Ricky Gervais wants to be canceled, Joe Rogan discusses attempts to cancel himself, Pete Davidson wants to be A-List

Joe Rogan briefly addressed NeilYoungGate or whatever we are calling it.

Ricky Gervais wants to be canceled over his next special.

Pete Davidson wants to be an A-List comedic actor

People are mad a cathedral is hosting a comedy show

Johnny Mac tells you about himself and about a bonus episode regarding Robin Williams.

Did we know the Carol Burnett Show came back in 1991?

I’m Johnny Mac with your daily comedy news. And he was, I came down to the basement’s record and my stupid dog peed all over the place. Aside from the annoyance and the cleanup it’s smells. I was hoping to record like two or three podcast episodes while I was down here. I don’t know if I’m going to make.

Late night joked about Rudy Giuliani being on the mass singer. We knew that was coming right. Cole bear said that’s right. The criminal goon that we now know for a fact is being investigated for trying to overthrow our democracy for his idiot. Emperor was yucking it up on a reality show. There hasn’t been anything this shocking since Lee Harvey Oswald made a guest appearance on Gilligan’s island.

Now, if you’re not familiar with the masks. Congratulations. That’s great. Trevor, once again, Rudy Giuliani ruins the day by showing people his face. Cole bear Rudy’s episode as an aired yet. So we don’t know much beyond that Fox isn’t revealing what his Swan song was or which animal costume Rudy wore though.

It’s safe to assume he was a jackass. Kim, all the only people who should be unmasking. Rudy Giuliani is the gang from Scooby doo cordon. I just think it’s impressive. They were able to get a member of the Trump administration to wear a mask and Kimmel. Why would Rudy even agree to this? Did he think he was going to the mass singer landscaping company?

Now I have been emitting a lot of Kimmel quote-unquote jokes lately, as I read through the recaps and.

I noticed Kimmel is doing a lot more. I don’t know what to call it. Speech making things that aren’t jokes. Here’s an example. How does this even happen? I mean, a lot of people at Fox at a sign off on this, not one of them was like,

hey, maybe we should have the guy who was under investigation for helping a plot in insurrection, singing on our show.

Now that probably got some and you know, people reacted well to it, but it’s not a joke.

Hollered reporter tells us Joe Rogan’s back and the same as he ever was. And I’ll tell you, Joe Rogan, good name to put near episode titles, all about the SEO baby.

Joe Rogan dropped his first episode after the whole kerfluffle last week, his guest Andy stump, a retired Navy seal, wingsuit, pilot, and podcast host. The hollered Porter says Rogan. I haven’t listened to it yet. I will listen to it. The hollered border says Rogan largely avoided anything controversial.

They talked about shadow banning, military culture, Jyutsu sports injuries, lockdowns. Although the Spotify thing did come up. Joe said, I put out a video a couple of days ago, other than that, how much I can do

when you’re hearing it from people who are losing the information, attention game, people like CNN, when they’re calling for other networks or shows to be censored or limited, it’s like, just do better. Meanwhile, John Stewart talked about Joe Rogan on John Stewart’s own podcast. The problem with Jon Stewart, the vodcast you forget exists.

He said Rogan is being targeted with overblown rhetoric and doesn’t see Rogan as an audio log in any way.

John Stewart pointed out an incident where a guest corrected Rogan on something Rogan, looked it up and admitted. He was wrong. John said, sucker Carlson in that situation, never would have looked it up and would have given that look, he gives to somebody like a confusion anima, like they’re just firing confusion up his butt.

Joe’s like, I didn’t get that. And that to me is a person you can engage with. He has four hour conversations that are expansive and he may say some things that are misinformation and may platform people you think are wrong, but to single that out as something agregious,

I think there are dishonest bad actors in the world and identifying those as so much more important to me. For example, Eric Clapton is on platforms that Rogan’s on and he’s a bleep in psycho. Don’t leave. Don’t abandon don’t sensor engage,

been waiting all weekend for me to tell you who won the podcast awards. Boy, we’re four minutes in and my voice is shot already. That’s how bad it smells down here. You’re that fuzz in my voice. I didn’t have that. When I came down here, the winner for best comedy podcast is. Smartless I guess I didn’t like any of the nominees best emerging podcast.

This is a podcast I do like emerging, I guess, I guess the person’s name. I’m going to say wasn’t that famous say three years ago, but it’s not like he’s an Indian, the basement best emerging podcast films to be buried with. That’s Brett Goldstein’s podcast, a good podcast. So those are the podcast awards and he couldn’t wait.

Ricky Gervais is says, he’s going to try to get canceled with his new standup show.

He’s calling his next live tour Armageddon and he’s joking. Like it’s the end of his comedy career. He told heat magazine, I’m treating it like it’s my last one ever. It won’t be, but I want to put everything into it. I want to try and get canceled. Now. I just want to go all out there. It’s all about the end of the world and how we’re going to destroy ourselves for lots of reasons, whether it’s media stupidity, or the actual end of the world.

You can joke about anything, but it depends on what the actual target is. If you use irony and people see that at face value, and think you’re saying one thing, but you’re actually saying the opposite.

Let’s head on over to gossip corner. Gonna take the break a little early today. I got a lot of house cleaning I want to do in the second half. Don’t worry. There’s real meat in the second half, but let’s head on over gossip corner. A source has told Hollywood life that Pete Davidson’s ultimate goal is to become an, a list.

Comedic actor. Does Pete Davidson have the chops to be an a list? Comedic actor? Not sure yet. Hollywood life says Pete’s billionaire girlfriend, that’s Kim Kardashian. She’s doing her part in helping Pete Davidson get their source says and listen to this. It takes a lot for Kim to be truly amused or impressed with someone’s talent.

And Kim really is. She’s really been helping pizza, have the confidence ability to go after anything he wants. Okay, fine. But. Kim let’s beat no straight up. What’s funny. And what’s not. Kim also knows a fine line not to cross and she’s been showing him how clear that line is.

If only B Davidson had access to somebody like a Lauren Michaels, who knows a lot about comedy and has been doing this for 50 years and has churned out a lot of stars, movie stars. Only Pete Davidson, new Lorne Michaels, rats. Pete has a surprise cameo in the new romcom.

I want you back. That’s the movie starring Jenny slate and Charlie day from it’s always sunny in Philadelphia. I’ll see. Usually when Charlie day’s in a movie, I still see Charlie Kelly from it’s always sunny. I wonder if Charlie day’s got more depth to him and he can play something other than me just looking at it and going that’s.

I’ve mentioned this few times at Jenny slate and Charlie day, they are two newly single strangers who help each other through. In the trailer, Pete Davidson coaches, Charlie day’s character through a party as Charlie day experiments with a drug Charlie day ass Pete Davidson.

I’ve never done. Molly is my heart can explode. Pete says, now you’re going to crack, bro. Charlie says, ah, that’s what it was. I want you back. Amazon prime, February 11th,

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I’ve got more comedy news, but I want to do a bunch of stuff here in the middle. In the Facebook group, which is daily comedy news, Facebook group, Daniel Richie said, Hey, Johnny Mac, you mentioned you never got a chance to talk about Robin Williams when he died.

How about a Saturday filler Robin Williams. Tribute I’ll even buy you a coffee while you do it. I wrote back. That is a great suggestion.

So right before I came down here to the studio, I actually wrote not one but two Robin Williams tribute episodes. And I could probably do a third. So my goal, when I came down here was I was going to do this episode. You’re listening to, and then to Robin Williams episodes, but did I mention my dog peed in my basement reeks?

And my voice is going already. So I don’t know what’s actually going to happen. I also don’t know, even if I record them right now. When I will get to them. Here’s why I have some weekend filler scheduled. I’ll share with you February 12th. I’m going to do Ralphie may Ralphie, who I knew would have turned 50 a few days later.

So February 12th will be Ralphie, may February 13th. I want to cover the 30th anniversary of Wayne’s world. I have that script written. I haven’t read it.

On February 19th. I have a Mitch Hedberg episode that I recorded in December. I want to share that with you, that came out really well, but I want to share it before it gets too moldy. February 26th. I have a Robert Schimmel episode that I’ve recorded. So we’ll already be in some March. Now, now later this year I have a long trip plan.

So what I might do is I might record the Robin. Save them for the summer and then share them on the, buy me a coffee page and I’ll share them in a way. So you don’t have to buy me a coffee, but you could, but that’s where you’ll find the episodes. I think that’s what I’m gonna do. I’ll update you on that.

Speaking of buying me a coffee.com/daily comedy news, that is a way you can support the show on the Facebook group. Dana Richie said, I’ll even buy you a coffee when you do the Robin Williams. And I woke up this morning and I got a note from buying me coffee.com that said, Dan bought a large iced coffee nanny, nanny.

Thank you very much, Dan, if you would like to support the show or bribe me to do a bonus episode, apparently that works. You can buy me a coffee.com/daily comedy news, five bucks, your suggested amount. But dude, everyone, while I was doing prep for that, I saw this story, Dan, this will interest you.

In Savannah, this upcoming weekend meeting, February 12th, actor and impressionist. Roger Kepler, we’ll be at the Savannah comedy review, hop in the car and head on down or up, or maybe a little. In Robin, the ultimate Robin Williams experience actor and impressionist, Roger Candler becomes the lead comic genius and a one man tribute the revives Williams, a comedy characters and personality.

I shared a clip of this on the Facebook group, which is daily comedy news group on Facebook. Now in the article, it says capsular is a veteran of the Carol Burnett show. Come back to that. He basically transforms himself into Robin Williams on stage and a show that usually plays in larger markets and to larger audiences.

And I was like, he was on the Carol Burnett show and I got out the Google machine. The Carol Burnett show ended in 1978. So if capsular appeared in the final episode in 1978 was 20 years old, he’s now in his mid sixties. Hi, Matt. It’s a little loose, but all right. But then I saw there was a Carol Burnett show revival in 1991 that I erased from my brain

in 1991, NBC aired, something called Carol and company, an American comedy anthology TV series. Starring listen to this cast. Carol Burnett, Jeremy pivot. How old was Jeremy pivot in 1991? Was he 12?

It began as a mid-season replacement and was picked up. I don’t remember that show at all.

Every week, Carol Burnett and her fellow players performed a different half hour comedy. Playlets only the performers remained the same from week to week. There were no ongoing characters or plots. Some of the guest stars, Betty White, Christopher Reeve, Swazi, Kurtz.

Tim Conway even made a cameo.

The NBC series was canceled. Then here’s what we’re talking about. 1991, Carol Burnett went back to CBS for a short-lived revival of the Carol Burnett show that aired from November 1st to December 27th. Not very long.

Weekly guest stars included Vicki Lawrence, Martin short BB king, and Jim neighbors only nine episodes. So that was canceled. So maybe.

Capital or that’s doing this Robin Williams show. Maybe he were on that. If he were 20 in 1991, he’d be 50 something. Now Robin Williams was at 63 when he passed away.

A lot of new listeners lately. So every now and then I like to explain who I am. So I’ve been in radio every wanted to find radio podcasting, broadcasting, whatever, for 30 years now,

In 2004, I became the head of comedy for what was then just Sirius satellite radio. By the time I left, we’d merged with XM and I was vice-president of comedy and entertainment for Sirius XM. I’m a radio programmer. I’m not a comedian. I’m not a stand-up people would always say, but you’re not a comedian.

And I would say, are the guys on the rock station musicians? No. Same thing. Radios, radio. After leaving serious. I went over to what was then called slacker now called live by live. And I started hosting something called the weekly comedy thing, which I’m going to tell you about in a second. And from that I realized I had a lot of leftover stuff every week.

So I have turned that into a daily podcast to which you are currently listening. So this week on the weekly comedy thing, Here’s what’s up and what’s good on that show is I can play bits in between. I can’t do that here. Licensing brights, royalties, trust me, but over on live, by live show, which is called the weekly comedy thing.

It’s free. The app is live ex live in the app. Here’s what’s on this week. Natasha Leggero has a new cooking show, some super bowl jokes from Lewis, black DL Hughley, and Alonza Bowden. David crosses a new special Allie Wong has a new special, some Olympic bits from Joe Rogan. Seinfeld, Robin Williams, Chris rock and Doug Stanton.

Talks about the Bob Saget party with mark Marin and Jeff rasa, we hear their comedy Dean cook was Sackets. Last guests told you about that. Here played Dane cook. Dana. Gould’s hanging with Dr. Z guests, Maria Bamford, and Ron Funches. Hopefully all of them and Brad Williams, a great bit by Brad Williams talking specifically about snow white.

That’s the weekly comedy thing on the live by live app. The national comedy center conveniently located in Jamestown, New York, just six hours from anything. announced. That will be the permanent home of the archives of the TV show in living color. I may have to go there and study because I mentioned last week, it was either Glen or I, one of us did not know that Chris rock was on in living color and cost us the entire trivia contest.

If only one of us had known that. So we might have to road trip. The national comedy center in living color archives. The collection features hundreds of annotated script drafts and detailed network sensor reports.

That’s a lot of fun.

And over a new castle from chortle there’s this whole controversy new castle cathedral is trying to host comedy nights and the traditionalist want no part of this. Gavin Ashenden is a former chaplain to the queen. He’s accused the church of spiritual illiteracy over the plans for a monthly standup gig at the cathedral.

The first cathedral of comedy show love it will be staged may 21

with David O’Doherty, headlining, Phil Wang, Katherine Bernhardt, and Larry Dean are booked to perform later in the year.

Dr. Ashton told the daily mail, it’s a misuse of the 500 seat space to turn it into an OTR read or a nightclub. If the diocese of new castle wants to have comedians, it should hire a comedy club. But to do in a cathedral is offensive to anyone who thinks a cathedral is a holy.

The diocese said they are confident. The comics would respect our sacred space and that it had county news for today. Follow the shell on apple podcast, Spotify, Google tell a friend, share the show on social media. I’m supposed to did tell you to do that more often. So do that. All right. Grab a link. Be like, Hey bud, check this out.

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