Marc Maron is part of the Marvel Universe but couldn’t book Spider-Man

In a recent comic book, Marc Maron got out-hustled by J. Jonah Jameson who was able to book Spider-Man on Jameson’s podcast.  But now that Maron is in the MCU, what can we do with the possibilities?

Meanwhile, Johnny Mac refers to Pete Correale as The Gator which probably annoys Pete, man, but too bad, Jim Breuer was right.  Ronny Chieng with TMI.  Jim Gaffigan is taping in Barcelona. Ken Jeong will speak at Duke.

Marc Maron’s take on Coronavirus

Marc Maron has a new special and has quick thoughts on Vice President Pence being the Coronavirus Czar.  Then Johnny Mac tells you all about a show he has ZERO interest in seeing (no offense) and a Netflix special he’s now obsessed with: Family Tandoncies.

Gilbert Gottfried on his absence from recent Comedy Central roasts

Gilbert Gottfried spoke to Vulture about not being invited to recent Comedy Central roasts.  Hari Kondabolu discusses his rules for talking about particular communities.  Seth Meyers’ dad had a big influence on his career.  Marc Maron wonders if he’s doing enough with his career.  Yep, it’s an all generic safety episode of DCN!  Either I’m sick, hungover, or there was just no new news.