Steve Carrell reportedly saved jobs on The Office from budget cuts!

Conan O’Brien will end his TBS talk show on June 24th. Don’t worry, he will have a new show on HBO Max.

Night Court is coming back for some reason.

Mac Pack member Keegan-Michael Key will host Saturday Night Live.

Ricky Gervais and Sam Harris team up for a podcast called Absolutely Mental, but it’s gonna cost you $14.99

Tog Notaro will have an HBO stand-up special…but this one is animated!

Bill Maher upset the Dogecoin crowd.

Yannis Pappas about being shot.

Might The Office have gotten rid of some secondary characters over budget cuts? No Kevin? Fortunately Steve Carrell stepped in.

Tina Fey’s new comedy Girls5Eva is on Peacock. Mixed reviews.

Chris Gethard is sticking to that premise that he filmed the most danerous stand-up special ever even though I debunked this in a recent Roman Empire episode of Daily Comedy News. Scroll down the feed, you will find it…like a month ago.

Turns out Lewis Black and Marc Maron are related.

Michael Che and Seth Meyers goof on Colin Jost.

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