Ricky Gervais to resume musical career

James Corden talks about having hosted the Late Late Show 1000 times already.

Ricky Gervais used to be in an 80’s band (in the 80s!) and now he has a new serious song.

Hasan Minhaj’s new show tackles Bollywood’s highly competitive world of college dance competitions.

Steve Hofstetter returns to Queens

Jennifer Aniston struggled with the Friends reunion

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Johnny Mac with your daily community, as Christmas is coming. Did you know about this Christmas? We do it every year. We’ll Stephen Colbert said it’s that time of year where children lie awake in their beds, listening for the click click of their mom entering promo codes. It might be hard to find the perfect gift the season because the supply chain is still a mess.

That’s why really smart shoppers don’t wait. They start trampling people weeks ago.

One survey shows that 20% of shoppers plan to order more gifts in case some orders are delayed or canceled. So if you’re doing the 12 days of Christmas, be safe and double your order said Stephen Covera. That’s 16 maids, a milking 20 Lords, a leaping and forget about 12 drummers drumming. Just hire that sexist ANM, marching band

Covera courted, a retail expert who described the market as

they’re eager to shop and anxious about the execution Corvair Joe coincidentally, eager to shop and anxious about the execution was also the title of Marie Antoinette’s memoir. That’s great. James cordon has a hosted at the late late show for 1000 episodes.

Gordon told variety. These are very difficult jobs to leave. Cause you work with incredible people. You do something that’s really amazing. Every day. I never used to understand before I started this, how people could do these talk show hosting jobs for 15, 20, 25 years. But I see it now, his contract is up in August.

He told variety. He’s not sure how, or when he’ll decide what to do. I’m so conscious of wanting, it’s always be fresh. I want it to be fresh and alive in the same token. I never really saw this job as a final destination. I saw it as a stop on a journey. So honestly don’t know the answer to that stop. You are totally renewing.

Come on

the late, late show with James Corden premiered, March 23rd, 2015.

James cordon is British case you haven’t noticed in most shows back there, air weekly. So when he hears 1000 shows, he thinks, wow, that’s a lot of TV we’ve made. There’s a lot of stuff we put out there. I feel very proud of the show. When I feel equally as proud of the environment we’ve created here, that’s the group of people that we work with, the personalities and blah, blah, blah.

Kay. Loves us coworkers.

We’re very fortunate to have Reggie Watts. Who’s an incredible comedian. Yes, he is one of our head writers, Ian Carmel. I always forget that as an incredibly accomplished and of comedian, this just starts to become more of an organic conversation than run a 15 set-up slash punchline jokes in a monologue.

We never thought it would get to the point where he’d be taping those monologues for like 20 minutes, half an hour. It’s sort of the closest version of what I thought CV was when I was 14 years old. We’re just in a room with your friends, making a DV show.

Ricky Gervais has famously was an Annette successful new wave band back in the eighties. But now the front man from Siona dancing is set to revive his music career. He’s written his first serious song in 40 years plans to put it out as a.

It’s called just three things. It was written for the upcoming third season of afterlife. I got to finish afterlife season two, I get distracted

an instrumental version of just three things, made it into the show. But Ricky says the version with lyrics has been recorded is ready for release. He’s even shot a video. However, he won’t be singing it.

He wrote the song with the former drummer for Razorlight Andy burrows who provides the vocals.

Burls also worked on the soundtrack to David Brent life on the road, which is pretty good. If you haven’t seen that office spin off and he was the drummer in the film’s fictional band foregone conclusion.

Ricky told the son I’m worried about putting it out. Cause I’m embarrassed as it’s a real song. I can put out ironic songs as David, Brent, but I haven’t written a serious song in 40 years. So I’m thinking what if it’s crap, but it’s not, it’s really good. He worried about the critical reaction more than when you’re being stupid.

Cause when you’re being stupid, somebody says that’s rubbish. You like, I don’t give an F if you’re being really serious and somebody says it’s rubbish, you go F is it.

From the rap Hassan Minhaj will star in co-write and produce a comedy called for the culture. This is set in Bollywood’s highly competitive world of college dance competitions. It is described as a high energy rock has comedy set in Bollywood’s cutthroat dance world and hopes to capture the vibrant, joyful celebration of Indian American culture.

That sounds like a good time. Queens native Steve Hofstetter coming back to Queens. He’s from Queens. I’m from Queens. He’ll be in Brightwood on Saturday to film his new comedy special. The recipe he’s filming it at P S one 17 on 143rd street. He attended PS one 17 until the age of 12 shows at seven and nine 30.

His special. The recipe is described as a heartbreaking and hilarious set that explores Steve Hofstetter growing up in a mixed family, setting out on his own, achieving his dream and the grief surrounding the loss of his father. Steve said a lot of it as gallows humor about being the last through pain, which is a subject.

I think a lot of people can relate to these days, the specials different, what I’ve done in the past and from what a lot of comedians do. It’s got a beginning, middle, and end, and it’s written so people can watch it multiple times. And it’s more like a movie than a traditional stand-up set.

He decided to film the show at PS one 17, since it was the first stage when he was in his first play 35 years ago, that’s kind of cool. The show will double as a fundraiser for the school. And he teachers donors choose program. Steve said, instead of just buying tickets, someone can donate to any of the teachers, donors choose programs and be able to redeem that donation for ticket, not only to raise money for the teachers.

But also allows for people who couldn’t afford a ticket to come and see the show. A lot of people had a rough year and a half. It allows us to raise money for the right people and help those who need it.

Today’s daily comedy news is brought to you by palace intrigue. That’s the daily five minute show. I am the writer for it. We talk about the Royal family, which means we make fun of Harry and Megan. I mean, come on, man.

Every day, they just do something it’s like, did not want us to make fun of you. I try not to, but it’s like, come on man. Palace century, wherever you get your shows. I just want to give you a heads up at the end of today’s podcast, there will be a very serious subject. It is related to comedy, but just want to let you know that’s coming.

Remember when you used to watch NBC and you would be like, oh, an NBC sitcom. This must be good. Well, let’s find out if these new ones are good tonight and tomorrow, NBC is giving viewers a glimpse of two brand new sitcoms tonight, American auto

and a gas dire, and a bunch of others takes place in the auto. It’s from the same team that brought us a Superstore. Then tomorrow grand Cru described as a comedy of a group of young black LA professionals living their best lives and unpacking the ups and downs of life and love the series stores.

Nicole Byer.

Speaking of NBC said comes. Have you ever heard of friends? It was pretty popular. Ran for awhile. Remember they did a reunion last year. It sounds like Jennifer Anniston had a tough time with it. She spoke to variety and said time. Travel is hard. I think we were just so naive walking into it, they were union special thinking, how fun is this going to be?

They’re putting the sets back together exactly. As they were, then you get there. And it’s like, all right. I hadn’t thought about that was going on the last time I was actually here and it took me by surprise. Cause it was like, hi pastor. Remember me? Remember how that sucked. You thought everything was in front of you and life’s going to be gorgeous.

You went through, maybe the hardest time in your life was all very jarring. And of course you’ve got cameras everywhere and I’m already a little emotionally accessible, I guess you could say. So I had to walk out at certain points. I don’t know how they cut around it.

Interesting rights also variety said, is it true? You met with Lauren Michaels about a role on SNL and it was you who wasn’t interested. Hmm. Let’s see her answer. I’m not sure I’m going to believe her answer before. Jennifer said that’s right. That was right before friends. I remember walking in, it was David spade and Adam Sandler, and I knew those guys forever.

And I was so young and dumb and I went into Lauren’s office and I was like, I hear women are not respected on this show. I don’t remember exactly what I said next, but it’s something like I would prefer for we’re like the days of Gilda Radner and Jean Curtin. I mean, it was such a boys club back then, but who the F was I to be saying that’s a Lauren Michaels.

So yes, adorable. He then happened and I’ve hosted SNL a couple of times. I love it so much.

Next, that serious subject,

from Jessel the survivor comedy duo wants you to know rape victims are horny too. Kelly Bachman says people a of time to ask me a phone comedian because of trauma. No, actually I’m funny because I’m.

Jessica writes nearly 10 years ago, comedian Daniel Tosh directed a gang rape joke in his standup set at a female audience member. After she told him rape jokes. Aren’t funny. He said, wouldn’t it be funny if that girl got raped by like five guys right now, since that happened, the discourse around the rape joke has become more nuanced as more comedians who are survivors have weighed in enter Kelly Bachman and Dylan Adler’s two-person musical comedy show titled rape victims are horny too.

Markman, said we wanted to show survivors are not just like wilted flowers, who are sad suffering victims all the time for Dylan and may we’re laughing. We’re silly people, joyful people, and we’re sort of defiantly joyful. And the way we deal with our own pain

Adler added, yes, we we’ve experienced trauma. We’re still mourning and that could make it confusing that we still have desires, want to be admired, but also not wanting to be pursued.

Before Bachman met and began working with Adler. Bachman was one of several women comics who confronted Harvey Weinstein as he sat in the audience at a standup show in 2019. I remember that incident

while performing her set, she said, I didn’t know, we’d have to bring our own Mason rape whistles to actors. Our.

Bachman joked in the duos live 2020 show. When I was getting raped four years ago, that’s one leap year ago. I kept thinking to myself the whole time. I can’t wait to use this to get ahead and comedy. They’re going to see my name in lights. It’s going to be victim. She knows the show’s not for everyone.

The duo reflected on the name of the show before going with rape victims or horny too aware of the sometimes triggering nature of the word rape. But it was important for them to be authentic to their experiences and the experiences of many survivors who are often told they weren’t actually raped.

When Kelly and I were talking about the show, we had so many shared experiences and know how it feels when people say their rape was much worse or what people try to Gaslight and be literally your experience. We learned so many other survivors have felt their way too, and we had to put it in there and just let people know.

That’s what the show is about. That’s your comedy news for today, you could follow the show on Spotify, apple podcasts, Google podcasts, wherever you get your shows a see tomorrow.

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