Coronavirus starts to affect comedy

The Coronavirus forces SXSW to cancel.  Natasha Leggero cancels a show so she can stay home with her child during the Coronavirus warnings.  The Kids In The Hall are Back!  Kevin Hart teaches us about money. Johnny Mac is still sticking up for Larry the Cable Guy, if that’s even his real name!   Little Mac wonders if his dad knows who Sam Morill is.  But fans of The Office should drop everything and google David Brent Rob Locke for a great Ricky Gervais related laugh.

Mac and Charlie make a video game sitcom

Chris Gethard puts out an album that will only be funny to people from New Jersey.  The guys from It’s Always Sunny announce a new show.  Anthony Atamnuik recreates Trump’s letter to Pelosi.  And is there any way a Kevin James Nascar Sitcom is good?