Is Louis C.K. out of comedy jail?

Is Louis C.K. out of comedy jail?   Moshe Kasher on crowd work.  Cameron Esposito on writing a book vs. writing for the stage.  The Atlantic savages Quibi.  And an interesting take on the pre-recorded Saturday Night Live.

Jim Gaffigan criticizes the government response

JIm Gaffigan tweets about the Federal Government’s response.  Make Birbiglia tweets “We should never stop talking about how this isn’t even remotely okay.”  Marc Maron asks if its ok If he does out for a drive. Johnny Mac answers a listener request for podcast recommendations, and SNL returned with host Tom Hanks!  Plus tweets by Sam Morill and Pete Correale.

Saturday Night (Live?) to return with new episode tomorrow!

Saturday Night (Live?) returns this week with a new episode.  Decider breaks down Larry the Cable Guy’s new special.  And there’s a big Weird Al article! 


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