A preview of J-L Cauvin’s new album Fireside Craps: The Deuce

Much thanks to @JLCauvin and @YouLuckyDogProd for hooking up a preview track from Cauvin’s upcoming album Fireside Craps: The Deuce, available for pre-order today.  Stick around to the end for a full clip.  In other news, Johnny Mac finally watched Chris D’Elia’s special and lasted two minutes thirty eight seconds, he’ll tell you why. And Ted Alexandro released a free special.

Joe Rogan says he’s testing guests for Coronavirus

A shocking story about Sebastian Maniscalco’s cousin.  In a conversation with Chris D’Elia, Joe Rogan says he’s tested negative for Coronavirus, and that he’s testing his guests.  Marc Maron’s plan to help other comedians.  Jimmy Kimmel sounds pretty fed up with Trump.  Today’s Daily Comedy News is brought to you by Popcorn!  http://www.podcorn.com