Survey: Joe Rogan fans less likely to be vaccinated, plus Bob Saget hotel room photos

Amy Schumer announced a 2022 tour.

Gabe Iglesias adds a second night to Dodger Stadium

David Spade gets a Netflix special

The Police released photos from Bob Saget’s hotel room.

That comedian that went to Ukraine gets into a twitter argument with Blair Erskine.

The Love Boat is coming back as a reality dating show.

Johnny Mack with your daily comedy news, you may have noticed yesterday. I didn’t do the late night jokes at the top. Late night has been talking about the Supreme court confirmation hearings. And I haven’t found the jokes to be all that funny, which is why I didn’t do them. As an example,

James Corden.

Today was the first of two days where senators can ask the nominee direct questions. So Democrats ask things like, why are you so great and Republican as things like, why aren’t you Donald Trump? I mean, it’s all right. It’s next one from camel? I don’t think is good at all. Despite the gratuitous attacks, judge Jackson has been very cool under pressure.

They don’t have anything real to critic. So they’ve been trying to portray her as soft on crime, which is interesting because she’s been endorsed by both the international association of police chiefs and the fraternal order of police and the band, the police even sting is in her corner. Yeah. Like what is that?

Courtney had a question about how soft the Republicans think she is? , like not handing out maximum sentences level of softer, or, you know, decided to look the other way after January six levels of soft camels. It’s funny listening to the same people who let the president get away with trying to overthrow the government called anyone soft on crime.

But that’s how it goes. Like none of that is like particularly joke, joke. They’re more like points

from Fox 35. The orange county Sheriff’s office in Florida, at least a batch of photos that were taken inside. Bob Sacketts, hotel room and Orlando Acacia wondering because earlier a Florida judge had permanently blocked the release of photos, videos, and other details. This batch of photos was released because they were not specific to what the lawsuit sought to specifically block.

Okay. Then 30 photos were released, mostly offering various vantage points throughout the room, the living room, bedroom, bathroom, and closet. I did share this article on the subreddit, which is daily comedy news.

But it’s basically pictures of a hotel room. Here’s a bathroom with the hairdryer sitting on the sink. Here’s a closet with some clothes,

but I mean, human. I was curious, I looked at it. I also started wondering what happens to that room. Like at some point they’re going to give somebody that room, right. They’re just going to clean it out and somebody’s going to check in the room 9 61. And if you know, you know, and you probably don’t know and you don’t think about it, I guess that’s fine.

Now you guys know, I like a nice comedy feud. Here’s one from the daily dot, the headline and attention seeking exercise comedians feud online after one goes to Ukraine, valance here. Remember I had told you, comedian Anthony Walker.

Traveled to your crane. Last month, he helped in the war media around the world, covered his journey from Canada to Ukraine.

One of Walker’s critics is comedian Blair earth skin who writes for Jimmy came alive. Blair tweeted, please don’t do this. It’s honorable that you went to offer your services as a medic, but you don’t need a drone to be a medic.

Erskine added that she has family and Kieve and admonished Walker, knots, a photograph of vulnerable refugees as he is not a news organization.

She added seeing all this talk about getting a blue check is disheartening too. This is a war. I’ll give you my blue check. If it’s. Positioning yourself as some kind of authority on getting over there slash what to do when you get there is not the way if you have tips great, but no one needs to tell you the personal experience you can vet them or whatever.

There’s a process for this stuff. That’s all day later, or skin urged Walker to stop his reckless behavior because some people were following his lead.

Some of Walker supporters that then took Blair on, on Twitter Walker on March 9th wrote, leave her alone. Please just moved on earth. Skin was unmoved and said, you should apologize to me directly. You sent your goons after me for questioning you and you should be ashamed.

March 9th Walker tweeted. Hey folks. I’m alive and well, Ukrainian army has my group going through training right now. Did the TCC a S M today don’t know what that is. Had a log on because my wife told me something was going on with Blair. Look, I don’t have time for this. Leave her alone. Please just move on.

There was a separate report that said, some people seem to have the impression they’re going to get here. And we’re just going to give them a rifle and send them right away. That’s not the way it works. People without military experience are being asked not to come.

The daily dot says on Friday Walker pen and then deleted a lengthy thread expressing his frustration, according to screenshots of circulating. He claimed to be with a special forces group in Kiev, but that they didn’t have weapons or armor.

He said, we’re looking to get to the front lines, but apparently aren’t needed. We don’t understand this. So president’s landscapes. Should we go home

first can said no, you tried to help yourself. Hope it was worth it. Glad you won’t be anywhere near my family over there. I hope you get your blue check.

On Monday, Walker’s wife tweeted that he’s still in cave and there’s quote, helping his priorities with people over there, not Twitter and haters. He’s using the donations over there. When he’s done over there, he will address the accusations. He is not grifting.

And this next story. I’m not sure it’s comedy, but yeah, it’s in the realm and it’s quick from the Hollywood reporter. CBS is making a new version of the love boat. This time. It’s a dating competition series. That’s right. It’s called the real love boat. A reality series where a group of singles look for love while aboard a princess cruise ship.

Destination dates, challenges and surprise singles. We’ll test the couple’s compatibility and chemistry like the beloved original scripted series. The indispensable crew members, including captain and cruise director will play pivotal roles in the matchmaking and navigation of the romantic waters ahead.

After a month at sea one, winning couple will make it to the final port. I like what you did there and take home a cash prize.

From the daily beast quote unquote avid fans of Joe Rogan’s podcast are far less likely to be vaccinated against COVID-19 than those that say they are quotes, not a fan this according to a new national survey,

55% of Rogan fans said they were vaccinated compared to 76% of non Rogan fans.

I tried to watch Jeff Foxworthy is new, special. I got about 10, 12 minutes into it and it kept freezing on Netflix. I exited the app several times. Sticking in the exact same point. I’ll go back in at some point. My take on the first 12 minutes was, uh, you’ve done better, Jeff and I love Jeff and he says, nicest guy you’d ever meet, but this special.

And at least in the first 10, 12 minutes was not clicking. Ready, steady cut has seen the entire special. They wrote. Jeff opens with many recorded observations from lockdown. This is the part I saw most of these feel obvious or. But there were the odd few intriguing remarks. The hour long show starts with humorless and monologues on COVID face masks and the wife talking too much before straying into the more obscene I didn’t get to.

The more I’ve seen, I got to the wife talking too much part. And to me, that part of the special just didn’t work ready, steady cut, says there were plenty of root jokes. Yet. These are phrased in Jeff Foxworthy is typically in offensive ways.

No ready, steady cat wrote, he talks about V star star a no. Is that Viagra or is that vagina?

He talks about V word, whatever it is. And the holiday sex with the Mrs. To varying degrees of success. These observations do feel dated no matter how you look at it, but this is coming from a comic who was released in comedy albums back in the early nineties. he repeats the title of the standup special over and over again. Like it’s some sort of big revelation. This may sound a little harsh, but there is some humor buried deep within the unending 60 minutes show. Oh, that’s not good. I enjoy the sketches about his mother wanting to buy a gun. And the redneck poetry while statements that pictures aren’t precious anymore, or that we know too much.

These days are actually quite poignant. An average comedy special that offers nothing new with very few laugh out loud moments. This may appeal to viewers looking for relaxing hour of TV

or an inoffensive comedy special, but it’s not a family-friendly offering. Geez, that’s rough.


So a quick note here, Wendy left a review of the podcast, Wendy. I sincerely, truly thank you for listening. Appreciate you being there every day. One of the comments that Wendy left was we don’t need repeated reminders about your. So let me just address that. The reason I do that, and I started doing this with my host, Dr.

Troy brown, who I produced in the 1990s, we would once a month reset her credentials because audience comes and audience goes, and you just want everyone to know like who the host is. So with joy, I started doing that back in the nineties, and I thought I would do that here on this podcast, because otherwise who’s this Johnny Mac guy as a comedian.

Does he know anything? So I’m not a comedian, but I’d like to think I know something I’ve been programming comedy radio since 2004. So that’s why I do that because the audience cycles in and out yesterday, because the article was specifically about Sirius XM. I want it to be clear that I worked there for decade and have some knowledge of the people involved in that article.

So when they appreciate you listening,

The Andes are podcast awards. There seems to be podcast awards every week, best comedy podcast. Once you, how did this get made? Congratulations to those guys. They beat out best friends and nosy neighbors the daily show with Trevor Noah, Sarah Silverman podcast. Wait, wait. Don’t tell me, and why won’t you date me with Nicole Byer.

From Brooklyn vegan your home for comedy news, Amy Schumer who’s hosting the Oscars. For some reason, it has announced her first tour. Amy has called her tour. The hor tour really starts August and red bank. New Jersey runs through November, stopping in Atlantic city, Seattle, Boston, Minneapolis, Denver, Orlando, Atlanta, DC, New York city, Baltimore Portland, new Orleans, Austin, Milwaukee.

And more the New York city shows at the Hulu theater at Madison square garden, September 16th.

Speaking of Amy and Daniel went on the Facebook group, which is daily common news podcast group and shared a video called Amy Schumer jokes, stealing compilation, all examples. It is a 26 minute video. That video has 8.6 million views. I watched the first four or five minutes. Oh, wow. I have also shared that on the subreddit, which is daily comedy news.

If you want to check that out, David spade will get his first Netflix special. It is called nothing personal. That’ll be out April 26th. Gabriel Iglesias is adding a second date to Dodger stadium. Then we have some more details about that. This article says to create a more intimate experience, there will only be field seating available.

So I, as impressive at that game, Iglesias is playing a big crowd in Dodger stadium. I think saying he sold out Dodger stadium implies something that might not be that accurate to me, sold out Dodger stadium would mean 70,000 people and there won’t be that many on the field.

And yeah, we’re going to talk about Pete Davidson. Jake Paul still wants him to fight Kanye. Jake Paul spoke to TMZ and said, let’s send this Kanye. I got $30 million for you. He’s a billionaire. So that might not excite him, what will excite him is beating up Pete Davidson. And I know Pete, he used to live in his mom’s basement.

So $30 million to him. I think it was. Plus pay per view upside. I have the money. We’ll put it in escrow before the fight six rounds, they could probably meet around a hundred sixty five hundred sixty pounds. Let’s make it happen. I agree. I’ve watched the hell out of that. Your comedy news for today.

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