here. We have to go. I have a good story for later in the week. and that’s your comedy news for today? File a shell on apple podcast, Spotify, overcast, wherever your shows last week, lot of downloads last week, the numbers are really starting to roll on this thing.

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