So which famous women comedians didn’t like Joan Rivers?

T.I. says he didn’t mind being booed while doing his comedy act.

Curb Your Enthusiasm will get a 12th season

Pete Holmes on following your dreams

Craig Robinson on Cleveland

Which female comedians didn’t like Joan Rivers?

A deep dive look at the comedians in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s Raw Comedy National Final

Kim Kardashian explains where she and Pete Davidson met.

Johnny Mack with your daily comedy newsy researcher in England has discovered that mushrooms communicate similarly to humans. Jimmy Kimmel said when they provided them with electrodes, they exhibited spikes of cognitive activity that resembled vocabularies of around 50 words, like an Eric Trump level vocabulary.

They were able to determine that mushroom say hello, goodbye. And for the love of God, please stop eating us to get high. Ironically, you know, who would find this story most interesting is people on mushrooms? Isn’t that crazy? A mushroom might actually be a fun guy. Oh, speaking of comedy that apparently isn’t very good tea.

I was commenting on his show. I mentioned yesterday, he got booed at the Barclay center over the weekend. T I spoke to fellow comedian, Michael Blackson and told blacks, and I loved it. I didn’t feel like they were booing me like that. I felt they were booing me. Like I dare you to be more funny.

I dare you to be more funny. I dare you to be better. Yeah. That’s what booing is Watts

t I added, I don’t care what they show. I ain’t seek a nobody’s validation. I’m not here for nobody else’s approval. I don’t give a damn curb. Your enthusiasm will return for season 12. I’ve tried to get into season 11 and I hit a wall, like maybe two episodes in and I just can’t bring myself to go back. I don’t know.

Why does the season get better?

Larry David was at some sort of Emmy’s event. Sunday night,

a live panel discussion was hosted by rich Isen featured Larry. Executive producer, Jeff Schaffer, Jeff Garland, Susie Essman, JB smooth, Cheryl Hines and Richard Lewis. That’s a nice panel there. Rich Isen tweeted. . So I was honored to MC and Emmy’s panel for curb. I asked Larry David, the ultimate question.

Will there be another season of curb? He said, yes.

Pete Holmes till the Buffalo news that his parents did not put a barrier, said he even becoming a comedian. I don’t know if that’s because they believed in me or they just weren’t paying attention. They were very supportive.

He also talked about what he calls comedy cancer to comedians who are always comparing themselves to other people, complaining what they were owed or what they hadn’t gotten yet. Never ended up taking necessary risks.

Craig Robinson’s out promoting his new peacocks, had come killing it. He spoke to and they were curious what memories he has of Cleveland. Fred Robinson said, oh man, I remember the diner with the corn beef and the pastrami.

That was awesome. Slimes. Yeah, we had a great time.

I also want to two or three, a famous chef, Michael Simone’s restaurants and performed at hilarity. These shout out to Nick. I’ve been going to Cleveland for a long time. I remember when the flats were not luxurious and lovely, so it’s nice to see Cleveland doing its thing.

Insider spoke to Melissa Rivers, daughter of Joan Rivers. Interesting article here saying, although plenty of comedians like Amy Schumer, Amy Poehler, and Sarah Silverman have expressed reverence for Joan Rivers, sometimes ruthless form of comedy, not every woman who made it in comedy. felt the same way Melissa river said there were a number of very high profile women in comedy who weren’t fans.

I was find that shocking. You don’t have to like everybody, and I’m not sure they liked her brand of comedy and were never kind to her on the red carpet. They never gave her the tip of the hat that she deserved from them, whether they liked her humor or not.

Melissa recalled her mother coming off the air one time and saying to her, wow. They don’t like me .

After Joan’s death, Kathy Griffin reportedly got into it with Ellen who, according to Griffin called June’s brand of comedy mean, all right, let’s stop down for a second . High profile women in comedy who did not respect Joan Rivers. All right. So this article says Amy Schumer did Amy Poehler did Sarah Silverman did Kathy Griffin did Ellen maybe did not.

Who else is there to even speculate about Carol Burnett wanting speculation by me?

I have Googled famous women, comedians, Amy Schumer, Eddie disgust, Joan Rivers, presumably like Joan Rivers, comedy, Carol Burnett. I just speculated on Lucy. Would Lucy not have like Joan Rivers? That seems weird. Mindy Kayling, um, indie Kaylin’s kind of sassy. I don’t think it would bother me to Kailyn

sarah, Silverman’s a fan. Wanda. Sykes doesn’t seem like a snowflake. Phyllis Diller. Did Phyllis Diller secretly not like Joan Rivers.

Gilda Radner, Tiffany Haddish, Amy Poehler. Tina Fey. No, Tina, Fey’s gonna let Joan Rivers whoopee. Kristen Wiig is Kristen wig backstage at SNL going. I hate Joan Rivers. I don’t know who are these people that don’t like Joan Rivers. I mentioned on the podcast before I worked with Joan Rivers, there are many words I could use to describe Joan Rivers.

Number one word I would use other than funny. So that makes it the number two word. Busy. She was over-scheduled when I worked with her mean now she was just having a good time. When I worked with her on her radio show, she had two writers with her in the room and they were passing her notes and half the time she didn’t even know what she was reading, but she knew how to deliver a punchline.

And she would get the last night. I don’t mean to like suggest, like she didn’t know what she was reading. I’m telling you the jokes are coming in so fast. Somebody would hand her a piece of paper. She would read it cold and then throw it down and keep going. So it’s, I don’t mean it like in a cognitive, she didn’t know what she was saying.

What kind of way it was just at such a rapid pace with the writers handing her notes and her just nailing the punchlines. That’s what I mean by that. I would not describe her as. Busy. Sure. Feisty. Sure. I’ve told the story in the past. I ain’t got it. No arguments with her. I also went to her apartment and she was lovely.

Jonah rivers mean NA just the style of comedy.

I have a recommendation for you. It is the auntie Donna podcast. Now you remember auntie Donna, they had a Netflix show right at the start of the pandemic. I think Australian sketch comedy group, auntie Donna was on Netflix was very funny. They have a podcast go back in the feed obit. Let me look for you and see how far back it is.

Not too far back. Come back to February 15th, episode 2 93, the moving car prelude. So the bit is this is the first podcast ever to be recorded in a moving car. An entire episode is the guys arguing over the rules of recording in a car, aside from the bit that it’s the first to ever record in a car and they wind up with all these I’ll call them parliamentary procedures.

They argue about what the rules are. Who’s the president of the car. Who’s the prime minister. How do you add new rules? And it’s pretty funny.

And then episodes 2 94 and 2 95 are the moving car podcast. In part one, they go to the post office. It’s funny, it’s dry. It moves fast. The auntie Donna podcast is my recommendation of the day. Let’s stay in Australia. The Melbourne international comedy festival continues. And I saw a review here of the raw comedy national finalist from China.

This time, rock, how many judges could not split the two front runners, Bron Lewis and Alexander Hudson. So both were declared winner as both will now head to the Edinburgh fringe festival in August. This is the only the second tie in 2017. Brian Lewis is a mother of three. The latest of which is a relatively new COVID baby. Louis has an unsentimental approach to her family cynical, but appealingly upbeat about it. The epitome of the fund mum, she strives to be.

Alexandra Hudson has cerebral palsy, which gives her permission to make some shockingly hard edge jokes. At the top of her set, the confronting approach might quickly get too much. So she eases back into a more conversational approach to talk about her daily life and how her infirmities make her more like her nonagenarian grandpa.

However, she saves spoilers the best that you weren’t going anyway, she saved the best to last with what seems a silly non-sequitur about a sexual kink, which involves into a slyly political joke. That sounds like a good show. Some of the non winners, Delhi boy, not like Delhi boy, D E L H I new word B U O Y I had some solid jokes about overcrowding on the Indian. Sub-continent his lack of success with the women. The judges decided that was a little less than original, but as delivery is slick measure and confident, it feels like he has something to say.

AVEs Robbins was an audience. Favorite. Her jokes were about being single, the interstate travel ban during COVID and how being transgender disappointed her. Few jokes didn’t land, but they liked her presence. 45 year old, Nathan Powell served up some authentic observations on being considered either young or old, depending on the context,

the judges dinged him saying his writing was simplistic.

Cathol. Leslie had a strong opening, letting the tension caused by espousing an anti-vax sentiment. Hang on just long enough to be awkward before he punctured it. But others of his routines were too slowly paced. This is a great review in. Zam McGovern light on gags. Well, that’s not good. Be compensates it with a big blast of camp.

Mimi, me energy, as he gushes about his love of pride love island. And Jesus’s chiseled body. Few of the jokes seem familiar, but he’d make a great MC with his animated delivery or right. I own a Coalville dedicated her entire set to her first name, but going in on such a specific and not especially interesting premise did not pay off yet.

Blake Pavey kicks off with some amusing. Talk about how even his mates are getting on board with the mental health message while still exhibiting toxic behavior, but he left his bombshell until later to give it more impact. He revealed the assistant fibrosis, which will dramatically shorten his lifespan is relatable comedy for dying people brought light to a dark subject with plenty of short punchlines.

That sounds like a very interesting.

Joshua counts, Hino hit a few familiar touchstones about immigration and his ethnic background.

He likened to Perth, to Afghanistan as both our desert hell holes that said a gag about Catholic priests did not as promised go down the expected route, but the alternative had no more punch than had aids on a pedophile line. Chortle continues.

There’s something to Pelling about car, but her hesitant delivery doesn’t yet do justice to her quirky viewpoint in which he likened ghosting to missing her period or asked the question how much meth is too much meth.

Heather Jones offered an interesting uncompromisingly Frank account of her experiences in transitioning.

She offers some angles you wouldn’t have heard before from her particular experiences of PMT without having the ambit to suffering hot girl problems she could have done without the brutally graphic fisting joke. All right. Over on gossip.

Kim Kardashians, said she met Pete Davidson at the met gala in 2021 before they were in the Aladdin sketched together and fell in true love. That will last forever. She said, I ran into Pete Davidson at the met and I was like, I’m so scared. I don’t.

When I signed up for meeting SNL, Pete’s like, can you read cue cards? You’re good. You’re good. He’s just super genuine. It’s just super fun to hang out and do nothing and watch TV and just do nothing. My favorite thing is finding someone to do nothing with it’s the best. We just like run errands. easily distracted with people, but you can’t be with anyone and do not.

Kevin Hart has been spotted filming on the streets of Belfast for the new movie,

highest comedy lifts.

Kevin Hart plays a master thief in the lift lift with an eye who is wooed by his ex-girlfriend and the FBI to pull off an impossible, highest with his international crew on a 7 77 flying from London to Zurich.

All right. That sounds fun for a second there. I thought it was about a cab driver picking up people and doing a heist. That’d be a different movie, which he should make. Kevin Hart apparently has been showing up in comedy clubs in Belfast as well. Yahoo caught up with comedian Irene too. I had never heard of Irene either, but I really liked the quote she gave.

She’s described as a little raunchy and grumpy I’ve been described as Larry David. And I think this next part is really funny. I’m gay and I look like this. So people will come up to me and ask, Hey, if I’m in here, look, does that make me gay? Irene says, if you’re a girl then yeah, that makes you gay. And if you’re a guy that also makes you gay, Irene to added a crazy thing to me is that people are still not getting the vaccine. And that’s a Chinese person. I’m very offended. We love free stuff. I’m showing up to these vaccines centers with Tupperware, like fill it up. I’m going to eat it for lunch all next week. Any star Tribune gets into the age.

Old question has insult comedy gone too far. Comedian Sol Sol said I’m used to rose. I grew up in comedy center. But Jada didn’t consensus people laughing at her disability and black women are already the most disrespected group in the country. Louis Katz had a different point of view and said, if you look at what Chris rock said, it doesn’t really insult her.

It just points out that she has short hair, but people get offended by the very fact that you’re talking about a subject that’s serious, they’re turned off before he even gets to the joke. So has NFL comedy gone too far? They didn’t say.

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