Has Tom Papa been zip-lining?

Man it’s a good thing Tom Papa has three minutes ready to go in case anyone ever asks him about zip-lining in an interview.  Brian Posehn talks at length about The Mandalorian.  And a serious look at the art of Adam Sandler.

Quick hits about Dave Chappelle, Jimmy Carr, Brian Posehn, and Gomez from Breaking Bad

Johnny Mac stitches together an episode with quick hits about Dave Chappelle, Jimmy Carr, Brian Posehn, and the guy who played Gomez on Breaking Bad.  Wait, what?

On Tom Papa’s Netflix special you won’t be able to unhear this

The thing you won’t be able to unheard on Tom Papa’s Netflix special.  More Friends reunion rumors. Michael McIntryre gets a Netflix special. John Mulaney will host SNL soon.

Ari Shaffir’s troubles go mainstream

Well, the Ari Shaffir / Kobe Bryant snowball keeps rolling, now it’s reached article level in the New York Times.  Brian Posehn’s new album sounds cool.  A Ryan Seacrest sitcom?  And can we just talk about how awesome Henry Winkler is?  Thanks for supporting the pod at http://www.patreon.com/dailycomedynews

From Dave Chappelle to Brad Pitt: Politics in the comedy news

Lots of mix between comedy and politics this week, from Dave Chappelle supporting Andrew Yang to Brad Pitt getting off some Brexit jokes. And more bad news for Ari Shaffir.