Ricky Gervais “I’m fat and old and I’m going to die soon.”

Late Night has an emotional response to the school shootings.

An old Jim Jeffries bit about gun control trended.

Ricky Gervais says “I’m fat and old and I’m going to die soon.” Also some jerks smashed an Afterlife bench. And Ricky misses the dog

Brad Williams has a Las Vegas show called Mad Apple.

Donnell Rawlings is playing Yellow Springs Ohio all weekend. Will Chappelle show up?

Johnny Mac with your daily comedy news. Serious start to today’s show. Now I think comedy fills an important role during trying times the murder of 19 school children. Surely one of those. So it’s interesting. When you see the gestures drop their persona and gets serious, and then swing a little bit back towards comedy.

Then make some solid points through pointed observation in many ways. That’s what comedy does best and it don’t get me wrong. I love a good solid Mitch Hedberg joke. Like the one about Mr. PIB do, did not get his degree. Always cracks me up. , But if you look at somebody like Carlin as an inspiration, and we’d be talking about George a lot lately, this sort of stuff kind of puts comedy on the pedestal from the Washington post, Seth Meyers knew he had have to address millions of viewers after national tragedies.

When he took to a late night hosting gig eight years.

Seth on his show. Wednesday night said, I can remember thinking, man, it’s gonna be difficult to start a show talking about a mass shooting and then pivoting to doing jokes and sketches. That’ll be so hard.

He then talked about how hard it was for him to drop his kids off at school that morning. He said, that’s harder and began to choke up. I hear you on the emotion. If you listen to the end of yesterday’s podcast. When I signed off, you can hear, I was choking up after reading those tweets from comedians.

From the Hollywood reporter, a passionate and tearful, Jimmy Kimmel addressed the school shooting on Wednesday show. He began his monologue in a mournful and resigned manner is saying here we are again, on another day of mourning in this country, it was his first opportunity to speak about the tragedy is Tuesday show had already been recorded before he heard the.

Visibly shaken by sorrow and anger. Kimmel appeared without a studio audience and address the camera directly from the beginning of the segment, he struggled to compose himself and he teared up when he spoke a little boys and girls whose lives have ended and whose families have been destroyed. Kim we’ll set our leaders on the right, the Americans in Congress and at Fox news.

And these other outlets warn us not to politicize this. They don’t want to speak about it because they know what they’ve done and they know what they haven’t done, and they know it’s indefensible. So they’d rather sweep it under the rug.

Kimball then spoke about most Americans supporting keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and children citing polls. That support common sense gun laws. He pointed to the Senate blocking gun control legislation, like the enhanced background check act, any bipartisan background checks act, both of which were passed by the house in 2021, Kim, all our cowardly leaders, just aren’t listening to us.

They’re listening to the NRA. They’re listening to those people who write them checks who keep them in power, because that’s the way politics work.

I would like to say to Ted Cruz, the human being and governor Abbott and everybody. It’s okay to admit you made a mistake. In fact, it’s not just, okay. It’s necessary to admit you made a mistake when your mistake is killing the children in your state. It takes a big person to do something like that.

It takes a brave person to do something like that. And do I think these men are brave people? No, I don’t, but man, I would love it. If they surprise me, this is not a time for moments of silence. This is time to be loud and to stay loud and not stop until we fix this. Kimmel said there’ve been 27 school shootings so far in 2022, which point his voice began to crack.

He said, how does this make sense to anyone? These are our children.

He added. If Americans continue to ignore this and not hold politicians to account, this is not their fault anymore. This is now our fault because we get angry.

We demand action. We don’t get it. They waited out and we go back to our lives. If you care about this, we need to make sure that we do everything we can that unless they do something drastic, let’s make sure that not one of these particular politicians ever holds office.

Stephen Colbert said, if you’re heartbroken, if you’re frustrated, you’re not alone. America has witnessed gun tragedy after gun tragedy. The biggest reason for this tragedy is the gun

is stabbed. The us has more than 400 million firearms, which is more than 40% of the global total, a simple if extremely difficult solution, reduce the number of guns.

The only thing more popular than background checks is Dolly Parton, riding a giant corgi, bringing you free ice cream. He then talked about the footage of Beto O’Rourke confronting Texas governor Greg Abbott, and said,

Beto suggested that the governor was doing nothing and go bear. That’s not true Beto. They’re not doing nothing. They’re yelling at you for pointing out that they’re doing nothing.

Colby a ridicule. The idea of arming teachers saying a teacher’s job is Nazis. A gun, a teacher’s job is to teach and to rap about Shakespeare.

The daily cause notice that a bit from Jim Jefferies was trending. I am familiar with this. Jim Jefferies, the Australian comedian in April of 19 96, 35, people were killed 23 other seriously injured.

When a man opened fire with an AR 15 port Arthur Tasmania, Australia’s government under threat of losing their political positions passed sweeping gun reforms from the Jim Jefferies bit. That was trending, Jim. I’m going to say some things that are just facts in Australia. We had guns right up until 1996 in 1996.

Australia had the biggest massacre on earth. Still. Hasn’t been beaten now after that they ban guns and at 10 years before port Arthur, there were 10 massacres. Since the gun ban in 96, there hasn’t been a single massacre since I don’t know how or why this happen. Maybe it was a coincidence right now.

Please understand. I understand that America and Australia, two vastly different cultures with different people. Right. I get it in Australia. We have the biggest massacre on earth and the Australian government went, that’s it? No more guns. And we all went. Yeah. Right. That makes sense.

Themes. Fair enough. Now. You have the Sandy hook massacre, which tiny little children died and your government went, maybe we’ll get rid of the big guns. And 50% of you went F you don’t take my guns.

That particular bit reminds me of something I talked about on yesterday’s podcast about censorship versus choosing differently. So when news like this breaks, when I was programming the comedy channels with Sirius XM, I would choose different. I even had a safety playlist to, uh, I’ll call it by time if we didn’t know what to do.

So if some sort of news broke like a school shooting. So the last thing you want is 10 minutes after that news breaks to hear a Jim Jefferies bit about a school shooting, even if it makes a very on-point point a couple of days later, it’s too soon, or if a plane crashes, you don’t want Jerry Seinfeld telling airline jokes, it just feels a little weird.

So we had a safety playlist that was. Curated to hopefully be the most innocuous things you can imagine. Like Jim Gaffigan telling jokes about food. I would always worry about what I would call a time bomb of. I know a bit that 364 days a year. Perfectly fine on the ears.

And if it just comes up at the wrong time, you’re like, Ooh, I wish we hadn’t played that. So I would always have the safety list. Now is that censoring, a Jim Jefferies or a Jerry Seinfeld talking about a plane. Of course not. It’s just choosing differently. Sometimes you want to have some tastes and not be an a-hole.

Ricky Jervais is still in the news. There were a bunch of things, not related to a special that I didn’t get to this.

Couple of quick hits. When afterlife came to an end earlier this season, Ricky said he was overwhelmed with emotions when he had to say goodbye to his onscreen dog, Brandy played by a dog named and silly Ricky known animal lover. From the BBC, a bench inspired by that same afterlife show has been broken into bits by vandals.

Come on guys. The afterlife bench in Nottingham’s of boards Storium was one of 25 donated to councils by Netflix and suicide prevention, charity campaign against living miserably, AKA.

Nottingham city council said the vandalism over last week and was unacceptable and heartbreaking. The council said it was named to replace the bench. They added. The bench was donated to the park in January via the Ricky Gervais show after life and quickly became a special place for reflection for many people.

Thank you to the kind person who retrieved pieces of the bench from around the park and got in touch with us to know what happened. We really want to replace the bench and we’re working on how we can make it happen. Watch this space come on people. Why would you smash the bench bunch of jerks?

Ricky was on a BBC show the other day

they were talking about the new special. Then Ricky went dark and morbid say very supports. Ricky Gervais said I’m fat and I’m old and I’m going to die. Soon. The hosts were dumbfounded by the. What are the host said, no, you’re not. Ricky said, I am. I brought it down. Haven’t I host lifted back up Ricky, every day.

I’m closer to death. We’re all a bit closer to death. Every day is a bigger percentage of the rest of your life. And we don’t know what percentage that will be. If I died tomorrow, today was 50%.

Ricky all’s went out of statements about his new, special to the spectator. He said my target wasn’t trans folk, but trans activists ideology. I’ve always confronted dogma that oppresses people and limits freedom of expression.

Brad Williams has a new show that opened in Las Vegas last night, this via the LA times, it’s called mad apple. It’s the first new Cirque de Solei show on the strip and more than two years.

Brad says he’s digging, living in Las Vegas. There’s plenty to do. And I love seeing all the little things in Vegas. You don’t see when you’re on the strip. I’ve also seen people in Vegas that I haven’t seen for months, and we both live in LA. Everybody comes to Vegas to go big. So it’s interesting working here while people I want to see are in a vacation Headspace.

I’m having seltzer. Honestly, I’ve been in Vegas for a few weeks and I’ve probably done more drinking than I should. As for the show, mad apple, Brad says it’s the craziest night you could ever have in New York city, except you’re in Vegas. I guess street performers, musicians, singers, comedians, hip hop stars a Brazilian strong man as a new Yorker, I rarely would run into Brazilian strong men.

And by the way, the craziest acrobatics you’ve ever seen, I would also very rarely run into acrobats in Manhattan. This is the first Cirque show that has comedians and we have multiple with some that do magic. One of the comedians is. And his thing is going out and getting five suggestions from the audience.

Then he does freestyle rap off the dome and it’s different every night because it incorporates the suggestions. People saying the most random crap and he incorporates it. Well, it’s amazing. And if you’re wondering what he looks like, he looks like what you’d expect a white guy from London.

Matt. Apple’s kinda like Cirque for add. What would you like? Do you like acrobats? Cool. Here’s some acrobats. So you don’t like acrobats, wait, five minutes. Some singers and dancers are gonna come out and do something amazing. Oh, you don’t like that. Well, first of all, you’re wrong now you’re a standup comic because it’s a Cirque show.

People might think that comedy will be watered down, but anything goes, the producer recruited me for the show and I was like, all right, do I read a script? Or you want me to do something? And he said, you’re the expert in being funny. Just go be funny. That’s.

Quick plug. I do a casual travel podcast. There’s a new episode out this week is about the Pacific coast highway. Last week is about San Francisco. That podcast is called travel is back wherever you get your podcasts, sign up, play America’s favorite game. What would we do if we were at JFL Vancouver?

We’re going to cover both Friday and Saturday. Johnny Mac. Why are you covering Saturday? Well, dear listener, I don’t know if you noticed it’s a holiday week. I kind of prerecorded Saturday a couple of days ago, and I forgot to do this segment. Oops. So we’ll do Friday and Saturday here early shows seven o’clock Andrew Santino seven o’clock Michael Costa seven.

O’clock at Sukkot presents. Hi, I’m intrigued.

At Suku Oka sukkah says hi in her first solo tour, which she’s really frayed out this whole thing, a late bloomer and self claimed adult, baby, her grandmother and her husband are very worried for her. We’ll keep an eye out for her all along the way. Seven o’clock Havana, moon comedy. I’m intrigued a comedy show where a new wave of performers step into the light and make you cry.

Laugh right.

Eight o’clock the hero show I’m intrigued. The hero show is alternative solo sketch comedy at its best. I think I’ve actually heard of this big lineup there. All right. That could be fun. Nine o’clock soda fountain. I’m intrigued.

Soda fountain is a variety show where anything goes, comedians, perform sketches, character bits, improv, stand up and all around innovative and interesting comedy. I like that kind of show nine 30 Roy Wood Jr. Nine 30 wine and crime, nine 30, Jess Salomon, nine 30, another Havana, moon comedy, nine 30 comedy bucket.

What do you think it is? Comedy bucket is a stand up share where some of the best comedians in the country leave their act at the door and do a set based on audience suggestions. That’s fun.

All right, let’s do the pics early show. What do you guys want to do? Should we see Santino? Let’s go see Andrew Santino late show. What do you want to do?

Your choice is Roy Wood, wine and crime just Salomon Havana, moon comedy bucket. Let’s do comedy bucket. Okay, so we’re going to do Andrew San CNO and then comedy bucket.

So let’s do Saturday. Let’s take a look. Seven o’clock mark Marin seven. O’clock Dana Gould. Hmm. That’s going to be tough. Seven o’clock Rosewood baker and Brian Simpson, seven 30 David and Ken comedy with music eight o’clock Ola data’s blackout comedy, eight o’clock comedy hour, a show that’s an hour and a half nine 30.

Cameron Esposito, nine 30 James domain, nine 30 Jimmy O yang. I’m going to cheat because I already prerecorded Sunday. And I know that I said Jimmy O yang for Sunday.

So Jimmy O yang out. All right. Early show. Let’s go see mark. Marin. Let’s go big tonight and late show. Woo. Cameron Esposito. Very tempting. But James a domain is fantastic. Let’s do that. Some Marin, Anna Damien on Saturday.

Are you in yellow Springs, Ohio home of Dave Chappelle? Well, there’s some comedy shows there this weekend, Donnell Rawlings. He’s got a whole bunch of things. Bland. I wonder if any surprise guests will pop up at the shows hosted by Dano Rawlings in yellow Springs, Ohio. You never know what kind of famous comedian might show up and do some trans jokes.


Tonight catch Donnell Rawlings at the comedy night kickoff at Wiley’s comedy club at seven 30 in Dayton’s Oregon district

Saturday Rawlings we’ll host the creeks versus streets kickball game from one to [3:00] PM at gaunt park and yellow Springs one. Or if any famous celebrities will join in a kickball game and make trans jokes, you never know. You might want to hang out at gaunt park and see what happens then Rawlings heads back to Wiley’s for two shows at seven 30 and 9 45

on Sunday Rawlings we’ll host Sunday, Funday with Angela Yee from the breakfast. Details have yet to be released, but you never know when a famous comedian might show up and tell trans jokes. And then Monday

It’s the river run at the Birch bark canoe place followed by a barbecue and live audience podcast. Recording of the Don L rolling. You never know when a celebrity guest will appear on the Donnelle rolling show and tell some trans jokes

big weekend in yellow Springs, Ohio home of Dave Chappelle.

I am running long again. Oh, I had this whole thing about Andy Dick that’s in the daily mail. Is this guy. All right, we’ll skip this for today. Pete Davidson has issued a statement via his team about comments, putting Kim Kardashians in a bad light, a representative spoke to the mirror online and said, there is no truth to this.

What is there no truth to some people have said it’s like, Pete’s been brainwashed, but the official statement, there is no truth to this.

Someone else said she’s persuaded him to uproot his life in New York to move closer to her place in California. And even suggested that he quit his job on SNL. Again, the statement, there is no truth to this from chortle. The BBC is going to close a radio for extra it’s home of archive, audio comedy.

After the next few years. The director general of the BBC said he got to make some budget. There’s some budget stuff going over in the UK. The Brits are like, yeah, we know any Americans, like, yeah, we don’t care. Radio four extra launched in December, 2002 as BBC seven. I used to check that out in the earlier days of the internet and listen to some Brit comedy.

Then at some point, I don’t know, they put it behind a paywall, whatever happened, I broke the habit, but he used to be pretty cool. It changed to his current name and April 20th. As well as archive comedy, such as the goon show and round the horn, it hosted new shows, such as news Jack and its replacement.

DMS are open. It is not known. If radio four extra will continue to exist as channel on BBC sound’s following its removal as a linear. This weekend, normal episodes. Now I’ll play my cards up. The weekend is a little on the weekend filler side.

I recorded those earlier in the week to accommodate my schedule. Monday will be more of a normal episode. And I’m about to record that as soon as I finished this one and I’m going to deep dive on the SNL stuff. I didn’t get to all weekend. I have some very good stories in there.

There’s a great article in vulture with Robbie PRA who heads up. Netflix is comedy. I have shared that on the Facebook group, daily company news podcast group, and on the subreddit daily comedy news. But I want to talk about that article as well. And I’ve got a few other items I bumped from today’s episode of Tim Dylan’s story.

Maybe I’ll move that into Monday or Tuesday anyway. So the weekend episodes there, you know, I don’t like to BS you guys there. All right. And then Monday is gonna be. You know, right on par with this episode here. So you guys have a great holiday weekend. You can follow this show for free on apple podcast, Spotify, wherever you get your shows.

Oh, by the way, if you become a premium subscribe on apple podcasts, those episodes are already up already released. Imagine that you could listen to them right now on your Friday afternoon, driving to aunt Sally’s house, whatever you do in a Memorial day weekend. I don’t know what.

Otherwise they’ll come out on the feet as normal. You can support the show by going to buy me a coffee.com/daily company news. Here’s a coffee. That’s several hours old. There is no ice left. I’m drinking it very slowly. All right, stop talking. See you tomorrow.

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