Coronavirus starts to affect comedy

The Coronavirus forces SXSW to cancel.  Natasha Leggero cancels a show so she can stay home with her child during the Coronavirus warnings.  The Kids In The Hall are Back!  Kevin Hart teaches us about money. Johnny Mac is still sticking up for Larry the Cable Guy, if that’s even his real name!   Little Mac wonders if his dad knows who Sam Morill is.  But fans of The Office should drop everything and google David Brent Rob Locke for a great Ricky Gervais related laugh.

Daniel Tosh is able to #CancelHouston

Daniel Tosh had a funny tweet storm about the Houston Astros.  Tom Segura will do two Netflix specials, one will be Tom Segura En Español.  Cool behind the scenes look at Kevin Hart working out his new comedy special.  And Norm goes to Dominos.

Coronavirus Comedian Canned

A cruise ship comedian escaped Coronavirus quarantine, and now seems to have lost his job. The White House Correspondent’s Dinner announces a new comedian host. Kevin Hart announces some stuff, what else is new.  Johnny Mac is so jet lagged that if this podcast were a comedy set he would have been said to “eat it” this episode.  It happens.

Advice for Ari Shaffir, and a new book from Jerry Seinfeld

Ari Shaffir explains his attempt at Kobe Bryant humor.  Kevin Hart and Jason Statham might make movie.  You’ll watch.  Jerry Seinfeld has a new book.

News from Ricky Gervais, Kevin Hart, Jim Gaffigan, Adam Sandler and Kevin Hart!

ABC did a lost job promoting a Richard Pryor special.  Tina Fey gets a new show. Plus news from Jim Gaffigan, Ricky Gervais, Adam Sandler and Kevin Hart.

Dave Chappelle and Netflix’ Top 10 Comedy Specials of 2019

Netflix issues its list of the Top 10 Comedy Specials of 2019 – yeah of course the list includes Dave Chappelle, Kevin Hart and Bill Burr…but Ken Jeong?  You didn’t see that coming.

Thoughts on 2020 from Kevin Hart, Jim Gaffigan and Jenny Slate

John Cleese reacts to the passing of Neil Innes.  Jim Gaffigan, Kevin Hart and Jenny Slate all share their thoughts on 2020.  And a few TV shows for you to watch on New Year’s Eve.