Ricky Gervais praised offensive comedy, Conor McGregor and Kevin Hart had a FaceTime that reeks of viral marketing

Ricky Gervais praises offensive comedy.

A review of a John Mulaney show

Michael Che on sketch vs stand-up

Conor McGregor and Kevin Hart had a FaceTime that reeks of viral marketing

If you missed yesterday or maybe you don’t listen all the way to the end of the podcast, go back and listen to the end of yesterday’s podcast. The will Ferrell story is fantastic. Trust me, I’m reacting to it. I’m recording this just seconds after doing Friday’s episode and I was reading the will Ferrell article cold, and it just hit me in a way that I was like, wow, dress me, go back and listen to it.

It’s fun.

Trevor Noah was joking about Rudy Giuliani and said, can we acknowledge what a fall? This has been. This man went from being an American hero to now sounding like a telemarketer, selling a coup. Apparently nobody was responding to Rudy Giuliani’s calls during some of the adventures late in the Trump administration.

Trevor said Rudy made so many unanswered calls. The iPhone started labeling him as spam. And, you know, this is another example of how historic president Trump really was at any other time in us history. If the president’s lawyer called someone, they would take that call. But when Trump’s vampire lawyer, I called people.

Everyone was like, tell ’em I’m not here. Yeah. Tell him I went camping and died. And not that I’m encouraging it cuz I’m not. But if you’re gonna try to overturn an election, maybe dont leave voicemails.

Also it’s 2022 text tu Lee’s voicemails.

Come on, Rudy. Just hit him with a quick, , late night. You up. For subverting democracy, eggplant emoji, red hat, emoji, vampire emoji. Come on, Rudy. Keep up with the times. Good job, Trevor Noah, Ricky vez has praised offensive comedy in a new tweet.

Oh my.

So on Monday, comedian, Robin ins wrote on Twitter. What I find out about the offensive comedy debate is it seems to say comedy must be allowed to be offensive, but it is wrong for people to be offended. Make up your mind. Ricky VE is a tweeted back. Everyone is allowed to offend and everyone is allowed to be offended.

It’s a good system.

Ricky had previously defended his special to the spectator saying my target wasn’t trans folk, but transactivist ideology. I’ve always confronted dogma that depresses people and limits freedom of expression.

Ricky also told the one show. I think that’s what comedy is for really to get us through stuff. And I deal in taboo subjects because I wanna take the audience to a place that hasn’t been before, even for a split second, most defense comes from when people mistake the subject of a joke with the actual target.

I deal with everything and I think we second guess the audience too much.

The Vanderbilt hustler reviewed a recent John Ney concert. Let’s check in with John Melini concerts and see how they’re going. The article did point out that any jokes referenced here were done from memory. So this might not be exactly how John phrased things. And again, the chain of custody here is John Linney said something, someone kind of remembered it, and now I’m delivering.

Might not be the best version. Anyway, John Lenney’s opening line. Here’s how problematic I am. I announced I’m having a baby and the reviews are mixed. A few jokes in the comedian made fun of how everyone likes Bo Burnham better. Now

he then talked about the intervention. We’ve heard about that before he name dropped. Impersonated, Nick KBI hater, Natasha, Leon and Fred Armin Ney said, oh yeah, it was a star studied affair. It was like, we are the world for alternative comedians over 40.

Then he talked about rehab and he said, Pete Davidson changes his phone number every month. Malanney saves them under celebrity pseudonyms, like Pacino.

After I’d finally been given medicine to fall asleep, cuz I’d been awake for multiple days and was being difficult. My nurse woke me up cuz she saw my phone ringing with five missed calls from Oscar winter, Al.

Sounds like it was a really good show from choral James Gordon. We’ll have president Joe Biden on.

This has been recorded already. The Encounter is part of the, take a break segment of the late late show in which James cordon takes over someone’s job for a while. No, he wasn’t allowed the nuclear codes, but he filled in for the president’s assistant. The footage will air during a special week of shows to be broadcast from free masons hall in London.

That’s this week. Other guests appearing in the show. VIN diesel, Jamie Dornan, Billy Eilish, ed Sheeren, John Boyega, David Harbor Alanis Marett Sam Smith and Tess at Thompson. No, Joe Biden didn’t do carpool karaoke, which would’ve been amazing, but Lizzo did.

Salon asked Michael cha what’s better for you. Michael cha sketch or standup cha said nothing’s better than standup, but I do like sketch as well. I do like building in the world and flushing out and you really get an opportunity to see people that you believe in that. Think it funny, put them in a position to really score and everybody’s scoring.

It’s not a contest. It’s a community. I do love that sketch offers in a way that standup may not, cuz it’s just me with a microphone. I love both, but standup is my first love.

Then salon started talking about wardrobe and sketch. You get to get those fits off. You get the wardrobe. Chase said, you get to be silly. It’s like you’re playing dress up and really kind of launch in. You could wear the comedy salon. I feel like you wear what you wear at work a lot though. You ain’t wearing no crazy costumes.

Chase said, that’s a fact. There’s like a few things where I’ll play a little bit, but even if it’s not me, if it’s just being on a set where you kind of dress up and see through it, it’s like designing an apartment or something. It’s kind of a rush and getting something in your head and seeing it through and realizing, make it look as close as possible.

The original vision, man, it’s kind of cool to watch.

Salon. It’s like the history of comedy parallels with the history of hip hop. When it comes to fashion evolution, some of the first hip hop artists wore like these wild ass li arts and yellow leather biker jackets. Then you get run DMC coming out with Adida sweatsuits, and she tos comedians back in the day, Eddie Murphy had the leather suits on and all that.

And you just come out with a pair of butters, like Fett chase said that’s absolutely correct. Cuz I remember, I think it was my first or second week at SNL. I met Steve Martin. He was the biggest comedian in the world. At one point he retired from standup. He was doing football stadiums.

So he asked me, he was like, when you go out, when need to stand up, what do you wear? Which is a strange question, cuz this is Steve Martin. I’m like, I don’t know. I wear this, I wear a hoodie. He’s like really? I always wore a suit. I always felt like a perform was supposed to look better than the audience,

80 Bryans folks who variety. And they asked her looking back at your time on SNL. Is there one sketch that you’re proud of, that you got on the show?

Her choice, Dyke and fats because Kate McKinnon and I were still new, it felt edgy to talk about ourselves in that way, on a show on NBC, that was an early win. How about one that got away? She said there was one of my first season called foam party and they built a massive tank, so they could fill the whole set with foam.

I played a woman who lost all her belongings in the foam. People were dancing in a nasty club and I was like, excuse me, have you seen my, whatever?

Paraphrasing here at ate it in dress rehearsal. Cuz I was in a short little wig, huge glasses and covered in foam. The audience was like, who is that? What’s happening? I think it would work now. Cause they would be like that’s 80. We know we trust that one haunts me.

Variety said 80 seemed very close with newer cast members like Bowen and Sarah Sherman did being a veteran make you want to take people under your wing. 80 said, I don’t think of myself as a mentor. When I started at the show as 25, I’d been doing second city, but I hadn’t written for TV or been on TV.

There was such a massive learning curve. I remember seeing Fred Armerson, Ken Thompson, Jason today, cuz bill Hader being like, and not only are they writing funny things, but there’s a whole level of technical knowledge to live television. You have to learn It’s shared. I don’t wanna say a trauma, but it’s like a trauma and a triumph.

It took me a long time to find a healthy middle ground with that and not feel shot to the moon and shot down the hell every time

the Minneapolis comedy festival wraps up today. Rosebud baker.

Grandchild of former secretary of state James Baker. She’s at the house of comedy in the mall of America. Tonight. Tickets as low as 17 bucks. That’s not bad at all. That’s none. No, you should go. Two shows seven and nine 30.

Joe Lisk tweeted. Someone came to my tour show a few weeks back and was offended by one of the jokes and their perfectly understandable response to this was to call the effing police to be fair to them. The fuzz where I haven’t heard fuzz in a million years, to be fair to them, the fuzz were very nice about it.

But they felt they had a duty to investigate this involved. Me, writing a statement, explaining in the context of the joke for them. I particularly enjoyed putting the words giant donkey penis, clean that up into a message to a police, detective charmed, and hopefully amused the ROS have since closed the matter.

You’ll be policed to know the joke which I consider to be one of the best I’ve ever written remains firmly and proudly in the show. The tour continues until September, unless I’m jailed.

From sports key you’re home for comedy news, Conor McGregor shared a FaceTime chat with Kevin Hart. Kevin Hart was visiting the black forge in an Ireland owned by Conor McGregor. You know, the UFC guy.

Kevin Hart, FaceTimed con McGregor, the UFC guy to share his gratitude for the hospitality received and also committed the Irishman’s crew for representing him. Well, timeout. Now, Kevin Hart, do you do this? Like if you go to Applebee’s do you like FaceTime the Applebee’s manager? Or do you FaceTime famous people who then leak it to sports media or whoever this got out?

So everybody gets some free press. I’m gonna guess. B con McGregor seemed to be in the middle of a deep tissue massage and claim to be prepping for a second training session of the day in France. When Kevin Hart FaceTimed him.

McGregor. Alloted the comedian for being a hard worker and also congratulated the immensely successful star on the launch of his new tequila brand. What a coincidence you happen to walk into con McGregor’s restaurant. You FaceTime him. First of all. How do you have Conor McGregor’s number? Do you ask the manager at the bar?

Will the manager at the bar give anyone con McGregor’s number? Anyway, you wind up on FaceTime and con McGregor happens to know Kevin Hart has a new tequila brand. Even George Lopez is like tap the breaks. The former UFC double champ told heart. Yeah, I’m here getting a massage. I’m about to get my second training session of the day in I’m working hard.

Same as your. I appreciate respect hard workers, bro. That’s what you are. Congrats on the tequila. Congrats on everything you’re doing. Solo shows in Ireland, all the respect in the world for you and enjoy yourself on my premise, the black for in at Dublin 12 Irelands and then Kevin Hart, who, if you follow him on Twitter is so corny with the hashtags.

Kevin hard for real tweets, major shoutouts to my brother, the notorious MMA and his amazing staff and team at the black four gin, the food and hospitality. Wasn’t real. We had a blast. We appreciate you guys having our tequila on deck as well for us. What a coincidence I’m definitely coming back so much love and amazing energy in Dublin.

Hashtag reality check, hashtag comedic rockstar stuff. Hashtag hard work, tastes different. Don’t kid, a kid or Kevin hard. That’s your comedy news for today? File the show for free on apple podcasts or Spotify, where we get your shows. The, this is Kevin hard thing. I just wanna throw up it’s so obviously coordinated to marketing.

Just stop guys.

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