Sticking up for SiriusXM Raw Dog Comedy, and sticking up for Larry the Cable Guy

Johnny Mac has two soap-boxes out today. One, the importance ad influence of SiriusXM’s Raw Dog Comedy circa 2004-2013.  Then, why all the digs at Larry the Cable Guy?  Plus, SXSW announces their comedy festival lineup, and Adam Sandler is going to be honored for his hilarious comedy songs.  It’s the longest @DCNPOD ever!

Louis CK gets a standing ovation on-stage

USA Today has a pretty strong review of Louis CK’s recent show.  Go back and listen to my Louis CK commentary from over the weekend if you missed that.  Hannibal Buress talks about laying in the NBA All Star Game.  Tracy Morgan gives a terrible interview.  Samantha Bee gets a fluff piece from Variety.

Dave Chappelle not involved in shooting that didn’t even happen

My favorite story today is a bizarre report that Dave Chappelle was not involved in a shooting that didn’t happen at all, and wasn’t at his house.  Um, OK.  Ricky Gervais has a date for S2 of Afterlife.  Will Ferrell’s new idea sounds funny plus has Pierce Brosnan. Pete Davidson is coming to Netflix.