Ricky Gervais’ daily routine

He walks! He takes vitamins! He meets with his assistant! He pets dogs! It’s Ricky Gervais’ daily routine!

Sean Patton on the difference between comedy albums and comedy specials!!!!

Al Madrigal is authoring a comic book.

Todd Barry admits he kinda bailed on his podcast

The World Comedy Expo is coming to Chicago March 25-27 and will bring together more than 170 stand-up comics and sketch/improv troupes. Sounds cool!

A student at Northwestern ressurects Stephen Colbert’s Improv troupe.

Jennie Mack with your daily company news, the St. Petersburg catalyst. I talked to Jay Leno and asked him, was there always a plan to go back to stand up on the tonight show ended. Jay said, first of all, I never stopped doing standup. I was on the road 150 days a year when I was doing the tonight show.

You know, I never believed TV was a real job. TV lasts as long as it lasts, when it comes to a crashing end, it just stops. I’ve told this a million times. But I’ve never touched a dime from my tonight show money. I’ve always lived on the money I made as a standup cause I always wanted to be hungry in my mind.

If I don’t work this week, I have no money coming in while I do. But in my mind, I don’t because I live on what I make that week. Look, it’s a ridiculous premise, but it does keep you home.

Wall street journals spoke to Ricky surveys. The pandemic has changed Ricky morning routines. He now wakes up at seven 30 in the morning, two hours earlier than he used to. He drinks coffee checks, his emails eats breakfast with his partner, author Jane Fallon. They’re out of the house by a quarter to nine for a daily one hour walk around Hampstead, Heath, the grassy Woodland park in London. We do it for exercise to get our steps up. We’re slaves to our Fitbits, but it’s also to meet docs, estimates. He knows 200 dogs by name at this point.

Does he have a go-to breakfast? It’s granola. That’s just how I want to be.

Without milk or almond milk. Do you take any vitamins? I’m taking a Baraka. It’s a fizzy vitamin C thing you put in water. A bit of vitamin D. I started that during the pandemic because I heard it was good against COVID a vitamin P in there as well. Is that a, is that a thing vitamin. Never heard of that one.

What do you do after the walk? I get back around 10, then I do admin. Typical day. I meet my assistant. We go to the office, I do two hours of admin, which includes fan mail. Today. I had to write a description for my standup show and my assistant had about 10 requests. I try and turn them all down.

The only thing is I can’t turn down a charity request today. I turned down a voiceover and handing out an award. My excuse for not handing out the award was I can’t be bothered to get dressed up and they just laughed. It’s a wonder, I still get offered things.

Now, all requests for actual work, start with, I know this is a long shot.

My attention span is short. So I do a lot of things at once. I’ll be writing a script or work on standup. It goes from two minutes of concentration. See, wow. I became a chess. So I have a game of chess and I come back. What was I doing? Then I look at the standup thing. I’d think about that.

Then I go on YouTube and go down a YouTube portal. And then the algorithm kicks in and shows me a song I haven’t heard before. It sounds like how I prep for this podcast. Then I’m like, go now seriously. I’ll be like looking up stories and then Twitter catches my attention. Then I get an email. Yep. I hear you, Ricky.

that might be great for this scene if I’m writing something. So I can at all as work, sometimes interruption is the inspiration. Twitter’s the other distraction. Amen. I also tweet his work. It’s marketing for me. Amen. I’ve always got something to flag or tell them about a market research.

When I’m working on a new shell, I’ll often do sort of a fishing tweet where I’ll say something like, what’s the one thing you should never joke about. And of course, everybody says something different everybody’s so shorts, the one thing she never joke about, and that becomes my set list. So Ricky Gervais is, is there something you shouldn’t joke about now?

There’s no subject, you shouldn’t joke about his pans on the joke as a journalist. There’s nothing you wouldn’t write about.

It depends on your angle, right? I think a lot of this pious offense comes from people mistaking the target of the joke with a subject. You can joke about anything, but it depends on what the actual target is. If you use irony and people see that at face value, they think you’re saying one thing, you’re actually saying the opposite.

I love Ricky. His standup specials are fantastic. Obviously the office, have you heard of this show? The office, it’s a workplace comedy. You’d like it. You should watch. Afterlife has really good extras was really good. Was the other one. The other one I didn’t really love. What was the other one?

I don’t know. Hit me up on social media at DC and pod Twitter at daily company news, Facebook group, daily companies, podcast, Reddit daily comedy news was the name of that one. I could just look it up. I don’t know.

Off be duck. Come asked Sean Patton about his new special, Hey, the new special going to be more of a storyteller’s type special. We are trying something different. Sean Patton said, well, something that a much wiser person brought to my attention a while back albums are awesome because they kind of exist in their own bubble.

They have their own vacuum, where people are going to listen to those. And when it comes to an album, you got to think people aren’t always going to just be able to sit down and listen to the album, start to finish. A lot of times, people listening in the corner can be to work or while working around or some idiot.

Who’s running a satellite radio comedy channel, takes your album and chops it up in a five minute bitch on patent that’s been known to happen. They’re probably going to listen to a lot in chunks. So will an album. You can sort of give them a charcuterie board of material. If that makes.

Go back to it, pick it. It takes servings of what you desire with a special it’s a meal eight times out of 10. People are going to sit down and watch it start to finish. So it’s gotta be like a meal and I want this to be a meal. You know, he brings up a good point. You guys know I get on my soap box about how the Grammys give out best comedy album.

For things that I feel are really Netflix specials. I think Sean pat is kind of nailing the difference between an album and a special here. Let me back up eight times out of 10, people are going to sit down and watch the special start to finish. So it’s gotta be like a meal. The has got to know what the chef can do or what they’re capable of.

This special is basically an expos of who I am from start to finish from the deepest, darkest, most humiliating parts of me to the parts. I’m very proud of to have part of me. It’s very personal hour and it sort of follows a theme of I’m slaying my demons for you. So you can learn how to slay yours. I’m exposing my own natural flaws.

You can laugh at my floss and then find your own.

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Much better. See, so I’d take your money. And I go to the national donut chain. I buy one of those in case I record three podcasts in a row. My voice starts to crack. I’ve learned three is the limit I thought I was going to do for today. Cause I’m feeling really good. I’ve got a lot of energy and I’m trying to accommodate some scheduling issues.

By the way, as you’re listening to this, I’m on an airplane. I should be home in a couple hours. But I made a coffee.com/daily comedy, and he was Al Madrigal. He’s a stand-up comedian actor, a TV writer and producer. I like his standup comedy. Well, he’s got another job now. Comic book author. Sure. Why not?

He’s the author behind Primo’s in Primose. Our protagonist is Ricky Pascal. A seemingly ordinary teenager from the LA neighborhood of Boyle Heights, who discovered that he, along with two distant cousins are direct firstborn descendants of the ancient Mayan emperor Janov and they are tasked with saving the world from the forces of Janove’s vengeful, younger brother Kahn, K a N

both brothers are time travelers and space travelers and are still around. Okay. Hey, remember the Todd Berry podcast, Todd Barry, you said to be honest, I kind of build on the podcast. I haven’t recorded a new episode in quite some time. I think it’s a great medium, because you can say, I want to do this and then you’re doing it.

Some podcasts have changed the lives of comics and brought them a following. They probably wouldn’t have, otherwise that being said, I’d like to further explore podcasting at some point.

From the Chicago sun times, the organizers of the world comedy expo has that for a title. The world comedy expo are hoping their four day event is slated for Chicago in the spring

will help all of us find something to laugh about. The expo runs March 25th through the 27th, and we’ll bring together more than 170 standup comics and sketch improv tubes from Chicago across the country and across the globe for 27. Comedy showcases shows that the laugh factory, the annoyance theater, den theater, and two of the second city venues, wondering if I should go to this?

Cause I could crash at my daughter’s place. And this sounds like a lot of fun and I like Chicago. I just may do this.

One of the co-founders said I came to Chicago from Japan as a young Stanhope because the city is known as the comedy capital of the world. Isn’t it. It’s a really good comedy city, but it’s at the comedy capital of the world. It’s really good. Like it’s really, really, really good. But is it known as the comedy camp of the world?

Cofounder Carey? spent 11 years as the president of second city training center, she said reaction from the industry after the call went out for expo participants was extraordinary. She had said having been part of the city’s comedy community for many, many years, I knew Chicago had and continues to have a fair amount of comedy Fest.

We have the Chicago improv festival sketch Fest just for laughs. I don’t think that happens anymore. That was a good one. That’s when I used to go the women’s funny festival, they have their specific niche. Sadly, some are no longer happening yet, but it was right with our expo. We really feel we’re filling a void 90 stand-ups 25 ensembles tickets are $20 per showcase.

She and said there were no headliners at the festival, but that was a deliberate choice for the inaugural edition of the festival. They hoped to bring it to Chicago for many years to come with an even bigger emphasis on international. And let’s stick with Chicago from the daily Northwestern last summer communication, sophomore, Ethan Gomberg attended a taping of the late show with Stephen Colbert during the audience Q and a.

He asked Cole bearer about his experience as a theater major at Northwest. We named Colby or mentioned stuck out to him. No fun mud. Paranas

that’s an improv group that had not been active since the start of the pandemic. It was the only one on campus with no auditions. Gomberg decided he wanted to bring them back to the stage.

He said I wanted to fill that need for students interested in improv interest in performing the build skills and practice and have fun in this lower stakes environment.

Everybody that’s in the room knows what it’s like when something doesn’t land or joke bombs. So nobody’s negative about it when something goes great, everybody laughs and everybody’s clapping.

Everybody’s equal. Everybody’s just there to have a good time and appreciate the comedy that each person uniquely adds. And that is your comedy news for today. Follow this show on apple podcasts, Google podcasts, overcast, Spotify, wherever you get your shows. The Reddit is daily comedy news, Facebook group, daily company news Facebook group.

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