Did Louis CK tape a new special?

Did Louis CK tape a new special on Sunday night?  John Oliver mad at a company in India.  Johnny Mac teaches you how to do Pete Correale, Jeff Foxworthy and Mitch Hedberg, not that he is any good at doing them, bro.  Hannibal Buress debuted his new special.

Louis CK gets a standing ovation on-stage

USA Today has a pretty strong review of Louis CK’s recent show.  Go back and listen to my Louis CK commentary from over the weekend if you missed that.  Hannibal Buress talks about laying in the NBA All Star Game.  Tracy Morgan gives a terrible interview.  Samantha Bee gets a fluff piece from Variety.

Can Louis C.K. come all the way back? Plus, Taylor Swift vs. Nikki Glaser

The New Yorker has an interesting article about Louis C.K.’s life on the road.  Can he make it all the way back?  Nikki Glaser apologizes to Taylor Swift.  Letterman is still upset about his Oscar’s performance.