Pete Davidson, Ken Jeong, Party Down, Colin Quinn…and why we lost at Trivia over Chris Rock

Ken Jeong walks off the set of The Masked Singer.

Pete Davidson will star in a horror flick. He’s also looking at house in LA.

Party Down adds some new charcaters

Glen and I finish 4th in trivia because one of us blew a COMEDY question.

A new Kids In The Hall documentary! Plus Amazon brings them back for 8 new episodes!

Colin Quinn on comedy clubs

Uncorrected transcript below.

Johnny Mack with your daily comedy. And he was late night, had fun with the new Washington football team named the commanders. Jimmy Kimmel said the w stands for why did it take you two years to come up with this camel? The commander’s kind of sounds like an action movie were Dolph, Lundgren and Sylvester Stallone.

Defend the assisted living facility, Kobe ear. It’s the Washington commanders. That really feels like the waste of a drum roll go. Bayer commander is, might be the only name, more generic than football team. I was hoping for something fun and new, like the Washington balloons or the fighting Dolly.

Parton’s, that’s kind of the same thing. Jimmy Kimmel, interestingly, the franchise now shares a name with president Biden’s dog. Who’s also named commander. Good thing. They didn’t name it after Trump’s dog, the Washington Pence’s

seth, the Washington football team announced it has changed its name to Washington commanders. As in Ram’s 37 commander is three cordon. I mean, calm, whatever he want, but they haven’t been able to command a winning season since Obama was an office coordinator. To give me an idea of how fans reacted shortly after the announcement.

This is true. The word terrible trended on Twitter, which is surprising considering how Twitter is normally so welcoming. And so. The late night guys also had a great set of Groundhog day jokes. I get that it was two days ago, but these are really strong. Jimmy Kimmel. I was thinking about February 2nd, 20, 22 years ago.

We still hadn’t had a single COVID death in the United States. Exactly. Six weeks later, the whole country was in lockdown six weeks to the day, but how could we have known this was coming? Who on February 2nd could have possibly predicted what would happen in six weeks. Go bear. All eyes were on gobblers.

No, but which I can’t believe I can say on CBS, by the way, Gobbler’s knob. It came up at trivia night. I’ll talk about trivia at the end of the show. My buddy Glen at knew what that was. I was like good job. Cause I wouldn’t have gotten that point. Seth Meyers. It was Groundhog day Punxsutawney Phil says we’ve got about six or seven winters left.

Felon. Yeah, that’s right. We spend all year telling people to trust science, then ask a large rodent to predict the weather Kimmel. You know, they could just flip a coin, but coins, aren’t known carriers of rabies and hepatitis. So it’s more fun to go with the Groundhog and Trevor Noah for the win. If Africans were doing this crap and you heard that we pulled animals out of the ground. There are villages in Africa where people where animal skins. And if I try to explain that Americans eat groundhogs, predict the weather, they would be like, why don’t you just use satellite data?

All right. Our first story today. I’m not even sure it’s comedy, but it’s definitely a water cooler topic. People in my life are talking about this. And Ken Junge is a comedian and doctors all squeezing in spoiler alert. Rudy Giuliani was unmasked as an exiting costume contestant on last week’s taping of the mast cell.

That alone Giuliani and a costume. You know, there’s going to be a ton of jokes about that. Deadline reports, Ken Junge and Robin Thicke walked off the stage in protest when they saw it was Giuliani personally. I don’t know why the mess singer thought Giuliani would be a good guest, but we’ll see how this story unveils should be interesting from chortle Amazon prime video has picked up a two-part documentary about the kids in the hall.

This sounds awesome.

The documentary is subtitled comedy punks and includes previously unseen footage from the earliest years of the troop and interviews with members day fully, Bruce McCullough, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney, and Scott Thompson also interviewed for this thing for some reason, Louis.

Janeane Garofalo at Cozart and may Martin,

this thing’s going to premiere at south by Southwest. Now, I didn’t know this. Did you? Amazon has ordered eight new episodes of the kids in the hall to air later this year. That’s awesome. I had no idea about that. And I host a podcast called daily comedy news. Maybe you’re sitting there on the other end of the headphones going, you know, I listen every day, but he never told us about the kids in the hallway.

We always got to hear from a suit. All right. So when he got the kids in the hall, comedy punks is a deep and intimate look into the world of legendary troop and offers a fascinating take on the cultural climate in which their groundbreaking comedy flourished. Okay.

Whatever they formed in Toronto in 1984. made five TV series between 88 and 94. Is it really that long ago? Airing on CBC and Canada, HBO and CBS in the states, kids in the hall aired on CBS in the states. It did Google time.

Wikipedia says in the United States, the first three seasons were on HBO before it moved to CBS in 1993, where it stayed for two more seasons airing late Friday nights. Yeah.

In 1993 I was In my early twenties and hanging out in bars and Dayton chicks. So I wasn’t home on Friday night watching kids in the hall. Like you nerds

I got to spend time with the kids in the hall once they were up at serious. And this is the sort of thing. And I’ve talked a lot lately about the Letterman influence on the way I think. So our idea, which we did do, and the guys thought it was funny was instead of having the kids in the hall broadcast from a studio, We made the engineers set up a remote broadcasting location in the hall, the bit being kids in the hall, in the hall.

And that’s where we did the interview. So if you were working at Sirius that day and you’re walking down the hall to your desk, here’s the kids in the hall in your way, doing an interview with her. And it was a lot of fun kids in the hall, in the hall. I’ve done some Google searches on it. I can’t find any evidence whatsoever on the internet that that happened.

Trust me, it happened. I really wish I could find a press release or a picture or something lost to the sands of time. Also at the south by south film festival we’ll be a slasher film called bodies, bodies, bodies. You know, who’s in bodies, bodies, bodies.

I’ll let you guess all day. Nope. You did not guess. Correct. Bodies bodies, bodies stars, Pete Davidson. He may be comedian of the year by the time we’re done also at south by Gillian. Jacobs has something called more than robots. All I know about it is it’s called more than robots and something called still working nine to five, a documentary about workplace and equity and the history of the classic film nine to five.

Do you watch party down? You’ll find it on Hulu. It is quite good. I was late on that. We were all laid on it. That thing used to get a zero rating party down was a show like 10 years ago, nobody watched it. And then vulture kind of has been singing its praises. That’s how I found out about it. And they’re bringing it back.

Party doubt originally canceled in 2010. Check your calendar. It’s been a while

for the third season, 12 years later, in addition to the returning cast from the original series, here’s some new people. Jennifer Garner, Zoe child, Tyrell, Jackson Williams. They’re joining a series regulars.

Jennifer Garner will play Evie, a successful producer of studio, franchise movies, who in the wake of a breakup is reconsidering her life choices. She has a fledgling relationship with Adam Scott’s character. He’s the lead. Okay. That makes sense. I was wondering, did she leave the studio and become a

party planner? Because that wouldn’t make sense to me. Zoe chair will play Lucy who dreams of being a celebrity chef. All right. That makes sense. Plot-wise Matson will be Jack. Botty an actor who plays the lead in a popular superhero franchise.

Why would Jack body be working for a catering company?

Every cast members were prizing their original characters except Lizzy Caplan. Lizzy Caplan says her busy schedule filming Fleischmann and trouble has prevented her from doing the show. According to deadline, Lizzy Caplan tried her best, but couldn’t make her schedule work. Now I would believe that for, Hey, I can’t do whatever.

This is 6, 8, 10 episodes. I’ve got my own show, but I will be shocked. If she doesn’t appear in one of these episodes, she’s such a key part of the plot lines of season one and two. I can’t imagine she doesn’t show up. I would be stunned. The returning members of the original cast, Ken Marino, Adam Scott, Jane Lynch, Martin star, Ryan Hansen, Megan Malone.

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I saw on the it’s always sunny in Philadelphia, Reddit. One of the producers of the show wrote what up. We’re recording another podcast on Friday. Hey that’s today? Any burning questions you want me to ask the guys, leave them here on the it’s always sunny Reddit and I will check back. If you’re a fan of, it’s always sunny.

That podcast is really good. Quick note. I couldn’t find the other day about John Malaney hosting SNL. He’ll be the fastest host to reach the five timers club in like 45 years. Malaney we’ll do it in three years, 10 months and 12 days. Now the record probably unbreakable, but Henry hosted five times in one year, 10 months, and two days between 1976 and 1977.

What was going on then? Did Lauren just not try or did a host not show up? And they’re like, eh, let’s just get buck here and here to do it. I that’s I’m even though I’m old. 1976 SNL is even before my time. So not sure what’s going on there. Quick hint from gossip corner, Pete Davidson is rumored to be looking to buy a place in LA, you know, Y who lives in LA, Kim Kardashians, Pete and Kim getting serious.

I could see them getting married and living together happily for 50 years. Can’t you. Apparently they were eating out the other night. And once you quarters Korean barbecue, and then headed to an escape room with friends.

But a lot of Colin Quinn articles lately. I actually have some Colin Quinn stuff over the weekend. Oh. Before I forget, because I will forget Sunday’s episode is a normal episode. I deep dived on that Jay Leno article that I’ve been picking away at all week. We could either hear what he says about Conan O’Brien.

Oh my goodness. As I was recording it, I was like, wow. I don’t preread a lot of these things on purpose. I like to react in the moment, but boy, when Jay starts talking about the whole Conant thing, wow. That’s Sunday’s episode. Tomorrow’s episode is a normal episode as well.

I’ve got some Colin Quinn stuff in the mix. Colin spoke to TB online.

And said comedy clubs are bad for having a lot of things going on. Comics have to deal with drink orders, conversations, hecklers. You have to do that. Lion Tamer. However clubs are good for tightening up your act. You got to get your jokes right away. You can’t screw around.

You have to get right to your point. Theaters are better for listening, which can be helpful for comedians talking about politics, concepts. I tell people don’t yell your opinions out. These are my opinions. It’s a comedy show. I don’t want them to debate each other.

I know you’ve been waiting, waiting and waiting for me to tell you how Glenn and I did a trivia the other night, we finished fourth by one point. Now here’s the problem. There was a question and it was multiple choice, which of these four people appeared on Saturday night live and in living.

One of us. Might’ve been Glen, I’m not saying who it was. Might’ve been Glen who claims to be some sort of comedy expert didn’t know that Chris rock was on in living color. We got the question. You’d expect Glenn to know that wouldn’t ya.

So we missed by one. I’m also mad at my wife. She’s a physician. There was a medical question on like, if you would just come to the bar, we could have won third place. We weren’t going to win first place. We had a couple bad rounds. The whole thing about trivia is it depends how the trivia guys shake out.

The questions the week I went with my daughter and we won, there were a lot of questions about eighties music. And I was like, got it, got it, got it, got it. Got it. But like the other night they put up a picture of someone they’re like, who is this? And we didn’t know it was Shakira.

I’m sure if I brought my daughter, she’d be like, Hey, old people that Shakira. But like, we didn’t get that point. And then all the millennials are getting points for that stuff, but there was one round they were asking about bill Murray movies with some clues. Now, if you’re of a certain age, Hey in this bill Murray movie about a camp.

Boom meatballs. Got it. Hey, bill Murray, join the army. Boom. Stripe’s got it. Hey bill Murray golf balloon, caddy shack. Got it. So like we ran that round. We did really good in the last round, but kind of bloomed that living color question that was in the first round.

It came back to bite us.

I shared on the various social medias. One of the questions was who was David Letterman’s first guest. And I was like, I’m pretty sure I got this one having done four episodes about David Letterman recently. And the theme of the night was bill Murray. That was an easy one. And the whole thing with buying Glenn five sevenths of a beer is catching on.

If you’re on the social media, as I shared it on Instagram at daily comedy news, you can see a picture of Glen with five sevenths of a beer. So thank you all for supporting the slash daily comedy news. You can donate any amount. Yeah. If you donate five bucks, I buy Glen five sevenths of a beer there’s photo evidence of there.

One of the trivia guys came over and it was like, what’s the five sevens of the beer thing. Cause I tagged their post with I’ll be there tonight to buy Glen five, seven, severe love the trivia guys, hoping to go back every Wednesday.

Sometimes life gets in the way, But Glen and I enjoy trivia nights. Again, if you’d like to support the show, buy me a company news. Leave me a voicemail, pod comedy news. The Reddit subreddits is at daily comedy news, Instagram at daily company news, Twitter. Nope. It’s at DCN pod cause somebody has at daily comedy news tweeted once does nothing with it.

And God help you. If you need to get somebody at Twitter to answer it.

Tomorrow and Sunday, our normal episodes. Follow the show on apple podcast. Spotify, Google, overcast, Pandora. Good pods were everywhere. See you tomorrow.

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