Taking a look at the Top 20 most highly rated Netflix Comedy Specials

A look at the top 20 comedy specials on Netflix with the highest Rotten Tomatoes scores.  How does Dave Chappelle not have 100?  And why do people like one John Mulaney special but not the other?  And where’s Ronny Chieng on all this??

Rolling Stone’s Top 50 Stand-Up Comics of All Time (25-1)

In 2017, Rolling Stone made a list of the Top 50 Stand-Up Comics of All Time.  Johnny Mac weighs in with some commentary on numbers 25 through 1, and adds some names that could have bumped Wanda Sykes off the list.

Joe Rogan endorsed Bernie Sanders, Adam Sandler gets more Netflix

Oh goodie, Adam Sandler will get to make more hilarious movies for Netflix.  Joe Rogan has endorsed Bernie Sanders.  Jim Carrey’s favorite Stooge.


Why Jim Gaffigan is heading to Philadephia

Gosh that’s such a clickbait headline.  He’s filming his comedy special there.  Also, Johnny Mac updates his Comedy Power Rankings, the Russians are listening (hi Vlad!) and whatever else we didn’t get to this week.

Terrible advice to Eddie Murphy from Rodney Dangerfield

Rodney Dangerfield gave Eddie Murphy some terrible advice.  Patton Oswalt is in some new Marvel something M.O.D.O.K. No sitcom for Nate Bergatze. A sitcom for Jim Jefferies. And hello to my friends in Russia!

News from Ricky Gervais, Kevin Hart, Jim Gaffigan, Adam Sandler and Kevin Hart!

ABC did a lost job promoting a Richard Pryor special.  Tina Fey gets a new show. Plus news from Jim Gaffigan, Ricky Gervais, Adam Sandler and Kevin Hart.

The Rock Says he has a new sitcom, and Jim Gaffigan eats a garbage plate

The Rock says, in an announcement, he has a new sitcom.  Jim Gaffigan was hungry and got a restaurant recommendation.  Talkin Pops is a new podcast about Parks & Rec.  Johnny Mac is a big Bob Hope fan.

Thoughts on 2020 from Kevin Hart, Jim Gaffigan and Jenny Slate

John Cleese reacts to the passing of Neil Innes.  Jim Gaffigan, Kevin Hart and Jenny Slate all share their thoughts on 2020.  And a few TV shows for you to watch on New Year’s Eve.