Saturday Night (Live?) to return with new episode tomorrow!

Saturday Night (Live?) returns this week with a new episode.  Decider breaks down Larry the Cable Guy’s new special.  And there’s a big Weird Al article! 


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Larry the Cable Guy calls in

Larry the Cable Guy’s new special Remain Seated is out on Comedy Dynamics tomorrow.  Larry and John talk about how LCG approaches crafting a new hour, and what comedy might look like when the world gets back to normal.  Also what was so important that John had to hang up on him?

Note not the best audio, I was still figuring out the phone tech given Coronavirus and stuff.

The Comedians are starting to get bored

By the time you read this all comedians will be hosting podcasts (they were already anyway), live streaming talk shows on Instagram, starting movie watching pods with their significant other..and one has a Google Doc for you to read.

Plus, Taylor Tomlinson knows the truth about Adam Sandler movies.