Rokus Most Searched? Adam Sandler!

By the way I keep forgetting to promote that if I get 100 followers at then I will do an entire bonus episode that is only me saying nice things about Adam Sandler. I don’t think I said anything mean in this one. The Sandman is Roku’s top searched anything.

Late Night rebounded off those awful Super Bowl jokes. Jimmy Fallon’s writers continue to crush.

Matt Berry’s Toast of London series gets a 4th season – this time it will be the Toast of Tinseltown, as Stephen Toast heads to the United States. Yessssss!

Did you see the Cat-Lawyer? No he’s not someone who does legal work for cats. The details in the pod.

Astoria NYC’s comedy club The Creek and Cave is opening at a new location….in Austin Texas?

Judd Apatow casts Frank Armisen, Pedro Pascal and Mac Packer Keegan-Michael Key in his next comedy.

Brian Regan has a new special in two weeks. On The Rocks, on Netflix, Feb 23rd.

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