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Did you ever ride around Los Angeles with Ralphie May as he got his car detailed? I did. A look at some past interviews from Ralphie talking about his comedy. Ralphie would have been 50 on February 17th.

Uh, Wayne’s world party time. Excellent. Wayne’s world released February 14th, 1992 made $183 million worldwide in 1992 bucks on just a $20 million budget. At the time of filming Mike Myers was 28. Dana Carvey, 36.

Mike Meyer said I was doing this character in 1981 in Canada, and previous to that as do the character, because that’s how I saw it. It’s sort of based on everybody wants to high school with.

Growing up in Serrano, Mike Myers was a comedy fan and wanted to perform at second city. He even tested out the Wayne Campbell character while in school. He said . The first place I did Wayne was in kitchens at parties to make girls laugh.

On the last day of high school. My last exam was at nine. My audition for second city was at 12 and I was hired at three, not bad. At second city, he started performing Wayne for audiences.

Then Wayne started making appearances on the Canadian channel, much music.

At that point, Wayne didn’t have a talk show nor sidekick, but once Mike Myers got hired on SNL, he realized he needed a way to integrate Wayne within the show’s parameters such as having one set in a time limit.

He got the inspiration while taking a tour of a cable access studio after moving to New York city.

So he added Garth in the sketches. Garth took his co-hosting duties. Seriously, often, simply reinforcing Wayne’s comments and holding the top 10 list displays.

Early on under the development of the film, there were even drafts of the script where Garth was entirely absence, reducing gore through a brief cameo. Wow. Roger Ebert’s review said, I walked into Wayne’s world expecting a lot of dumb vulgar comedy, and I got plenty, but I also found what I didn’t expect a genuinely amusing, sometimes even intelligent undercurrent, like the bill and Ted movies.

This one works on its intended level and then sneaks in excursions to some other levels too.

There was some strife in 2019, Dana Carvey it’s on Howard stern. The Carvey found that his additions to the script were constantly being removed by Mike Myers. While Dana Carvey always saw Garth as a sidekick, he felt the screenplay left them with nothing to do in the movie. So he quit three weeks before shooting garvey said when he quit, nobody will leave him.

Apparently Mike Meyer has really went to Batsis Bohemian Rhapsody. He told us to mark Marin. As an example of something I fought very, very hard for, and it was my first movie. It was Bohemian Rhapsody in Wayne’s world. They wanted guns and roses, guns and roses were very, very popular.

They were fantastic. Queen at that point, not by me and not by hardcore fans, but the public and sort of forgot about them. Freddie mercury had gotten sick the last time we’d seen them was on live aid. And then there were a few albums after that, where there was sort of straying away from their arena, rock roots, but I always loved Bohemian Rhapsody.

I thought it was a masterpiece. So I fought really, really hard for it. At one point I said, I’m out. I don’t want to make this movie if it’s not Bohemian Rhapsody.

About that scene director, Penelope Spheeris said we were towing the car down the streets in Covina. I had cameras all over the car cause I needed the coverage for the title sequence.

The guys were complaining after a while and I don’t blame them. They were headbanging for six or eight hours unless you’re Dave Mustang from Megadeath. You’re not used to having your head bang around like that. So it was very uncomfortable for them. And I was asked to stop a couple of times and the rest is history.

Now just last week, that very car, the mirth movie. Well sold at an auction for $107,676. The car is a 1976, AMC pacer driven by Dana Carvey and the film has modifications, including blue paint with flame decals, mismatch, Chrome rims, a kitted out audio system, a roof-mounted licorice dispenser, and a plastic cup dispenser.

And the.

The car was given away by MTV after the movie was. Then it found itself in a museum in Oregon, then it was purchased by somebody living in Florida who sold it to Rick Harrison from pawn stars in 2015, for 14,300, $5. It was then restored and sold again, an auction in 2016, that time had sold for 56,316.

Again, last week it sold for 107. So somebody doubled their money on that investment. See you, other Pacers were made for the sequel 1990 threes Wayne’s world to one of those is a stretched out six wheel mirth limo used to drive the members of Aerosmith in one of the films, alternative endings.

The other was a custom built convertible pacer used for another alternate ending. This one where they Thelma and Louise style ending

From GQ. There’s one joke that stuck with me more than anything else in the movie. It’s one of many throwaways. When Wayne bops into a music shop to try out a guitar, he starts, the gym gets off a few notes, and then the clerk grabs the neck of the guitar and points to a sign that says no stairway to heaven.

GQ explains the gag is the expense of wannabe concern, our heroes who get just good enough to pluck out the opening notes of the most obvious song you can imagine, and immediately rush off to showroom. And what they’ve accomplished the scene struck a chord with music store employees who gritted their teeth through innumerable halting performances of stairway through the seventies and eighties.

When guitar forums suggest sweet home, Alabama smoke on the water and Blackbird be added to the list. Yes. Smoke on the water. Everyone who does that one. These days you can still buy no stairway to heaven signs modeled. After one in the movie, one at Seattle guitar store offers a 15% discount for any customers who play stairway on the condition.

They play the song all the way through without making a single error. If you get it wrong, they’ll come at you with a broom.

One thing. If you watch the clip, Wayne doesn’t actually play stairway to heaven. Here’s why at some point after the U S release the Warner music group and led Zepplin refused the rights to even the first few notes of stairway for broadcast video or foreign release resulting in a hasty patchy edit.

The director said with stairway, we were told we could only use two notes before we’d have to pay a hundred grand. Set of cell that is going to play stairway to heaven. And two notes is pretty difficult.

I don’t know if this is true or not, but somebody told me in the first version of the movie, we play too many notes. So they had to go back in and edit out a notice to.

From USA today, 25 things you didn’t know about Wayne’s world. I’m not reading all 25 because some of them are kind of lame, but some of the less lame ones coordinated Dana Carvey, Garth was inspired by his brother, Brad, who was an engineer who built the first wire wrapped a video toaster editing tool.

That’s important because in Wayne’s world two, Garth wears a video toaster. T-shirt get it. Next fun fact. When Griff plays the drums at castles music, that’s really Dana Carvey drumming. That’s cool.

Meyer’s and Carvey improvised dialogue. While they’re laying on the hood of the car, the whole, did you ever find bugs bunny attractive when he put on a dress and blade? That was improvised.

Mike Myers wanted to cut the scene where Stacy crashes are biking with car. He didn’t think it was funny. Then he realized it got some of the biggest laughs.

In the UK where SNL was rarely shown Wayne’s world sketches were extracted from SNL broadcast and individually packaged as 10 minute episodes, which aired on BBC two.

The sketch appeared in a lot of SNL episodes. I’ll just give you the guest host for the episodes. Otherwise taken me forever to read this list. Leslie Nielsen, Mary Tyler Moore, Wayne Gretzky, Bruce Willis, John Goodman, ed O’Neill, Tom Hanks plus Aronson. Debra winger, Candice Bergman, John Goodman, staying Jeremy irons, Delta Burke, plus Madonna, Michael Jordan Chevy, chase Sharon Stone, Tom Arnold, Nicole Kidman, Heather Locklear

all that between 1989 and 1994. The sketch came back in 2011 when Dana Carvey was the guest host. And again, in 2015 for SNL’s 40th anniversary special

in the early sketches, Wayne and Garth are high school students. And the guests on their show included teachers, including one played by ed O’Neill and other students from the school such as Nancy. Who’s a babe.

In later appearances, Wayne and Garth appear to be young adults, although Windstill lives with his parents and their discussions shifted more towards current events and pop culture phenomenon with the show featuring actual celebrity guests

in one sketch, they got to jam with Aaron Smith, performing the extended hard rock version of the Wayne’s world theme song.

That sketch was listed as number I’ll let you guess what number was it listed in the TV special SNL’s 101 most unforgettable moments. Where would you put Wayne’s world with Aerosmith? If you had to rank 101 SNL moments, would you. Number one, of course you wouldn’t because you’re not on crack.

However, it was number one on that special Watts. I’d have to think about what number one is, but it’s probably not. That is it.

For the 2011 reunion when Dana Carvey hosted Wayne’s world appeared as a cold open in which the, to discuss their picks for the upcoming Oscars, they favored to the movie winter’s bone because the name lends itself to double entendres. In 2015, they were prized the rolls for SNL’s 40th anniversary. They gave a top 10 list of the things they love about SNL sketch.

Also featured a cameo by Kanye west

for the super bowl in 2021 Myers and Carvey reprise their roles for several Uber eats ads.

And there were some wacky spin-offs in 1992, the Wayne’s world VCR board game, the game, future to videotape with approximately 30 minutes of new footage of Wayne and Garth. A video game based on the first film was released for the Nintendo in 1993.

Also around that time, a Wayne’s world sketchbook, it included a mail-in offer for Wayne’s baseball cap and showed various celebrities such as Elvira and Michael Jordan modeling. The same hat Wayne wears.

On the children’s show between the lions. They have a regular segment called go Wayne’s world. I’m not familiar with this.

On a 1995 episode of Sesame street, telly monster and big bird hosted Teles town, which feeds should Mike Myers guest starring is Wayne. Although he was portrayed as a delivery, man, I wonder why that choice.

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