Should Conan O’Brien win The Podcast Award for best Comedy Podcast?

The Podcast Awards are out and between Conan, Office Ladies, the Scrubs one and two others – Johnny Mac isn’t sure who should win in the comedy category. Also, some pretty big shows are missing from that list, no?

Late Night makes fun of Rudy Giulinai.

John Oliver wants to know more about the anatomy of the guy on the Pringle’s can.

Jessica Kirson is totally cool with Bill Burr

Andrew Schulz announced a four part comedy event coming to Netflix.

A KFC themed lifetime holiday movie? Maybe it’s not holiday themed, but it is FRIED CHICKEN themed.

Geri tries to provide evidence that Bob’s Burgers is a TV show that actually exists – have you seen it? No. Have you met anyone who has seen it? No – and that leads to another mystery. Does Sam Seder exist? Is Marc Maron in on all this? Is Family Guy in on all this?

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