Robin Williams Stories Part 2

A jump through the 80s finds Robin Williams running into Dom DeLuise, Rodney Dangerfield and Billy Crystal.

Johnny Mac. And today is Robin Williams stories. Part two, if you miss part one, that is the previous episode in the feed from yesterday, from August 31st, 1981, New York magazine. The headline Mor meets Garp.

Robin Williams speaking. Yeah. I see the moments when I watch a tape by wondering what’s gonna happen next, whether something’s gonna work, whether it’ll connect, you’re up to the last moment before you go off the diving board and you realize now gravity works and you have a choice of going with it or checking in.

I just love to play and put things together. The thing I love is to improvise when something just forms in front of me. I work with Jonathan Winters on one of the more and Mindy shows. And when you see him, you realize he does that kind of improvising just to keep himself going

the writer and Robin leave the restaurant and they’re looking for a cab and they see dumb Deloy.

Tom Delise. Here’s. Robin Williams is heading to catch arising stars as he may drop in. He eventually does not outside of catch Williams, immediately spots a few of his comedian friends. Someone tells him a joke and Robins laugh is loud enough to be heard down the block.

Rodney Dangerfield is there too. Rodney says, Robin, I hear you did something very crazy at a benefit Woodstock. You dressed up like a.

Robin just says, are you going on Rodney, Rodney? Yeah, I’m gonna read a few jokes. Why should I try them out in my own club?

When Rodney’s introduced the applause explodes, big time stuff, a star, but he only does Soso about half the gags click. One of the jokes. My wife has figured out a way to stop me from biting my nails. She hides my teeth. I’m so ugly. My dog shuts his eyes when it hums my. The audience is still unaware that Robin Williams is there.

After another act. Robin is announced a jubilation,

A woman can’t believe it and keeps repeating Robin’s name are her boyfriend. From 1988, good morning, Vietnam, which doesn’t sound so long ago. This from the New York times, they wrote suddenly good morning. Vietnam is a smash hit. And Robin Williams was coping with this information as might be expected.

The star of the film said he was appropriately delighted.

But being Robin Williams, of course, he also used the occasion to laps effortlessly into a manic impression of Elmer FUD as mayor Kotch. That was the New York city mayor back in the day.

He switched into an impression of crazy Eddie. That was a discount store guy in New York city who used to say his prices are insane. Robin did crazy Eddie as the president, and then he switched into an imitation of Sammy Davis Jr. Doing a Hamlet

Uh, I won attempt the impression, but the quote here cracks me up. Robin said, oh, you know what? A piece of work is a man, how noble in reason. And I really mean that sincerely,

these are days of indication for Robin Williams, who in seven films has never had a blockbuster until now.

Robin said until this role, the acting and the comedy had been pretty much separate on screen. was the potential to do improv that attracted Robin to the role in the first.

Part of the art of the filming was having a restrained Robin Williams. Robin said director Barry Levinson would say, you don’t have to be funny here. And Robin said in the past, I used to think I’ll push it. I’ll make it funny.

At this stage in life, Robin had been in psychotherapy for a year. He called it open heart surgery and installments and said, he thought it helped his performance saying it allowed me to show more vulnerability. And I think the camera can catch that. I think therapy has helped me bring out a deeper level of.

Robin Williams observed that in the movie industry success moves you up in the food chain as a food chain of scripts and success can give you access to better script.

From 1992 in the New York times at home with Robin Williams. Good for a laugh, not a bad listener. It’s seven O’. Robin has just returned home from taping. The arsenal hall show. As two younger children are scampering and laughing in the hallway. Robin Williams wearing a black shirt and baggy pleaded pants steps in the living room sits weirdly on a foot stool

He has jet lag from a London flight earlier in the day. He hasn’t had time to unpack. And he said the land is so nice pools in the back tennis courts in the front. There’s even a Treehouse, which is for rent to sublet and he smile.

He’s renting the house for a year. Robin said, I make raids to LA sort of like Mosby’s Raiders. I love working here. I like the business, but living here is very strange. Surreal. You imagine percus story? Something like this, except not such good parking. It’s always, how am I doing? Where am I on the food chain?

Let’s make a deal. I just feel safer in San Francisco here. It’s like being a hemophilia in a razor factory.

The publicity about events leading to his second marriage, Durst fury. He cite an article in people from several years ago that depicted Marsha as the nanny who broke up his first marriage. Robin says tensely. It was an ambush by them. It’s very destructive. It still is. There are still nanny jokes.

You want to go out and yell. There was an article about men who leave their wives when they become famous. And I wanted to write to this man and say, listen, you may have your ridiculous theories, but the truth is my wife left me. My marriage had been in shambles for some time. Marsha just basically started to talk to me and said, listen, jerk.

What are you having these ridiculous fears for what are you yelling and screaming about? Wake up slowly. I began realizing I’m a decent person and everything wonderful that has happened to me in my life is because of her. It’s hideous that she takes the rap as a home record, which is a lie.

It’s the exact opposite. She is taking me from zero to

the doorbell rings, Billy crystal enters and he says, don’t I know you from a rooming house in San F.

In May, 2014, Robin Williams was told that he had Parkinson’s disease news that stunned and overwhelmed Robin.

Even more crushing is the possibility that Robin was misdiagnosed than autopsy would later reveal that he actually had Louie body dementia and aggressive and incurable brain disorder that has an associated risk of suicide.

In 2018 vanity fair wrote an article inside the final days of Robin Williams.

They wondered, what did Robin still get out of doing what he was doing and why did he feel the compulsion to keep doing it? Had he already enjoyed nearly all the accomplishments that one could hope for in his field tasted the richest successes. When most of the major awards, every stage of his career had been at adventure to the unknown

and improvisation in its own. Right. But there was truly no roadmap for where he was now. Everything came to an end. At some point it was a reality. He accepted and confronted so often in his work, even as he tried Tora it, what would it look like for him? He wondered when he wrapped things up and told the crowd goodnight for the last time, how could it be anything other than devastating?

The work was less abundant than it used to be, and nowhere near as lucrative. And so much of it seemed to be focused on finality, particularly in the form of death in August, 2012. He appeared in an episode of Louie written by and storing Louis CK that begins with both men meeting at the grave of a comedy club manager who recently died and whom they both privately despised.

Louis tells Robin when he died. I felt nothing. I didn’t care, but I knew when I pictured him going on the ground and nobody’s there he is alone. He gave me nightmares. Robin replied me.

Robin Williams died in August 11th, 2014. You can follow the show for free on apple podcasts or Spotify, wherever you get your shows. See tomorrow.

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