Should John Mulaney be canceled? Should John Mulaney be canceled over age-ism??

A theory that John Mulaney should be canceled in the name of age-ism.

Dave Chappelle buys into a podcast company.

This whole Kanye West Pete Davidson thing is getting scary.

Tom Brady is getting into comedy

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice – they are making a sequel. They should just call it this. Then make a third.

Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news. Trevor Noah said, let’s talk about the state of the union address that one night a year where Joe Biden stays up past [6:00] PM. Jimmy Fallon Biden spoke for 62 minutes. Well, actually he spoke for 10 with 52 minutes of clapping kibble more than 33 million Americans watched a grand POTUS speak for more than an hour.

He announced he’ll release 60 million barrels of oil from our national reserve, which is good news for Ted Cruz’s hair. Trevor, you know, at times this speech was like a birthday card from a four year old. A lot of words didn’t make sense, but you got what it was trying to say. Seth, according to a new poll, 71% of Americans who watch president Biden, state of the union address had a positive reaction to the speech, but let’s be honest.

Everybody who would have had a negative reaction was watching Yellowstone. Let’s start here. This is like getting pretty serious. This is about Pete Davidson. This is from people,

On Wednesday, Kanye west shared footage of a video for his new song. Easy. In the video, a Claymation version of Pete Davidson is kidnapped, tied up and buried alive. There’s nothing funny here. I know I’ve had fun with this whole story, but this is serious and scary. After growing roses around the comedian west is then seen standing on top of a garden as the lyrics.

God saved me from that crash just so I could beat Pete Davidson’s ass. So we’re not hiding who this is about. Kanye then references, skeet.

And words appear on the screen. According to people, everyone lived happily ever after, except to skeets. You know who JK? He’s fine, Mr. West, I hope you find peace and I hope you do not harm Pete. David’s. The rap asks, should John Malaney be canceled for age-ism? Yeah.

Alright. Writer David Gittens. David Gittens is the executive director of age inclusion in media. That’s an independent nonprofit dedicated to changing the narrative of age and entertainment and media. I guess. He’s not going to like that.

I shared a Biden joke in the open.

David writes in his last SNL appearance. For example, John Malaney joked about silencing his grandmother because of her age. She said older people should not be listened to because they’re about to leave the restaurant.

It’s called calm. He then told us how close he was to his grandmother only to then dismiss her wish for a new driver’s license photograph. And that was funny because it’s laughable for older people to experience vanity desires and emotions, you know, like real people. If John Mellinia told someone to shut up, just because she was a woman or because she was Jewish or black, we would know he’s a bigot and no one would have laughed, but he only dismissed her because she was old and in the current climate for comedy that’s okay.

And everybody laughed. Oh, boy. Uh, yeah, I’m just going to do my thing. The article continues. Of course. SNL’s had a history of denigrating, older people for years. Bill Hader portrayed herb Welch as an out of touch and an MTV reporter. Who’s habitually, racist and sexist. I don’t remember those at all those sketches in these sketches.

Herb’s racism and sexism stems from the fact that he’s old and that’s just how old people are. Herb Welch also draws from the deep well of comedy known as dementia because when his mental decline not funny.

And another viral SNL skit called Amazon echo silver older people are portrayed as too dumb for new technology. And so unworthy of attention that even a machine gets bored, listening to them that sketch was held as hilarious by tech crunch and brilliant by CNET and this and other sketches.

SNL often puts performers in gray face. Oh my God. Come on man. Really grateful. Is this article serious SNL often puts performers in gray, face hair and makeup for easy last, because when it comes to age, misrepresentation is always funny with jokes aimed against older people.

John Malaney appears to be on safe ground. The acceptance of age-ism as humorous widespread compare the reaction to the ages, jokes to the blowback faced by British comic. Jimmy Carter. What are the outrage sparked by Dave Chappelle?

Is that a John Malaney, Lauren Michaels, and everyone associated with SNL. Yes, we get, these are chokes. Yes, we get your intentions are not serious, but the consequences are age-ism is a systemic prejudice exerted on a diverse group of people based on the sole shared characteristic of age. But because John Molina and SNL have profited from this behavior doesn’t mean they should be canceled.

Oh, good. Whew. Far from it. The only thing we need to cancel is ageism. I was worried about being canceled myself. Then I realized old people don’t know how to download my podcast. I’m going to be so canceled by the oldies. All right. Anna Marie Tendler. Remember she used to be married to John Malaney, page six.

It says Anna Marie Tendler appears to have begun the process of freezing her eggs. You’re curious how old Anna Marie Taylor is? She is 36. She posted a photo on Instagram showing herself, pinching the skin on her stomach. As she inserted a syringe, she captured the post eggs over.

She did not confirm she’s freezing her eggs. She clarified on her Instastory that the syringe photo was supposed to represent the female experience. At large, I’d like to clear up a common misnomer about my work. This is not a photo diary. I am never commenting on any one thing. I’m really posting photos chronologically.

I’m a fine artist. These are standalone works that speak to the female experience.

Dave Chappelle has invested in the podcast platform. Illuminary He works with them on his podcast, the midnight miracle, which is it doing well, I guess it’s behind the paywall and we don’t know, I don’t see any buzz on that podcast and I kind of do this everyday. So I’m going to guess.

Chappelle said I choose a luminary because they value artists and share my vision for reimagining audio content, the midnight miracle and our unique format is changing the podcast experience.

So, as I mentioned on the podcast, I play trivia on Wednesday nights. This week we finished third place. We were in first place heading into the final round, but the whole game is about the final round and the F in the first five rounds. What is it? Five rounds, four rounds. And the first, whatever rounds.

It’s one point for you. Zero points for now in the final round, it’s three for yes. Minus two for no. So if you do really well in the final round, he usually, when we’ve slipped from first to third, we got to go home with four cans of beer, not too bad. here is one of the trivia questions that everybody looked to me and were like, Jedi Mac, you know, this is one, right?

I’ll feed it to you into the break and see if you can figure it out. The category is humor. This comedian had a big Netflix here in 2019, releasing a comedy special, stay hungry in January and appearing in the Irishman in November. A teammate of mine said Ray Romano was in the Irishman to which I said, yeah, but.

And now the answer, this comedian had a big Netflix here in 2019, his special stay hungry. And he was in the Irishman. Who is he? Sebastian Maniscalco. Of course nailed it. Was I a hundred percent sure. No, I was like 95% sure. I actually got it more off the Irishman thing. And then I was like, stay hungry.

Yes. Sebastian does food jokes And figured it out in that direction. I know I’m the world’s biggest comedy expert, but I don’t have everybody’s Netflix special title memorized. I mean, come on. So that’s from the guys at best men trivia. They told me they started a podcast. I haven’t had an opportunity to listen to it yet,

but they are best men trivia on all their socials and they are pretty cool guys. So check that out. Today’s daily comedy news is brought to you by the best song ever this week. That’s a new podcast, music journalist, Scott Frampton, deep dives on one song every week. This week song is Mary Clayton’s bridge over troubled water.

That’s the best song ever this week, wherever you get your podcast. National caught up on the nation comedy awards for stand up to cancer. The British seems to give out comedy awards twice a day. This particular set honors emerging and established comedy talent with the British public voting on key prizes or.

Host Tom Allen began the show with an acknowledgement to our brother and comedy president’s Alinsky and the courageous people of Ukraine.

It was a tribute to Sean Locke who died from cancer in 2021. Sean lock best known as team captain on Jimmy Carr’s channel four comedy panel show eight out of 10 cats lock posthumously won the prize for outstanding male comedy entertainment performance, Catherine Ryan one for outstanding female comedy entertainment performance.

Also for eight out of 10.

Sex education dominated the scripted categories. Taking home four trophies.

Billy Connelly was awarded the Victoria Wood lifetime achievement award

Best stand up show. Once you Ricky Jervais as best comedy entertainment show taskmaster best comedy podcast was daily canola wasn’t. It was Chris and Rosie Ramsey with shagged married, annoyed.

The whole thing’s going to air on channel four. If you’re over in that UK there on March 5th.

Tomorrow at [9:00] PM.

And I told you the Brits do like two awards a day. This is a whole different set of awards from chortle nominees have been revealed for the Royal television society awards, a completely different award show. The nominees for comedy entertainment are the Graham Norton show. The lates ish show with Mo Gilligan and the last leg, breakthrough award nominees are a Johnny Selman for dreaming wasp black Calum Scott howls. It’s a sin. And the John of a sun for we’re lady parts, comedy performance, female, Sophie Wilin for Almas, not normal on John of a son four. We are lady parts, Katie Wix for staff let’s flats, comedy performance mail, your nominees, Nick Muhammad intelligence, Samson Kao.

I like him a lot bloods and a deal October back to life. My knowledge of British comedy is starting to get a little rusty.

On Amazon prime today is Amy Poehler’s, Lucy and Desi documentary. This is totally different from the movie that aired in December. That was fantastic. This one is a documentary drawing on a home movies.

Back when they shot, I love Lucy. They shot it on film. That means Amy has a lot of material to draw from, not just scenes from, I love Lucy, but also behind the scenes footage, old audio interviews and home movies. Screen, ran says Michael Keaton and Wynnona writer will reprise their roles for Beetlejuice to Beetlejuice Beetlejuice.

No, I’m not doing that.

They’ve been working on SQL on and off for 30 years. In 1990, there was a concept called beetle juice goes Hawaiian that never happened. Rolling stone.

Says Evan. Rachel Wood has joined the cast of the upcoming weird Al Yankovic biopic. She’s going to play Madonna. They released a still where wood is dressed in like that madonna, desperately seeking Susan. That was a good luck.

I’m from the eighties, Rosanna Arquette back in those days, who one time it’s serious. Rosanna Arquette was in studio five, doing an interview. I called my staff down. We had a fake meeting in studio four. There was a glass partition between four and five, and I had a fake meeting just so I could stare at was at our cat creepy, probably.

And guess who’s getting an, a comedy that’s right. You guessed correctly, Tom Brady. You may know Tom Brady from such things as the Superbowl, the other Superbowl and the seven other Superbowls, that guy

he’s going to produce an act in the upcoming paramount comedy, 80 for breeding. 80 for Brady is a film that follows for Patriots fans who take a life-changing trip to the 2017 super bowl for some reason, to see their quarterback hero, Tom Brady. So who are these fans that are going to see Tom Brady?

Probably picturing some Boston guys like Dane cook would be good in that movie, right?

Bill Burr would be fantastic in that movie. No, no, no, no, no. The four friends going to see Tom Brady in the 2017 super bowl. What a weird plot are. Rita Moreno, Sally field, Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda.

Rita Moreno is 90

Jane Fonda, a youthful 84.

Lily Tomlin, 82.

And Sally field 25 in my mind forever. She is a youthful 75 that age. This guy’s gonna cancel me. I didn’t say anything. I just said how old they are. Rita. Marino’s 90. She’s going to see Tom Brady in the super bowl. And that’s your comedy news for today? Follow the show on apple podcasts, Google Spotify. If you want to protest Twitter is at DCN pod.

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