Podcast recommendations: Kill Tony with Tim Dillon AND Two Bears, One Cave with Louis C.K.

Johnny Mac went for a long drive and HIGHLY RECOMMENDS the episode of Kill Tony with guest Tim Dillon.  It aired in November 2022 and would have made like #3 on the end of the year list had I listened to it.

Louis C.K. is the guest on Two Bears, One Cave with Bert Krieshcer (I don’t know if Segura is on this one, didn’t listen yet.)

You guys didn’t tell me Matilda the Musical isn’t about a boxing kangaroo.

Mo Amer, Bill Burr, Shane Gillis, Robert Kelly, Eleanor Kerrigan, Jim Norton, Keith Robinson, Coogan Sounds, Ricky Velez, and Rich Vos will all perform at the annual Patrice O’Neal benefit show.

Kathleen Madigan will have a new special in February on Amazon Prime.

Wanda Sykes hosts The Daily Show.

The Shark deck. Hello, I’m Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news that you see. We hit the debt limit. Jimmy Fallon said the country’s so strapped for cash. George Santos is emailing people pretending to be a Nigerian Prince Fallon. Again,

treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said Extraordinary measures are being taken to keep the government’s bills paid, which explains why tonight Mitch McConnell started an only fans. Leslie Jones hosted the Daily show last week. She said, America’s so broke. The government might have to resort to extraordinary measures like taxing the richer, not going to war all the time.

But James Corden for the win. If you ask me, this is where we could use Donald Trump. I didn’t like the guy, but you’ve gotta admit he’s pretty good at not paying money that he owes.

some podcast recommendations for you. I had a very long drive over the weekend and kind of caught up on everything. Oh man, this next thing is so awesome. I’m so mad I didn’t listen to it in. There’s an episode of Kill Tony. Are you familiar with Kill Tony? The premise of Kill Tony is amateurs civilians.

They get up and they do one minute of standup. Some of them are good, some of them are awful. It’s very funny. The guest back in November was Tim Dillon, , who stayed in character the entire episode as Amy Schumer, and it was very, very funny. The comedians who randomly were drawn out of a hat that weekend, they were pretty good.

So the podcast you wanna check out is called Kill Tony. Go back to November and find the Tim Dillon episode. I’m mad at myself. Had I listened to it in 2022, this would’ve been way up there on my funniest things of 2022 list. It may have come in third or fourth, maybe NG Wang’s special is a little better, but this would’ve been top five for sure.

Kill Tony. The guest is Tim Dillon. Check that out for.

I also checked out the Kill Tony episode with Joe Rogan. Now, that one not as good. Why? The random people that got up outta the audience were all terrible. Tony, your host, can often get a lot of fun out of that, but uh, that episode just wasn’t as good. I switched over to Neil Brennan’s podcast.

I’ve been on a Neil Brennan kick. His guest was Andrew Santino. Get Out Your Daily Comedy News Bingo card. Yes, I have mentioned Andrew Santino yet again, and it was okay.

And then I kind of got bored, so I switched over to Neil Brennan with Sebastian Maniscalco, and I wasn’t feeling Sebastian at all. And then I unfollow the podcast. Sorry, Neil Brennan.

I saw today as I put together the podcast, the guest on Two Bears, one Cave. That’s the podcast hosted by Thom Seora and Bur er, the guest, Louis ck, the very canceled Louis CK, getting a rare, rare media appearance. So good to see Louis CK getting. From the Laugh button, the Patrice O’Neill benefit returns to New York City for its 10th year.

No joke. Yesterday morning I was talking to my wife about Patrice O’Neill. She was telling me a story about somebody who was kind of being a jerk, and it reminded me as she talked about the jerky person of Patrice o’.

I know the comedians love Patrice. I never enjoyed that man’s company. He would come at you and it wasn’t fun. . Like if he walked in the room right now, he’d be like, oh, so you’re hosting a podcast and your whole reaction to him coming at you would just be like, dude, F off. Like just not a fun person to be around.

I never really was sure if he was just constantly doing an act cuz he would do this to every single person he encountered and maybe you, when you in back went in the back room. He was awesome. So I don’t know if he was actually like that or chose to constantly act like that, but I did not enjoy the man.

The Patrice O’Neal benefit returns to New York City for its 10th year. It’ll be at the New York City Center, April 4th at seven 30. Friends of the late Patrice O’Neal will host a show in honor of the influential comedian who passed away in 2011. This week’s lineup, Moe Amer, bill Burr, Shane Gillis, Robert Kelly, Eleanor Kerrigan, Jim Norton, Keith Robinson, Coogan Sounds, Ricky Veles.

And Rich Vaz. Rich Vaz as well. Boy, Johnny bringing it. I know somebody who played golf with Rich last year, and the first thing the person did was said, do you know Rich Voss? And I’m like, yeah, you know, we’re at him a couple times a million years ago. He is not really the biggest comedian in the world.

And the golfer friend was just telling me what a jerk Rich Voss is.

Jenny Max. Do you just hate all comedians? No, not at all. Jeff Foxworthy lovely guy. I was actually sharing, uh, with somebody yesterday. There’s a Jamie Fox commercial right now on television, and at some point it, Fox goes, oh, snap. And then goes into, uh, some dialogue. That’s exactly how Jamie Fox is in real life.

If you see that commercial, that’s what Jamie’s like in real life. I like Jamie Fox. I like Jim Norton. I just mentioned Jim Norton. I don’t hate all comedian. I love Kathleen Madigan and she’s got a new special coming up.

Kathleen Madigan Hunting Bigfoot. Coming to Amazon February 21st.

this one was recorded at the Paramount Theater in Denver, Colorado. Explores topics including Kathleen’s Aging. Interactions with millennials, and as you might have guessed, hunting Bigfoot. Looking forward to that one. The Guardian did a q and a with Pat and Oswalt. They must have been fielding questions on Twitter.

One of the questions asked to Pat and Oswalt, why do you think Hollywood is so obsessed with casting beautiful people? Pat Oswald said, I think it’s the sunlight out here. It’s very harsh and unforgiving. So you’ve gotta have an unforgiving level of beauty to exist, whereas England has that wonderful gloom which lights up the crevices and the crags on people’s faces.

So you wind up valuing the acting way more than the look.

Patton, do you have any food crutches that get you through filming? Patton said really strong tea and hard sourdough pretzels. I can crunch ’em and drown out the dialogue.

Patton, how do you strike a balance between joy and outrage, especially giving our slow rolling apocalypse? Patton said, I try to accept each one as they come. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of real outrage every now and then, as long as it hasn’t permanently chased joy from you.

Patton, if you could strike one movie from your filmography, which one would it be? Patton said, I don’t judge films the way a viewer judges them. They were all really fun experiences. Even if some of the movies didn’t come out great, I wouldn’t wanna lose any of those memories, so I’m not striking any of them, keeping them all.

Patton Oswalt is out making the rounds promoting. I love my dad, which is now available for digital down.

Some quick hits. Muammar Comedy Festival added a not 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, seventh show for Theo Von theo von quietly a giant in comedy, one of the top rated podcasts, seven shows. That’s a lot of shows at a comedy festival. Congrats man. Night Court, which came out last week in the reboot, 7.55 million viewers.

That’s a pretty big number in 2023 as a comparison. the cool show this month is HBO’s, the Last of us, and I think some number, like between four and 5 million Watch that football does 20 or 30 million. The World Series does around 10 million, so seven and a half million for night. Pretty impressive.

Nate Besi is on The Tonight Show. Tonight how I Met Your Father. Season two is Back for some reason. That’s on Hulu. Wanda Sykes is your guest host on the Daily Show this week. She’s wrong for that show. I’m sorry. she’s not gonna be good at the Daily Show.

It’s just the wrong style of comedy for that show. Did you watch SNL this week? It wasn’t bad. A couple people I wanna spotlight Bowen Yang, crushing it as George Santos. The opening sketch where they did Fox football was terrible. The impressions all the way around were pretty bad. Specifically the Howe Long impression, I don’t know what that was.

Even James Austin Johnson, who normally crushes it. His Jimmy Johnson was not particularly strong. , but then Bow Yang showed up as George Santos and saved the opening, and he really crushed it. Then Bowen showed up on the news going back and forth with Colin Jost on the news. George Santos claims to be the first African American quarterback to dunk of football.

That was pretty funny. I noticed they were showcasing Molly Kearney this week for the first. They hadn’t really given Molly a lot of run. Uh uh. Not sure I’m seeing what Lauren is seeing, but who has the better comedy resume between Lauren Michaels and I? Slight edge to Lauren, like a little. So what do I know?

Mikey Day, I never really noticed before. Doesn’t kill in sketches at all. That popped out to me and Keenan Thompson. Always just the MVP there. Uh, Bo and Yang is fantastic. Would like to see more Sarah Sherman Guys, let’s get more Sarah out there.

the British Comedy Guide has the nominees for the National Comedy Awards 2020. . These are Channel four UK’s and National Comedy Awards. The nominations are best scripted comedy ghosts. You know that from American CBS version.

Don’t hug me. I’m scared. Not sure what it is, but it appears to be three puppets. I’m intrigued. Let’s see. Comedy series spoofing, children’s television, and friendly puppet based learning that looks. Dairy Girls Afterlife with Ricky dce. I’m going to vote for, don’t hug me, I’m scared. Just cuz it seems different.

Best comedy entertainment show the Graham Norton Show. Morr and White House Gone Fishing Taskmaster, the Chris and Rose Ramsey Show. Hmm. Again, I don’t know most of these shows. Taskmaster. That’s boring. , what’s the gone fishing show? Brits are like, what do you mean you don’t know what Morr and White House is?

You dumb yank.

Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mork fish together. That’s not much of a help. That description there. Oh, here we go. Paul Whitehouse is an experienced fisherman. Bob Morr is a complete novice. Their friendship stretches back, blah, blah, blah, and they go fishing. You know what? That’s different. I love Graham Norton, but I feel like he’s probably won this thing 27 times.

So let’s give it to the fishing. Best comedy panel show. Mock the week. Eight out of 10 cats does countdown Qi. Would I lie to you? Jimmy Carr is on eight out of 10 cats, so I’m of course gonna vote for Jimmy Carr if you listen all the time. You know he’s one of my faves best comedy podcast Parenting Hell Shagged, married, annoyed.

Off menu with Ed Gamble and James a caster Have a word with Adam Rowe and Dan Nightingale. Hmm. I don’t know. I haven’t heard any of these. I actually have heard off menu and I kind of like James a caster. I’ll vote for that.

Outstanding comedy actress Rose Mattos, Sears, shamonic Jackson, Sharon Hogan, Charlotte, Richie, Daisy, Maye Cooper haven’t seen any of their projects. I will pass my vote. Outstanding comedy actor Dylan Newlan. Ricky Vez. Joseph Gil keel Smith Bino, and Stephen Merchant. So it’s Stephen Merchant verse Ricky Dravet.

Now Stephen Merchant’s Up for Outlaws, which I’ve seen. Ricky Dravet for afterlife. I gotta give it to Ricky, plus his speech will be better. Although if you ever get to see Stephen Merchant to stand up run, he’s really, really. I saw him. Where was that show? I think that was Chicago. I think that was one of the, Chicagos was amazing.

I think Stephen Merchant was the same one with Tim Mentionin and uh, and Hannibal Burst. Oh, oh, oh, oh. I have a story. I have a story. I’m so stupid. So my road trip over the. I went to see a student production of Matilda. Now, when I go see a show, I don’t like to know anything about a show at all. I just like to go see it.

Now, what I knew about Matilda going in was the music was by Tim mentioned. Tim mentioned the Brit slash Ossie comedian. I thought Matilda was gonna be about a boxing kangaroo. Now you’re either like, oh, I see what you did there. Or you’re like, what the hell are you talking?

I was a child in 1978. There’s a movie called Matilda The Plot. A small time talent agent discovers an amazing boxing kangaroo. And figures to use him as his stepping stone into the big time by having a PE with a human boxer

starring Elliot Gould.

I think I saw this movie 40 years ago, so I thought Matilda was about a boxing kangaroo Tim, entrance Australian. You see what I did there? It’s not that absurd.

Outstanding female comedy, entertainment performer Fern. Sandy Hovi, Judy Love, Katherine Ryan, Sarah Milliken. I will abstain. Outstanding male comedy, entertainment performer. Greg Davies. Joe Lyce,

Munya Chihuahua, Lee Mac. Alex Horn. I’ll also abstain so you shouldn’t vote if you’re not familiar with.

And one more, another person who, no joke I was talking about over this weekend. She is, uh, Maya Rudolph. You may remember, uh, Maya. She was upset with David Letterman and accused David Letterman of saying her name wrong when David clearly just said, my next guest is, uh, Maya Rudolph, which is why every time I say this woman’s name for the rest of my life, I’m just going to deliberately drop an ah, in front of it.

E and MSS is officially retiring their iconic candy mascots and replacing them with, uh, Maya Rud.

Apparently there was a hubbub over the m and ms. Who knew Ms. Green used to be the sexy m and m, who knew. And then last year they decided to recreate Ms. Green and turn her more inclusive. They put her in tennis shoes and toned down her eyelashes and took away references to gender. This is an m and m of course.

Well, the m and ms have put out a statement, America, let’s talk. In the last year, we’ve made some changes to our beloved spokes candies. We weren’t sure if anyone would even notice, and we definitely didn’t think it would break the internet, but now we get it. Even a candy shoes can be polarizing. Which was the last thing m and ms wanted.

Since we’re all about bringing people together, therefore we’ve decided to take an indefinite pause from the spokes candies in their place. We are proud to introduce a spokesperson. America can agree on the beloved uh, Maya Rudolph. We are confident Ms. Rudolph will champion the power pop up bad. Come on.

I’m reading this. Sorry. Pop up, ed up. And I could have edited that out. Where were we? We are confident Ms. Rudolph will champion the power of fun to create a world where everyone feels they belong. Congratulations to, uh, Maya Rudolph, and that’s your comedy news for today. Follow the show for free on Apple Podcast, Spotify, YouTube, wherever you get your show.

See you tomorrow.

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