Coronavirus starts to affect comedy

The Coronavirus forces SXSW to cancel.  Natasha Leggero cancels a show so she can stay home with her child during the Coronavirus warnings.  The Kids In The Hall are Back!  Kevin Hart teaches us about money. Johnny Mac is still sticking up for Larry the Cable Guy, if that’s even his real name!   Little Mac wonders if his dad knows who Sam Morill is.  But fans of The Office should drop everything and google David Brent Rob Locke for a great Ricky Gervais related laugh.

Dave Chappelle not involved in shooting that didn’t even happen

My favorite story today is a bizarre report that Dave Chappelle was not involved in a shooting that didn’t happen at all, and wasn’t at his house.  Um, OK.  Ricky Gervais has a date for S2 of Afterlife.  Will Ferrell’s new idea sounds funny plus has Pierce Brosnan. Pete Davidson is coming to Netflix.

Ricky Gervais’ great Oscar rips, and Trump misses the Curb joke

Huzzah, the comedy gods responded to my prayers and once again there is comedy news!  Ricky Gervais got off some good lines that are still funny even when it’s Johnny Mac delivering them.  Meanwhile, Trump misses the joke that Larry David was making.

News from Ricky Gervais, Kevin Hart, Jim Gaffigan, Adam Sandler and Kevin Hart!

ABC did a lost job promoting a Richard Pryor special.  Tina Fey gets a new show. Plus news from Jim Gaffigan, Ricky Gervais, Adam Sandler and Kevin Hart.

A whole lotta Dave Chappelle news…and Ricky Gervais’ reaction to the reactions

Dave Chappelle’s Mark Twain Awards special aired and we learned a few things.  Aziz Ansari told a great story about Dave and Magic Mushrooms.  Will Chappelle’s show ever return?  Meanwhile, Ricky Gervais comments on the Golden Globes reaction.

Ricky Gervais’ 24 hours after the Golden Globes

We follow Ricky Gervais to the afterparty, then to the streets, then check the ratings and then find out if he’s a Vegan.  Meanwhile, George Lopez twitter trends but not in the good way.  Stephen Merchant teams up with BBC and Amazon.