Ricky Gervais: I wouldn’t have made a joke about (Will Smith’s) wife’s hair. I would’ve made a joke about her boyfriend.

Ricky Gervais with the smackdown Will Smith joke: I wouldn’t have made a joke about (Will Smith’s) wife’s hair. I would’ve made a joke about her boyfriend.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene reported Jimmy Kimmel to Capitol Police

Lauren Knight and T.I. fight some more and then make up again

Kim Kardashian says Pete Davidson gave her the Aladdin rug.

Jim Norton likes the D.C. Improv but hates everybody.

Comedian Lewis Black donates archive to UNC-Chapel Hill University Libraries

Comedy Central announced Jordan Klepper Fingers The Globe – Hungary for Democracy.

and some British stuff.

Waiting to hear what Ricky Gervais said. I thought today was going to be calm when I was writing it. It was a little calmer, but the angst came back. Hi, I’m Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news. Jimmy Kimmel said spirit airlines may have a new owner soon back in February. Spirit announced plans to merge with frontier airlines,

but now jet blue swooped in with a better offer. JetBlue wants to buy spirit for $3.6 billion plus $55 extra for carry on luggage. Fantastic joke. The JetBlue CEO said customers shouldn’t have to choose between a low fare and a great experience. And jet blue has shown it’s possible to have both in spirit airlines have shown that it’s not. That was Kimble. Again, one more from kibble spirit in real estate terms is what you’d call a fixer-upper. Those would be a class in cultures. For sure.

Spirit is a budget airline no-frills ever fly. And then jet blue offers things like free wifi snacks, drinks. They have a real bathroom instead of a bucket that everybody passes around. Jimmy Fallon said, don’t worry, it’ll be the same spirit airlines, except now every seat will have a TV that doesn’t work in a bag of blue chips.

Speaking of jets awkward transition. When I saw this one from our friends at all print lines, these the football jets, and I just thought it was a great joke, wanted to share it. The New York jets donated $1 million to Ukraine. You know, you’ve. suffered when the jets feel sorry for your losses.

Okay. While I’m talking here, I want you to start making a list of Adam Sandler movies. I’ll tell you why after the break. Okay. I need you to list Adam Sandler movies. Start doing it.

Jimmy Kimmel might be in some hot water, probably not, but you never know from the New York post. Representative Marjorie Taylor green said she had reported Jimmy Kimmel to Capitol police. Why? After the late night hosts joked on here that will Smith should slap her

green tweeted that Kimmel’s wise crack amounted to eight threat of violence. Her tweet, ABC this threat of violence against me by Jimmy Kimmel has been filed with the Capitol police. Jimmy Kimmel fired back on Twitter and said, officer I would like to report a joke apparently on Tuesday nights, Kimmel, Jimmy was upset at the Congresswoman after she tweeted that senators, Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins and Mitt Romney were quotes pro pedophile

for being part of the group that wanted to confirm a Supreme court justice nominee Jackson to the Supreme court during his monologue, Jimmy Kimmel referred to green as a clan mom and said she was especially upset by her fellow Republicans decision to confirm Jackson. Then he made the joke, wow. Where is will Smith when you really need.

Speaking of the slap we have finally heard from Ricky Jovi’s. He was on Twitter, live on Wednesday, whatever what’s Twitter live I’m on Twitter, like all day. I don’t know what that is. Who cares?

Ricky said you don’t hit someone over a joke, however bad it is. And it wasn’t bad. . That was like, the team is joke. I would have ever told,

Ricky said people were going, what would have happened if had been hosting the Oscars? He added well, Nothing as I wouldn’t have made a joke about his wife’s hair. I would’ve made a joke about her boyfriend. Ooh, drop the mic.

Ouch. That is a funny line though.

also mocked people for criticizing Chris rock for joking about Pincus Smith’s disability at the Oscar. He was pushing back on the notion that alopecia is a disability. Ricky said, well, I’m going a bit thin, meaning his hairline I’m disabled.

And I’m fat. That’s a disease. I’m fat and balding. I should get effing benefits. Let’s stay on the angst side of things. Got more about comedian Lauren, night’s little beef with T Ivy, aspiring comedian

on Tuesday, Lauren posted a video of T I’s Instagram live in which TEI claimed that he never called Lauren a B word. She then shared footage of him doing. She wrote, see, it went from something simple that should’ve gotten squashed and settled to this man using his platform to lie on me, to justify some bull hockey.

Everybody’s tripping. I just want to do comedy trouble, man. 31 run me my million. We ended on a positive note. Now you lying and sing as to weaponize your fan base and that I’m not here for ID GAF about how you all feel. I’m here for the truth. I’m getting death threats and harassed , because a person want a lie.

That’s the lamest.

The LA time says by Wednesday all seem to be okay again. And the rapper plugged night and her work on Instagram sharing a clip of the two making nice onstage Monday night. T I said, I’ve said from my entrance into the world of comedy, that I intend to use my light to shine on others, to bring awareness to those who also have love and respect for the art form and the spirit of that.

Everyone I’d like to introduce you to and she’s Lauren Kay. She’s a young up and coming comic on the scene in Atlanta. Check her out. All right. That’s nice. He continued, she’s a young black woman fighting the user voice for laughter. And I understand that may take us down dark roads at times, but there’s always an opportunity to fund a beacon of light and produce a positive outcome. As I say, all the time, all ships rise with the hide side, maybe she used whatever fame and notoriety she receives for. Good. I wish you the best and hope you bring the world more joy and laughter with the light you receive. I’ve done my part here. Moving on love and respect.

Jim Norton will be at the DC improv. Next week, he spoke to WTO. P Jim said, the longer you to stand up, the more you hate clubs, and you just want to do small theaters or big theaters, if you can. But the DC improv is one of those clubs you always want to do. You don’t ever get to a point where your career, where you don’t want to do the DC improv.

It’s an amazing. I asked for his set. He said, obviously I’m covering what happened in COVID my personal life updates. It’s a totally new hour from when I was there. Last time. There’s stuff about COVID vaccinations and how much I hate everybody. I can’t even read comments on social media because reading people’s comments just makes me hate them all.

Comedian Lewis black has donated his archives to UNC chapel hill university libraries. Lewis said, I wrote all this stuff. I kept it all. I don’t know why I was a writer, so I kept everything to go back to it.

And from the laugh button, comedy central has announced a new special storing Jordan Klepper. It is titled Jordan Klepper fingers at the globe. Hungry for democracy. All right. What’s this about the special documents Jordan Klepper’s journey from SeaPak to hungry to find out why the Hungarian right-wing government has become American conservatives, latest obsession.

But is the only country in EU labeled the quote party free. Really the future of American democracy. Jordan travels to this all right. Paradise in the middle of an election and humanitarian crisis to finger a Hungary’s pulse. Wow. That sounds really complicated guys.

There’s a new episode of my travel podcast, which is called travel is back on this week’s episode. You’ll hear me driving through death valley, which was just a wonderful experience. Travel is back wherever you get your shows, I gave you some homework. You were supposed to name Adam Sandler movies. How did you do well?

Here’s why I bring this up. Remember on yesterday’s podcast. I mentioned how I like to go to trivia nights and that my team is not good at movies. That’s our weakness. Well, this week. After the main rounds, we were in a three it’s high for second place. And the trivia guys, they usually do. Tiebreakers where you have to name movies that a specific actor was in.

I think last time we were in a tie-breaker it was DeNiro. And if I’m remembering correctly, we won the tiebreaker. Well, this week they wanted us to name Adam Sandler movies. Now, if you are a longtime listener, who’s been around for two years, plus, you know, I hate Adam Sandler movies. I think they’re all terrible, except uncut gems and maybe the ones with drew Barrymore in them, the rest of them complete garbage back during the pandemic.

I did a lot of weekend filler episodes ripping Adam Sandler movies. So this is not my wheelhouse at all. So we’re in a three wait side. It’s a lightning round. I go give me a pen and I get a pen and a napkin, and I’m just. Every Adam Sandler movie I can think of, but this thing’s going quick. My buddy bill was the spokesperson for the team and he’s like, give me another one.

Give me another one. I’m like, I don’t know Jack and Jill, I dunno, uncut gems. And I like couldn’t even remember all the stupid ones, you know, Treme nights at a brewery, maybe had a beer or two just saying brain don’t work and full speed. Anyway, we were the first team knocked out. I could not name any more.

Adam Sandler movies. I can’t believe they were with Adam Sandler movies.

The Webby awards announced some, uh, nominees earlier in the week, but I couldn’t get to it because everybody’s fighting with everybody under the category interview slash talk show, general series podcast. Some of the nominees are, and I struggle with these,

the problem I have with this list is it’s just, it’s big money has come in. So here are the nominees, the late show pod with Stephen Colbert, which I I’ve listened to, I think is just a rip of the TV show. Adios. Is that really a podcast to drew Barrymore show podcast? I don’t know if that’s a rip or if they do extra stuff.

The problem with John Stuart’s, uh, they do do some extra stuff on that podcast. The man NF podcast, I’m not familiar with. And the last laugh podcast on the daily beast, which I check out sometimes. And it’s okay. So if you made me vote for one of those five, I’m going to vote for the man enough podcast.

And I don’t even know what it is. The Webbys for comedy general video parentheses video. All right. The nominees are the tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon for Broadway’s back charity bids, Dick van Dyke attributed. Something called the pitch from Nicola month-end and Ari protest photography from studio 180 1 and something called central PR without a recipe. I don’t know. I, I do this every day and believe me every single day, I type comedy in comedian into. I didn’t say when any of those things are, but all right. That’s, what’s nominated under podcast limited series bill Carter’s behind the desk podcast.

That was about the history of late night. I liked that a lot. I hope that wins and the comedy podcasts nominees are, and that’s why we drink the daily show. Sarah Silverman’s podcast Smartlist and best friends with Nicole Byer don’t even bother Smartlist. It’s just going to win anyway, whatever let’s head on over to gossip.

John Malaney and Olivia Munn went to the grocery store. They were spotted leaving Gelson supermarket with a cart full of groceries. I looked at the pictures. I don’t think I would have recognized Olivia Munn in suburban mom outfit.

The daily mail has a description. Olivia wore a beige coat over her blue fennel, buttoned down gray, sweat pants, and a chunky pair of white trainers. She left the store with a black face mask, covering our complexion and a smart pair of glasses resting upon the bridge of her nose.

She also wore her Raven tresses up in a no fuss bun. Now you’re wondering what Malania was wearing. I’ll tell you flannel white t-shirt beige slacks and midnight blue trainers

trainers are sneakers for you. Yanks case. You’re wondering John Malaney also wore a black face, man. Staying on gossip corner. Kim Kardashians says Pete Davidson gave her the SNL costumes they wards during their first kiss. When was that first kiss? Remember it was during the Aladdin sketch. When Kim hosted SNL back in October.

Kim was on with Jimmy Kimmel who asked what became of the rug. Do you have it now? It seems like you should. That is such a low, like that came up with the prep. It’s not like Jimmy Kimmel’s like, what should I ask? Kim Korn dashi. And I guess I’ll ask her if she has the rug from the Saturday night live sketch six months ago.

That’s SOTAL producer prep. Come on, Jimmy Kimmel. What became of the rug. Do you have it now? It seems like it should. What do you know? She had an anecdote, what a coincidence Kim said, actually for Valentine’s day. He gave me the rug and the whole outfits and the little genie lamp.

So I do own the rug. Good thing. She had an anecdote and Digitas go. I don’t know what happened to it. Jimmy, that would have been a bad late night show.

Kim will then sold Kardashians that his team had to carry and a huge bouquet of flowers that Pete Davidson had sent over. Kamal asked Kim, does that make other boyfriends look bad? I’m not sure what her response was from. Chortle another 513 shows have been added to Edinburgh fringe, 513. In total, there are now 796 shows available with more sets to be announced on May 5th.

I almost got there one year back when I worked for serious. Um, and for reasons I sent over my Lieutenant who covered it with one of our hosts over there, never made it over there myself.

And let’s do more British reminisce also from chortle apparently there’s a comedian Sean Walsh who was on strictly come down.

He made headlines after snugging Katya Jones, while filming strictly come dancing,

he says he was offered 250,000 pounds. Just start a porn film after that. He made this revelation on his new comedy special, which happens to be called kiss. He’s released that for free on YouTube. He said television X, the porn channel. Remember that they offered me 250,000 pounds to do a porn film with Katya, but she said, no.

He looked back on his 2018 appearance on strictly and said I was dubbed the most hated comedian in the country. The most hated community in the country. Only I could go on strictly come dancing and, and come out the most hated comedian out of the country. And then he said some naughty swear words. They begin with F.

And not even the nice one that starts with C the nasty one. I had to move in a hotel for two weeks because the reporters were waiting outside my house, rummaging through my bins. They even turned up at my parents’ house. My Twitter went to bat crazy thousands and thousands of people telling me they hate me.

Walsh was in a relationship with comedian and actress, Rebecca Humphreys at the time while Katya was married. Awful. I know awful. I’m sorry. I’m still sorry. At the time of the incident, Humphreys released a statement, accusing Walsh of gaslighting her with his denials, that there was something going on with Katya.

Walsh has recorded his special at a pub called the bill Mary pub in London. I’ve talked about that place before and he invites donations via from anybody who watches it. That is your comedy news for today. This weekend, normal episodes. I haven’t done weaken filler in a while.

Believe me. I’ve got plenty of stories to tell you about some normal episodes. You can follow the show for. On apple podcasts, Google overcast, wherever you get your shows, if you would like to show commercial free and with early releases, especially on the weekend, they tend to release both Saturday and Sunday, a little early.