Ricky Gervais wants to host the Oscars and return to podcasting

GQ caught up with Ricky Gervais who would host the Oscars…on his own terms.  He also is thinking about podcasting again.  Patton Oswalt and Mike Birbiglia bring the heat on twitter.  Bert Kreischer has a funny story about beer on stage.  A  streaming comedy benefit includes Bill Burr and Tom Segura.  Vulture says if you like Jim Gaffigan and Birbigs you should check out Ray Romano, Chad Daniels and Al Madrigal.

A preview of J-L Cauvin’s new album Fireside Craps: The Deuce

Much thanks to @JLCauvin and @YouLuckyDogProd for hooking up a preview track from Cauvin’s upcoming album Fireside Craps: The Deuce, available for pre-order today.  Stick around to the end for a full clip.  In other news, Johnny Mac finally watched Chris D’Elia’s special and lasted two minutes thirty eight seconds, he’ll tell you why. And Ted Alexandro released a free special.

Joe Rogan says he can’t vote for Biden, Larry David says Bernie Sanders should drop out

Larry David thinks Bernie Sanders needs to drop out of the Presidential race.  Joe Rogan says he can’t vote for Biden.Lin-Manuel Miranda and the cast of Hamilton sings on John Krasinski’s show.  JFL Montreal is postponed.  David Spade’s Lights Out is canceled.