Podcast recommendations: Kill Tony with Tim Dillon AND Two Bears, One Cave with Louis C.K.

Johnny Mac went for a long drive and HIGHLY RECOMMENDS the episode of Kill Tony with guest Tim Dillon.  It aired in November 2022 and would have made like #3 on the end of the year list had I listened to it.

Louis C.K. is the guest on Two Bears, One Cave with Bert Krieshcer (I don’t know if Segura is on this one, didn’t listen yet.)

You guys didn’t tell me Matilda the Musical isn’t about a boxing kangaroo.

Mo Amer, Bill Burr, Shane Gillis, Robert Kelly, Eleanor Kerrigan, Jim Norton, Keith Robinson, Coogan Sounds, Ricky Velez, and Rich Vos will all perform at the annual Patrice O’Neal benefit show.

Kathleen Madigan will have a new special in February on Amazon Prime.

Wanda Sykes hosts The Daily Show.

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