Saget autopsy gets curiouser. Plus, Amy Schumer, naked in the tub and partying in a confessional.

Today’s Gossip Corner follows the adventures of Amy Schumer who shared an Insta of herself in the tub, and was spotted at a fancy private club.

HBO announces a cool George Carlin documentary that will include Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Patton Oswalt, Stephen Colbert, Bill Burr, Bette Midler, W. Kamau Bell, Sam Jay, Judy Gold, Jon Stewart, and more

The trailer for John Mulaney and Andy Samberg’s Chip & Dale movie is out and looks fun.

Chevy Chase doesn’t care if everyone thinks he is a jerky-face.

Did a trade magazine slip up and reveal the truth about Bob’s Burgers?

The Bob Saget autopsy has more details…and the story gets more curious.

John DiMaggio explains why he won’t voice Bender on the new Futurama.

JVC Donald Trump’s accounting firm said his tax statements from 2011 to 2020 should no longer be relied upon. Hi, I’m Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news. Jimmy Kimmel said, in other words, we’re not going to prison with you, Mr. Trump uh, cold beer. So for those nine years, no one should trust any of his financial statements or any of his statements.

Good for them standing up and doing the right thing 10 years too late. Jimmy Kimmel, the New York attorney general and Manhattan da had been trying to determine whether the insurers, lenders and others Trump dealt with and were misled about the strength of his finances. Let me save you guys some trouble.

They were go Bayer. If there’s any karma in this world, they dropped him for a younger, hotter client. That’s hilarious. Coordin. What new information could it come to light right now where they’re like, wait a minute. Trump organization, as in Donald, does that have something to do with Donald Trump?

I’ll tell you there’s nothing more depressing than getting jumped by your accountant during tax season. It’s like getting divorced on Christmas Eve. I like the idea of Donald Trump. Angerly now setting up a turbo tax accounts. Get his taxes done. A lot of people believe this could be it for Donald Trump.

This could be the one, I don’t know how many, the ones that we had now where we’re like 400 or something. Steve would go bare for the wind. Now he’s going to have to have someone else do his taxes. I suggest H and R cellblock.

So remember yesterday, I’d tell you my spidey sense was tingling a little bit with the Bob Saget story. I’m not trying to cause trouble here, but the spidey sense is tingling. And the spidey sense is tingling a little more from CNN, the family of actor and comedian, Bob Saget filed a lawsuit Tuesday to block the release of certain records related to the investigation into sag its death.

Citing privacy concerns.

they requested that some investigation records related to the death be exempt from being revealed publicly because of the graphic nature in how they portray the late actor. I can understand that. The lawsuit says in the process of these investigations, defendants created records, which include photographs, video recordings, audio recordings,

Saturday. So yeah, I could understand you don’t want photos of Sagat going out.

but this last part, and I hadn’t picked up on this previously. I’m not sure if it had been previously reported, but in this. Story while there was no alcohol president and his body, his systems contained clonazepam slash , which has taken for seizures, panic disorders and anxiety. The report shows, additionally, the antidepressant Trazadone was found in and system.

The reports said, we’ll keep an eye on that story. I don’t want to speculate, but it seems to still be in the news. I’ll leave that.

Chevy chase sold CBS Sunday morning that he doesn’t give a crap about headlines and former costars painting him as problematic on set this from variety. This is a weird move basically to summarize and I’ll catch you up on it. Chevy chase. People say he’s a jerky face and he’s like, yeah, I am. Variety rights.

Chase’s behavior has been described by co-stars as racist, misogynist, and horrific. Over the years,

chase was asked about stories of him being a jerk. And he said, I guess you’d have to ask them. I don’t give a crap. I am who I am. And I like who I am. I don’t care. it’s part of me that I don’t care. And I’ve thought about that a lot. And I don’t know what to tell you, man. I just don’t care.

Community CoStar, Donald Glover, all the new Yorker in 2018, that chase repeatedly made racist jokes on sets. According to that article, chase often tried to disrupt the scenes with Glover by making racial cracks between takes one of which was the following quotes. People think you’re funnier because you’re.

Dan Harmon said at the time, Chevy was the first to realize how immensely gifted Donald was and the way he expressed his jealousy was to try and throw Donald off. I remember apologizing to Donald after a particularly rough night of Chevies and non-PC verbiage. And Donald said, I don’t even worry about it.

Glover interpreted Chase’s Reese’s cracks as the comedian thrashing in the water. I just see Chevy is fighting time. A true artist has to be okay with his rain being over. I can’t help him if he’s thrashing in the water, but I know there’s a human in there somewhere.

He’s almost two human

chase, respondents, a Glover by saying he was saddened to hear that he perceived him in that light.

In 2018 Pete Davidson, who we never talk about called chase an effing douchebag after chase criticized the then current SNL cast Davidson added F Chevy chase, he’s just a genuinely bad racist person. And I don’t like him. He’s a putz.

Will Pharaoh called Chevy chase. The worst host after Chevy’s February, 1997, SNL appearance

Pharaoh said, I don’t know if he was on something or what if he took too many back that day or something, but he was just going around the room. And systematically riffing. When it got to one of our female writers, he made some reference like maybe you can do me a favor sexual later, and I’ve never seen Lauren Michaels more embarrassed and red.

Wow. I suspect we’re going to hear more about Chevy the next few days. This next thing is cool from HBO George Carlin’s American dream, a two-part documentary it’ll debut in may. The documentary tracks Carlin’s rise to fame from his childhood New York city and such as on his drug use brushes with the law and two marriages with the use of exclusive interviews that never before seen archival material.

Some of the people in this thing, Chris rocket, Jerry Seinfeld, Patton Oswalt, Steven Colby, or bill Burr bet. Midler w Kamau bell, Sam J Judy gold, John Stewart, Kelly Carlin, Jerry Hamza, and Sally Wade. I know both Kelly Carlin and Jerry Hamza. Kelly is George’s daughter.

Maybe I’ll hit them up and see if they can come on and talk about this thing. It’s always fun to talk about Carlin. So looking for.

And an update on bender gates. John DiMaggio released a statement.

Catch everybody up. John DiMaggio is the voice of vendor, a few traumas coming back, but DiMaggio is not coming back as the voice DiMaggio statement says, hi, I’ve been thinking about everything that’s been going on these past months. And just to be clear, I don’t think only I deserve to be paid more. I think the entire cast does negotiations are a natural part of working in show business.

Everybody has a different strategy and different. Their price. Some accept offers some holder, ground bender is part of my soul and nothing about this is meant to be disrespectful to the fans or my future. I’m a family. It’s all about self-respect and honestly being tired of an industry that’s become far too corporate and takes advantage of the time and talent. Look, I wish I could give you every day at sales, you would understand, but it’s not my place. Thanks again for love. Everyone’s still hoping for the best.

In the meantime, I’ll be in new Orleans shooting interview with a vampire for AMC. And very grateful to be. Thanks. I’ve actually started watching Futurama again. I randomly, I didn’t want to start from season one because every time I start a future, I’m going to rewatch. I start with season one.

It’s I feel like I’ve seen season one, 8 billion times and I’m like, let me jump to the star Trek episode that had Shatner and Nimoy in it. And that’s one of my favorite episodes. So I started there and then it rolled into season five.

I figured if I really get back in a future I’m I can always go back. It’s all on Hulu. So season five, episode one is about global warming.

Sorry. I misspoke. There are. These star Trek is the end of season three, season four, episode one crimes of a hot, the head of former vice president Al gore holds an emergency summit and Kyoto to deal with a global warming caused by robot emissions. That episode came out in 2002. So I am a big alarmist for the climate emergency.

Like we need to start paying attention to this 30 years ago. If you want to nail a straight. November 10th, 2002 future Alma’s are ready, goofing on global warming and it’s 20 years later and we’ve done nothing. I digress, probably not while you’re here.

but anyway, the next episode, after the global warming one, I can’t even watch. Have you ever seen Jurassic? Fry’s spots is petrified dogs, Seymour among the artifacts and exhibit at the museum of natural history.

So when fried disappears spoilers here, the dog just waits outside the pizza shop and they show the dog waiting and waiting and getting old and not being able to stand and waiting. I’m getting sad, thinking about a freaking cartoon and eventually the dog lays down and passes away in front of her.

Oh, my God. Let’s take a break.

Yes. It’s daily company news, where I make myself cry. Thinking about a cartoon, looking ahead to this weekend. Saturday Mitch Hedberg. Hedbergs birthday is next week. So Saturday is Mitch Hedberg stories. Sunday. I did indeed do the Ivan Reitman episode. I haven’t edited it yet. I just recorded before this one.

I think it came out pretty well. As I explained in the episode, I have a programming philosophy called taking the car out for a drive. So I don’t really have a script on that one. It’s just me going animal house. Oh, this loves us. Shout 0.0. And hopefully it just tickles your memories there. So Reitman on Sunday, Hedberg on Saturday.

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you can also get a national donuts chain t-shirt for 20 bucks. Plus shipping five bucks of that goes to me. Great. What a sport? The show, buy me a comedy news. All right. It’s time for endless gossip on gossip corner, Amy Schumer. Who’s hosting the Oscars for summary.

Big, congratulations to her agents on a job. Well done. I was thinking about that. I got to do some homework and see who everybody’s agent here is. You know, I don’t think the Oscars were sitting home going. Nah. How about Amy Schumer? I bet the agent picked up the phone and initiated this discussion would be my guess.

So great job. Amy Schumer’s agents. Amy is hosting the Oscars for some reason. She took to Instagram on my. And posted a nude photo. Yeah. Amy Schumer in the tub. What’s going on first. We’ve got Kathy Griffin, skinny dipping, and now Amy Schumer in a bathtub as podcast is getting naughty. Don’t worry. She covered herself under numerous bath toys.

Some of those toys included giant letters and no secret message and a large yellow duck. She does have a two year old named Jean people on the internet. Theorize. These were jeans.

, but sticking on gossip corner Saturday night, Selena.

Kara . Is that how you say her name? And Amy Schumer were spotted letting their hair down at the flat iron members only club chapel bar fancy that’s right. Page six. As the trio arrived to the hotspot located in a park avenue church around [10:00] PM. Spies told us they sneaked out of a black car upon arrival.

Inside. They held court in the confessional where they could party in privacy.

The inner Postback is a timber wrote about chapel bar. There are three levels of membership. I know you’re curious, there’s the collector, which is a $200 a year off. And the family membership for 4 49 a year includes once monthly access to chapel bar. The latter includes more perks.

Then there’s the patron membership, which if you’re hosting the Oscars, I hope you’re a patron which costs $2,000 per year and means you can visit chapel bar whenever you like. Can you imagine. If I don’t, I could make a billion dollars off this podcast. I would never do any of this.

untapped says the bar’s located inside a 19th century, chapel and schoolhouse. The schoolhouse design in 1867.

It was part of Calvary church.

A suit says the concept for chapel bar was to build a sanctuary for culture, place, to worship art, photography, fashion, and music at a chic setting, surrounded by creative and curious individuals. We’re bringing together a Kendrick D here, the old man coming out in me. There’s also a VIP confessional room serving experiential cocktail service.

All right, Johnny Mac let’s focus and get back to gossip corner and Amy Schumer. The source to page six says the whole club was trying to get in. It was super site and ladies didn’t want anyone to see who was in a confessional. They kept a very low profile. And yet this made the New York post aha very low profile.

Yeah. Amy Schumer keeping a low profile at a club in a story making page six. Two days before it gets announced. She’s hosting the Oscars also, coincidentally, the same week that her TV show is out on Hulu. Yeah. Keeping a low profile. I’m sure nobody leaked that one. Aha. Disney has unveiled the trailer for Chippendale rescue Rangers.

This star is John Malaney is chip and Mac packer. Andy Samberg, as. Telling a story which finds chip and Dale living amongst cartoons and humans in LA, including familiar faces like Roger rabbit. That’s interesting.

The story takes place in real time and picks up decades after Chippendale found success with their Disney cartoon, with the two having taken different paths. That sounds like fun chips. So that’s. Is living the life of suburban domesticity as an insurance salesman. I hope chip doesn’t leave his wife and run off with some I’m sorry.

I’m digressing aggressing. While Dale has had CGI surgery and works the convention circuit to relive his glory days when a former castmate disappears chip and Dale must repair their broken relationship and take on their rescue Rangers personas once again to save their friend’s life. That sounds like a good time.

Malaney and Sandberg Chippendale rescue Rangers mates.

Geez. I’m getting long here again. Cause I went on the Amy Schumer rant. All right, this go away. This can wait

tonight in Vancouver. Hot takes comedy show plus spicy wings. Yeah. It’s like hot ones except you’re at a comedy club and there’s comedy at hotcakes. Comedians will be telling jokes while having hot wings. The first is milder. The second will feature the notorious. hot sauce.

Sounds like a good time. And I do want to get to this. I’m going to ask you two questions. One, have you ever seen Bob’s burgers? The answer of course is no. To have you ever met anyone who has seen bombs burgers? That answer is also no. So if you’re a new listener and there are a lot of new listeners, like in the last couple of weeks welcome everybody.

Let me catch you up on the Bob’s burgers conspiracy. Now I understand that you’ve seen drawings of Bob’s burgers. I understand that Fox promotes Bob’s burgers during football. My questions to you are one. Have you ever seen Bob’s burger? Yeah happened. And have you ever met anyone who has actually seen Bob’s burgers?

No. There’s something going on here where Fox promotes that tonight? They have, I think they’re trying to trick the investors. Cause they have to pretend they’re a full-time TV network, but they know after Joe Buck football, you’re going to switch over to Al Michael’s football. So they don’t actually have to program on Sunday night.

They just have to make the investors think there’s a show called Bob’s burgers. Now here’s the proof from the Hollywood Porter.

Fox developing a bloom county animated TV series based on beloved comic. Okay. Fox is looking to bring the life. Steve Dallas built a cat, Opus, the penguin, and remember all that from bloom county. Yeah. That ran from 1980 to 1989. Maybe you don’t remember it. Maybe I’m just old. It was a really popular comic strip.

You’ll have to trust me anyway, they’re making an animated series out of bloom county, but here’s the money line. If the project is green-lit bloom county would presumably join the likes of family guy and the Simpsons and Fox a Sunday animated lineup family guy in the Simpsons. Those clearly exist. No mention of Bob’s burgers.

Isn’t that weird? Did somebody slip up and blow the. I think so, if you would like to comment on any of this insanity, the Facebook group is daily comedy news podcast group. The subreddit is daily comedy news, and you can follow this shell on apple podcasts, Google, Spotify, wherever you get your shows. Buy me comedy news.

See you tomorrow.